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  1. No graphics acceration on my 9800 gtx 1GB

    I had kind of the same problem. I tried everything from EFI strings to DSDT then I finally just found out that the problem was from EVOenabler.kext in the Extra/Extensions folder! I removed that and everything was fine.
  2. EVGA 9800 GT 1g DDR3

    Tried EFI string but it is still listed as an ATI Radeon 4870 in System Profiler
  3. I have searched but I can't seem to get this card working. It works in Leopard but not Sl. One thread mentioned adding GraphicsEnabler but that didn't work. I would of course appreciate any help. THanks
  4. OK I followed everything (changed the uuid's) but I am getting "waiting for root". This is the only tut I can find for the p5k-se and I have no idea what to do next.
  5. How could I do this with the retail DVD image?
  6. 10.5.7 Released

    Could you explain where you got the files from and how you did it? I need the same files but I think I installed the wrong kext for the Radeon 3650 and now I get stuck at blue screen even in safe mode. So I need to fix this from Terminal correct? Anyone that could point me in the direction of some info to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. HP ZE4900 Laptop

    So I guess it is the integrated graphics chipset( Intel 852/855gme)? I have read a ton of stuff and I have tried installing a few different versions of 10.4.? to see if they would have the right driver but i get the "still waiting for root device" with all those DVD's. Thanks in advance if anyone could offer any kind of info/
  8. HP ZE4900 Laptop

    Hi, I successfully installed OSX86 on my desktop and I'm hooked. I am now trying to get it on my laptop but I get this screen Anyone know what is going on with this? Thanks