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  1. To make this work, I installed RTGMac 1.1.6 and in SystemPrefs->Network->Advanced->Ethernet I set Configure:Manually Speed 10BaseT Duplex:Half MTU:standard.
  2. stacman

    New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    CPUs=1 is basically a hack/workaround for troublesome multi-core machines. My Dell XPS m1210 will not use the processor efficiently or effectively if addresses both cores individually. So, we use CPUs=1 to fake OS X out. It works pretty well.
  3. I've posted my findings at the end of this thread: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry621213 Other users of the XPS, please insert your two cents. Edit: My Sparknotes: 10.5.2 works Leo Graphics Update doesn't work
  4. Graphics Update 1.0 Progress Report Note: I have the GMA950 graphics/. I installed it. Predictably, it gave me a blank black screen after the apple logo. I recopied AppleIntelGMA950* and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer kexts from before and now it half works. There's weird artifacting on a lot of the menus. I suspect it has something to do with the new OpenGL framework. EDIT: Using Pacifist, I examined the Leopard Graphics Update package to see what else on the system was modified. I concluded that the following files needed to be replaced from my time machine backup: /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework /usr/libexec/oah/Shims/GLEngine.bundle I have replaced them and everything works again. Please post if you find osme way to use the new OpenGL Stuff or Drivers.
  5. stacman

    leopard graphics update, safe?

    There's a hacked AppleACPIPlatform floating around somewhere that should fix your problem.
  6. 10.5.2 Progress Report EDIT: THINGS ARE SLOWLY BREAKING DOWN. I'm getting link errors, library problems, installer problems, mail is crashing. Things are slowly going wrong. STAY AWAY from 10.5.2 unless you're willing to try fixing all of this. I installed 10.5.2 on my inspiron and i have a few notes. First off, it's not 100% working. Installation Method: 1) Back everything up. Use timemachine, carbon copy cloner, whatever. Just make sure a working copy of your partition is accessible just in case. 2) Download 10.5.2 update from http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...omboupdate.html 3) Install it. 4) Run the BrazilMac Post Patching Script. (Try removing the lines that relate to replacing the kernel. The 10.5.2 kernel works fine for me). 5) Cross your fingers and reboot. 6) I had to pass the flag "-f" to the bootloader (in addition to what was present in my boot.plist, which is cpus=1 and -legacy) to boot properly. 7) Assuming everything goes OK and you manage to log in, you may notice (as I did) that your CPU is 100%. It seems the MDSWorker process is repeatedly starting and crashing. Mine crashed with the following message: Feb 12 01:12:19 cpe-69-203-104-2 ReportCrash[824]: Formulating crash report for process mdworker[1475] Feb 12 01:12:19 cpe-69-203-104-2 com.apple.launchd[1] (0x10c2a0.mdworker[1475]): Exited abnormally: Segmentation fault Feb 12 01:12:19 cpe-69-203-104-2 kernel[0]: CODE SIGNING: cs_invalid_page: p=1477[mdworker] clearing CS_VALID Feb 12 01:12:19 cpe-69-203-104-2 ReportCrash[824]: Saved crashreport to /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/mdworker_2008-02-12-011218_shivsfrisbee.crash using uid: 0 gid: 0, euid: 0 egid: 0 My fix for this was to go to terminal and stop "mdworker" from running as follows: $ sudo -s # locate mdworker|xargs chmod 0000 I think this disabled spotlight. If you guys find any fixes, please let me know.
  7. stacman

    defragmentation of OS X HDD

    You guys are perpetuating a myth. Download any defrag utility and look at the map of how your disk space is utilitized. Look at the list of files and how many fragments they are in. Also realize that OS X uses the worst method of memory paging it possibly could, which is by individual files that it creates and deletes as needed (Windows 98 anyone?). This means that you DO NEED an external utility to clean up the mess. Utilities such as iDefrag, Techtool Pro, and Diskwarrior will do the trick. They will defrag files AND free space, as well as relay out the files on your drive to make for better reading.
  8. My display works fine at 1280x800. My software is compatible, even without EFI. "True" multicore support does not work. I have MCS enabled in bios, but I also have the CPUS=1 in my boot.plist.
  9. A note to all regarding this. I've done xcode tests and my laptop scores a 110 or so with Multi Core Support enabled and cpus=1. It only scores a 70 with MCS Disabled. I highly suggest you use this method.
  10. If you're talking to me... Dual core was switched off. The graphics were GMA950. I didn't have the ethernet, either. Since the botched 10.5.1, I've reinstalled and backed everything up. Now I'm going to try getting EFI to work before I do the update again.
  11. I installed ToH RC2 on my laptop. After a lot of wrestling and mangling, I finally got it to work with PC_EFI 6 (gma_laptop), the mach_speedstep kernel from #10.5, and the -legacy parameter to the bootloader. I installed 10.5.1 and switched up my kernel to the 10.5.1 TOH kernel from #10.5, and now my screen goes blank as soon as the login window would appear. I see a flash of blue and then it just turns off. Any ideas? I've tried a few different kernels and replacing the EFI with v5, but no luck.
  12. Excellent explanation. I nominate this thread for stickydom.
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    Leopard and Hackintosh

    “The big secret about Apple, of course–not-so-big secret maybe–is that Apple views itself as a software company..." - Steve Jobs @ D5
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    Passwords Are OverRated

  15. stacman

    New MacBooks with Leopard?

    Has anyone noticed that despite running Santa Rosa, the Macbook Pro's still only use 667mhz ram? Do the processors only run with 667mhz FSB as well? To quote wikipedia: