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  1. Marvell Support Effort

    Nope, not yet and might take a while still, there are some things that need to be fixed besides TPM like the EFI boot and that don't_steal_osx kext may imply some kind of protection too.
  2. This is big, big trouble... different firmware in all hardware for OSX86... makes impossible dualboot in PCs or Macs.
  3. Just point out that, as reported in various sites, EFI does have some kind of compatibility layer to allow support for legacy operating systems that, to a certain extent, rely on BIOS information. This means EFI has full compatibility with Windows XP and Linux among others.
  4. I think that 5 year agreement is in exchange for letting (not checking) windows installs in macintels, which is definitely possible (as confirmed by apple support according to some sites) and even probably easy. Also note that it has been reported that the new EFI in macintels explicitly support a legacy mode for BIOS dependant operting systems. So apple is openly letting other OSs in, but does not support any problems you may have with them.
  5. Marvell Support Effort

    Altaic, have you considered contacting syskonnect? I think their drivers are based on Marvel Yukon chips too.
  6. x86 Patch for Original MAC Tiger DVD ?

    There is no x86 patch for a PPC version of tiger. This is just impossible. You need to patch the x86 version of tiger.
  7. Can Yonah Cut It?

    I'd say an Intel mac mini is almost granted to be out real soon but not that shure about ibooks or powerbooks. Too soon to tell if these will be updated on January... even maybe there are no macintels planned for Macworld Jan!
  8. Can Yonah Cut It?

    Yes, forgot to mention, LaGrande can be the cornerstone for Apple's final security implementation: On-chip TPM!! check -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trusted_Platform_Module
  9. Can Yonah Cut It?

    Strange... rumour says 10.5 will be using virtualization technologies and this would mean that such build would break compatibility with a theoretical Yonah-based MacIntel if virtualization is mandatory for 10.5. mmm... who knows... I'd be the first one to be happy if they are available in January!
  10. It's probably because of SSE3toSSE2 emulation that Maxxuss has been using till now. There seems to be lots more of SSE3 calls than on previous builds, so he said he will probably take another approach avoiding emulation. This will, however, take some time and research...
  11. Can Yonah Cut It?

    What I don't see is any mention if this has any sort of virtulization technology (Vanderpool) which would be one of the interesting points. Also interesting that Yonah processor features are almost the same as those on Prescott cores, so at least these should be compatible with OSx86 final release. I see why Apple is happily compiling builds for SSE3, NX and such.
  12. Services in dock (10.4.3)

    It's one of the issues fixed in 8f1111 build.
  13. Marvell Support Effort

    Apple Network Kernel Extensions Programming Guide: http://developer.apple.com/documentation/D...P40001858-CH225
  14. This all PAE/NX odyssey makes me think about how will final (which is not far away for shure) build is going to be protected. TPM protection has proven to be pretty useless, so they are tying OS X to hardware by using processor features. The more specific they are, the narrower the userbase of a leaked release is: 10.4.1 should have left behid everyone without an SSE3 capable processor, but as we all know they -fortunately- only left behind SSE-only users. On the current update, what are even more specific features available for DTKs and not most end users? NX for example. They could have used HT or even MCR also, but chose NX and PAE. I'm betting final releases will be made to run only on Yonah processors, beign mandatory to have Vanderpool (virtual machine extensions) to run the system. Also note the rumours regarding Leopard using virtualizing technology and it all makes sense. The point is probably not to hardlock OSx86, but to narrow the "ilegal" userbase to the minimum. What do you think?
  15. 3 more x86 apps

    Well, mine does not crash at all, it just shows "status: not supported" message. Is there a way to make any cam work with this (changing device ID or something) or does it need to have support from the app itself?