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  1. you can also visit the social networking website uncharted www.uncharted.net
  2. Favorite Design Fonts

    i have used 'FuturaPress' font for inkakinada.com inkakinada.com > is an " World's First Geo-Visual City Information Classifieds Portal". free classified website. templatesbasket.com > where you can download templates for free of cost. designers can create portfolio to exhibit their templates through the web.. The above web products have been developed by Nyros Technologies as their own products.
  3. Annoying designs

    In inkakinada home page www.inkakinada.com they are displaying sponsored classifieds are changing automatically. but same classifieds are displaying at a time more than once. i didn't like that. why don't they change them to unique... in movies section http://www.inkakinada.com/movies they have used images taken from theater, why don't they used actual movie images. but in that i like the background color changes, when i mouse over the movie image or details. the color shade what they have used is very nice. and also showing the present status of the movie i.e playing in theater or not. the logo for inkakinada.com is very nice and appreciate the designer who designed it.
  4. Web Application/Site Languages

    ROR will hit the Programming language market in upcoming years. as its fast development environment we can develop any web application very fast. as from my past experience i came to know that we can develop web application easily in ror because the availability of large number of plugins. i have developed many application till now, in any of those application i have not faced any complicated problem till now. i should thank full for all the plugin developers who makes ruby developers life easy. i have lanched a new application in ruby on rails recently. you can check this one by below url www.inkakinada.com it is " World's First Geo-Visual City Information Classifieds Portal". its been developed with many functionalities with easy of use.