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    Resolution with Intel HD (first generation Core i3)

    rockinron_1 Thank you for your reply, I already have seted the native resolution in org.chamelon.boot.plist, but it doesn't work. Any other suggestion?
  2. Hi: I've managed to install Mac OS X Lion into my 17.3"Toshiba L675 laptop using the iAtkos L2 DVD, this laptop came with a first generation Core i3 processor, with the well known Intel HD graphics. The native resolution of the screen is 1600x900, but using the kexts provided by @manor I was able to get the Intel HD recognized with a 1280x800 max resolution (only this resolution under display preferences). Can any one point me in the right direction to get full resolution? I know I'm not going to be able of having QE/CI with this I wouldn't be able os using iWork, but, getting full resolution would be enough for my web development tasks. Thank you
  3. WarGoX

    Fixed no kext load issue

    Hi all: I have a Toshiba L675 laptop with a Core i3 M380, this is with a Intel HD Graphics Card (Arrandale) what steps should i do to get it working with MacOS X? I know i don't going to get QE/CI, but I'm ok with only full resolution and quickly response on the system.
  4. Hi guys: First of all, i installed a Snow Leopard 10.6.2 Hazard Distribution, inmediately after i install sleep/restart/shutdown works perfectly, the only thing that don't work was the GMA950 graphic card (it gives me a Kernel Panic when i put some video on full screen mode). So i download the ASUS p5ld2-vm DSDT.aml patch and putit on the root of the Mac Partition. It turns out that the Graphic card works perfectly (thanks a lot, for this) but now i'm unable to shutdown the computer, the system goes down normaly but the power leds and the FANs never shutdown. So If I boot in verbose mode when i hit the shutdown button i see a message like: CPU halted, you can turn off your computer now. Or something like that, then the monitor goes black but the computer's FAN and leds stay on. Any suggestions?
  5. WarGoX

    Problema con Intel GMA 950 ( Snow Leopard )

    Hola a mi me sucede lo mismo, incluso utilizando el DVD de instalación de Hazard para Snow Leopard y marcando dentro de los controladores gráficos la tarjeta GMA950 que viene tampoco funciona, si marco esos drivers puedo verlo a pantalla completa, pero igual pierdo toda aceleración gráfica. Tu has podido resolver esto?