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  1. Hi guys, I got the dp43tf to play with OSX a few days ago. But it wouldn't recognize any usb devices beside the mouse and keyboard. It worked when I disabled the legacy usb in bios. but the keyboard stopped working in grub loader. Has anyone ran into similar problem before and found a solution? thanks in advance.
  2. I'm trying to build a hackintoch. The two mobo I am choosing from are the two in the title(I know they are not the best boards, but they are the only ones I can afford). Need advice between ECS and E8500 or MSI and E7300 for OSX. Thanks in advance.
  3. giraid

    [HOW TO] Install Darwine on 10.4.6

    yea, Thx to OP, I got it working, but I cant seem to find any other app that works 'cept the ones in the sample folder, does anyone any known working useful apps?
  4. giraid

    Build a Cheap OSx86 PC

    I think if you go with an intel 915 board, the on board audio will work
  5. giraid

    Build a Cheap OSx86 PC

    but if you build it, you can get Pentium D and 1G ram for 599
  6. giraid

    OS X Boots to Screen with No Icons/Bar

    did you happen to install the new security update without using Pacifist?
  7. giraid

    Dell Optiplex GX150

    I dont think Pentium III supports SSE2, so dont bother trying, it won't work even if you get it to install
  8. giraid

    ...new computer...

    Last time I checked, AMD boards dont support DDR2. I'm an AMD supportor, but I think and Intel chip with SSE3 would be better supported if you wanna run OS X
  9. giraid

    Racism at Apple

    you are damn apple is racist, yes, black ones are more expensive, but at least you have the black ones. where are the yellow ones? nobody care about us chinese!
  10. giraid

    Putting OS X on a Dell

    The disks? you mean OS X for PPC? That won't do. You need something else. Search the word JaS, I'm sure you'll find something useful
  11. just put plug one in like I did
  12. is it a SATA drive? cuz OS X is known to be uncompatiable with SATA on some chipset
  13. giraid

    Restart after installation

    I dont suppose you didn't click the customize button at the beginning of the installation? if this is the case, it's like the same solution to the third person today. and also where did this hotiso come from, I've heard it before, but it suddendly poped up everywhere. also if you have a decent internet connection, why dont try the .6 instead of .4
  14. giraid

    tiger.6 wont load

    I dont think you should select the intel package, and only AMD SSE2 package, try to find the guide JaS posted on the web.
  15. giraid

    Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 driver

    amen, brother.