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  1. Removal of NTFS HDD

    maybe you can add this line to your '/etc/fstab' (create this file if it doesn't exists. ) make sure the 'label' point to your ntfs partition... # don't mount my windows volume LABEL=winxp /Volumes/winxp ntfs ro,noauto 0 0
  2. ALC655 + VIA8237R stereo fix

    any info-links, diffs or source-code out there? i've got the same problem on my ac97 onboard sound (left channel only) maybe these changes are interesting because its an alc650 ?? link to sis7012-thread much thx
  3. Cannot Get Ac97 Soundcard To Work

    maybe this is the right thread for sis7012 i also have this 1039 7012 card onboard... now xcode is ready, but im still a mac noob :/ - never programed any driver *g*
  4. C-Media 8738

    same problem here i've tried some old pci 5.1 soundcard flying round. on the packing its written that this card has a c-media 8738 chip so i edit the info.plist with the right ids.. after successfully loading the kext, mac os x frezze with the black 'you need to restart' - screen if i load the sound system-preference or play the first sound :/ ( also in safe boot mode :/ ) systemprofiler tells no soundcard. its only recognized under pci-cards with type audio.. heres some dmesg output: CMI8738AudioDevice[0x2561100]::initHardware(0x2158100) CMI8738AudioDevice[0x2561100]::queryChip() CMI8738AudioDevice[0x2561100]::createAudioEngine() CMI8738AudioEngine[0x2561000]::init(0x256118c) CMI8738AudioEngine[0x2561000]::initHardware(0x2561100) CMI8738AudioEngine[0x2561000]::peformFormatChange(0x2594900, 0x13923af4, 0) CMI8738AudioEngine[0x2561000]::setDACChannels(2, 3) CMI8738AudioEngine[0x2561000]::setupSPDIFPlayback(1, 0) CMI8738AudioEngine[0x2561000]::setupAC3Passthru(0) CMI8738AudioEngine[0x2561000]::dumpRegisters() FUNCTRL0: 0x00000002 FUNCTRL1: 0x00000d10 CHFORMAT: 0xfff00003 INT_HLDCLR: 0x00000000 MISC_CTRL: 0x00000000 LEGACY_CTRL: 0xfff0ca00 CH0_FRAME1: 0xffffffff CH0_FRAME2: 0xffffffff bit shift: 0 bit depth: 16 sample rate: 44100 winxp device manager tells me fm801 (wdm) vendor id 1319 ( ForteMedia ) dev id 0801 any ideas how to get more infos? (debugging) whats the reasons? need help - much thx... //edit finally its only written on the packing - lol maybe sansun (pulpy com.) swept their halls and found some forte media fm801-au chips - well done..
  5. Cmedia 8738

    hi everybody since i have no luck with my onboard realtek ac97 audio ( sis 1039 7012 ) i've tried some old pci 5.1 soundcard flying round. on the packing its written that this card has a c-media 8738 chip // edit (later found this thread)