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  1. is anyone using Meklort's modified Chameleon?

    Also, are you dual-booting?


    After reinstalling everything, I can't get dual boot to work.

    I'm using his version of Cham since it patches the kernel on the fly, but I'm wondering if this is the cause my issue.

    My previous setup just used a different kernel and using the instructions below I was able to setup the dual boot


    go to Disk Utility, create a FAT partition. The MBR is automatically created.

    Boot win7 DVD, format NTFS, Install

    Boot from a SL install DVD since Chameleon will be broken.

    Reinstall Chameleon, Win 7 Boot will be broken

    Check with fdisk that the Windows Partition is active * [sudo fdisk -e /dev/disk0] p for print, f for flag w for write q for quit

    Boot Win 7 setup, repair the Boot.

    Boot from the BootCD or Chameleon Stick.

    activate the Chameleon Partition with fdisk.

  2. Phase 1: Reformatting the EFI System Partition.


    1) Open Terminal


    2) sudo -s (and type in your password)


    3) diskutil info / | grep Identifier - this tells you the values for diskXsY for '/', which is the currently-booted system. (If you're doing this on a disk other than the one you've booted from, you need to modify accordingly.)


    4) diskutil list - diskXs1 should be called EFI. this is the hidden EFI partition on your target drive.


    5) diskutil eraseVolume "HFS+" "EFI" /dev/diskXs1 - now, be *VERY* sure this is the correct drive. this will format the EFI partition as HFS+. (NB After erasing it will try to mount it, but will fail with "Could not mount disk0s1 with name after erase". Ignore this).


    from the munky's post on efi booting



  3. go to http://code.google.com/p/hpmini311/


    everything works. even with new bios.


    Now i'm trying to dualboot sl and win 7 but having difficulty making one OS recognize another


    This is pretty much all you have to do for dual boot of SL & win 7


    Once OS X is installed, go to Disk Utility, create a FAT partition. The MBR is automatically created. ( size does not matter, haha )

    Boot 7 DVD (or USB stick install using WinSetupFromUSB, really fast), format NTFS, Install

    Boot from a Stick or a CD since Chameleon will be broken, (it's OK)

    Reinstall Chameleon, Win 7 Boot is broken (again, it's OK)

    Check with fdisk that the Windows Partition is active * [sudo fdisk -e /dev/disk0] p for print, f for flag w for write q for quit

    Boot Win 7 setup, repair the Boot.

    Boot from the BootCD or Chameleon Stick.

    activate the Chameleon Partition with fdisk.

  4. After testing all is definitely well with this kext MowgliBook! Thank you sir! Very polished...


    As for all the folks that would prefer working their EFI partition/MKLEXT after each update or device driver I am not really sure what to say... Doesn't sound very "user friendly" or "seemless" to me in all honesty...


    I will have a new hotfix release out soon and am looking for more feedback in the support forum on content.


    IMO I think the setup of the install is fine as is. I think the installs should be as simple as possible for inexperienced users. Those that are more proficient can use the project files, like I do.


    oh yeah, sleep doesn't work for me regardless of the 2nd MKext.

  5. No, I just meant I'm able to use the trackpad but there's still no trackpad prefpane. Just that the ApplePS2Controller.kext which was previously supposed to work ONLY when it's installed in /S/L/E (hence marked "TAINTED") works just as well even from inside /EFI/Extra/Extensions - with Extensions.mkext.


    But although there's only the mouse prefpane which doesn't really control the Alps GlidePoint trackpad, I find that I can still use scrolling feature. Is that normal?


    Yes it's normal. Our trackpads are not being recognized as ALPS trackpads or any trackpad for that matter. They're viewed as a PS2 mouse. This is why we have no options. Furthermore, any kext (voodoo or appleps2) that has ALPS support will cause the trackpad to be unusable. It recognizes the trackpad as an ALPS Glidepoint v 4.115 but no initialization of the trackpad takes place.

    I've tried patching the kexts but I get the same behavior. I'm still trying to figure out a solution but I'm a little out of my element. I've never programmed in in xCode.


    EDIT: if ANYONE has anything to add on the trackpad, that would be awesome.

  6. @Ego_OSX

    I tried using prasys' thermal kexts (the same kexts pointed out by theproto earlier in this same thread, I think) and then via patched iStat Pro, I'm getting the same - even 104 degrees Farenheit for CPU A and B. Fan 0 reads a constant 714 RPM.


    I don't have any idea what the normal temps should be.


    Have another question: why doesn't the HPM311_1109 installer create an Extensions.mkext in EFI? I'm kinda curious if it's a new method cause I'm used to always having a kext cache created. Is that just the way it was designed by the developer team? Like for a specific purpose with regard to the Mini 311? :wacko:


    I don't use this install method and I don't use an EFI partition just an /Extra folder, but I think what's going on is all the kexts are loaded into 1 kext cache. I'm probably wrong on this though.

  7. Thanks, it was a long time to wait for me before I got it :rolleyes: Are you using the patched iStat app done by prasys?


    Long time waiting sucks.

    Nope. I'm using the vanilla iStat. I'll try the patched version


    EDIT: I think I need to clarify. I was using iStat Menus. This was giving me a temp of 90+. Now I've installed the patched iStat Pro widget LeMaurien suggested and that reads 99+. Now these temps are in Fahrenheit. What would be the average temp?

  8. ^Actually the card is stock HP Mini 311 (which doesn't work in Snow Leopard) - it was just a self-reply to a question I posted earlier about whether the bluetooth module uses any antenna (found the answer in Broadcom's website). I thought the info (that the combo wifi-bt card shares the same antenna) would be useful to post here. :rolleyes:


    On another note : I noticed that the "HPM311DP_1109.pkg" (with "HPM311DP_1109HF.pkg"), when it set ups the EFI partition doesn't create an extensions cache - I was seeing no Extensions.mkext file in /Volumes/EFI/Extra along with all the files there.


    So, I don't know if people already know this - you guys may even probably already do, I tried moving (deleted them from /S/L/E folder where they got installed) the "TAINTED" kexts from /S/L/E to /Volumes/EFI/Extra/Extensions. Created an Extensions.mkext which now resides in /V/E/Extra. Repaired permissions in my main Macintosh HD /. Restarted.


    And I'm pretty sure ApplePS2Controller.kext and VoodooPowerMini.kext are loaded fine by the system.

    Here's the result when I next did a "kextstat -l":


    Here's what my /Vol/EFI/Extra/Ext folder contains:


    where I have Extensions.mkext.


    Maybe it's just I who's misunderstanding the "TAINTED" concept in the notice; but having a kext cache seems to enable these 2 kexts to load outside of /System/Library/Extensions and from inside the EFI partition.


    Does this mean the system's now 100% Vanilla? :D


    I've also taken out the "-v" flag from my boot plist and can wake up from sleep - no more black/blank screen. But then I'm using hibernatemode 0 (with sleepimage in /private/var/vm/ deleted as per normal procedure with hibernatemode 0). :D


    *just a note on the additional IO80211 kext - I have that in there for the wifi card which I took from my HP Mini 1000 (even on the HP Mini 1000, the card doesn't work in 10.6.2 without that kext which just contains an added device ID in the array list: pci14e4,4315)


    The voodoomini if i remember right, needs to be in S/L/E. Otherwise speedstep doesn't work? I know that's the case with VoodooPower.

  9. I'm having a temperature problem.

    I've installed the latest version of iStat and have made sure i'm running all the latest files from the project thread, and I'm getting an idle temp of 90 degrees this is with nothing running. I've had it get up as high as 111.


    any suggestions would be great.


    VoodooPowerMini is installed in S/L/E

    I'm not running an EFI partition, DSDT is in E/E

  10. Ok thanks, so to summarize, the stock combo card's BT works fine in Snow 10.6 but not WiFi which I can replace. Now I'd only need to try putting in my 1000's wifi on the full height PCI slot and see if it works - of course, I'd have to apply the de-whitelisting F.04 bios on the 311.


    You don't have to hack the BIOS to use the mini 1000's wifi card. I used it for my wifi in the 1/2 slot till my replacement N card arrived.

  11. tape how???...i keep seeing "tape pin 20" but how on earth do you tape something that small???...and with what kind of tape???...thanks...




    also, how did you get the black and grey antenna wires to reach to the full slot?...mine are about a half-inch short...


    What I did was used black electrical tape and an exacto knife. Cut the tape on another surface then transfer to the card.

  12. Can anyone with a Dell 1510 half height card check their link speed? The only reason I ask is, I've been on 4 different wireless networks and on all of the I've had the exact same link speed. 144 mb/s. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I find that a little odd.


    First, I'd like to thank again the whole development team : this HP Mini project is awesome ! I installed theproto's build (HF1) and everything that should work IS working ;-)


    I just have a question regarding the speedstep/throttling functionality : is it right now supported (with VoodooPowerMini) or still under development ? Because my Atom is always at max speed (according to CoolBook monitoring and Cpu-X) and so does the fan (and the battery life is a lot shorter than under Win Seven).


    I read some people seem to have some working speedstep functionality with the HP Mini 311, is that true ?

    Should I try VoodooPower.kext instead of VoodooPowerMini ?


    Thanks a lot.


    voodoopower or voodoopowermini will work and activate speedstep. Just make sure the kext is in your system/library/extensions folder.

    I personally use voodoopower


    I have two questions regarding VMware Fusion 3:

    - is it usable considering the Atom CPU?

    - is the WLAN stock card working in Windows 7 under Virtual Machine?


    fusion will work fine the atom pc. I run windows 7 virtualized.

    the VM uses virutal NIC card that's NATTED to your functional network connection. i.e. if your able to access the internet via wireless then your VM will have internet access.

  13. I'm getting black screen every time even though it boots in verbose. Although its because I only have the original 1GB RAM.


    the amount of RAM has nothing to do with sleep/hibernation, you need at least 2gb of hard drive space for a sleep image. he said he is set to hibernate mode 3. Not sure what everyone else is set extto but maybe that's why?

    I'm at hibernate mode 0 and I get lockups on resume.

    FYI, I tried the latest version of the sleepenabler.kext, it doesn't resolve this.