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  1. Updated to 10.6.6 and everything went as smooth as butter. Didn't have to make any adjustments at all. Even sound worked without having to use the HDA installer. App store works perfectly too!
  2. Hey all, Just built my machine using this guide and just wanted to let you all know it works flawlessly. Everything from sleep to QE to 64 bit, everything is as smooth as butter. I especially want to thank Ridgeline, who pretty much made this the easiest install of Os X on any computer I've ever done it on (which has only really been a 1000HE). The only thing I guess I have to note is that my processor is an E6500, and using ridgeline's post installer, I chose the E7500 dsdt. Now, briefly looking at the dsdt for the E7500 that was made, it looks to be at the same settings as the pstate for the E6500. This makes sense to me because the E6500 and E7500 are pretty much identical chips, save for the extra 1mb of L2 cache the E7500 has. I've also attached my pstate values for my E6500, if you would like to compare (and to make sure that my assumption is indeed correct!), but everything seems to be working swell so far. My pstate values are as follows (for E6500): Uploaded with ImageShack.us Anyways, thanks for all the help (I wish the first post of this thread could be edited to include all of ridgeline's additions, but I digress!), and if indeed the e7500 dsdt is identical to the e6500, then I guess that should help anyone else working with an e6500 Thanks again! Oh and my stats are as follows: Processor: E6500 Vid Card: Zotac 9500 gt Ram: One 2gb stick (likely will upgrade to 4) pstatechangerE6500.tiff
  3. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Yep, mine has always come up as external as well, though it doesn't pose any problems really as it's the boot drive still. Updates and everything have worked fine with it so far for me.
  4. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Haha, I figured there was something a bit more complicated / slightly better way to fix the shutdown / sleep issues. This really is my first os x install on my 1000he (was waiting for wireless to work natively which thankfully happened in 10.6), so glad to hear it's working in more than one place. I updated my os x partition with what you did above as opposed to my original edit and everything looks like it is working swimmingly. There are really absolutely no issues with this install and it's almost like the 1000HE was born to run OS X now. It's really surpassed any expectations I could have, plus the installation for everything is so simple with this guide and its probably one of the easiest installation of 10.6 on the whole insanelymac forums. Great work with the post and updates MoonDogg! Glad its working pretty much for almost everyone!
  5. [GUIDE] Retail Snow Leopard Install on Asus EeePC 1000HE

    Hello Everybody! I just wanted to thank everyone (especially MoonDogg) for this guide and have OS X running pretty smoothly from my end at this point. EDIT #2: MoonDogg has updated his original post to reflect the shutdown and sleep wake-up issues in a more friendly manner than I have in this post. Therefore, there should be little need to find a solution for it and my workaround is now dated. I'll still leave this post unedited here for the sake of reference, and it still goes over issues with dualbooting into xp as well as some random installation issues (like netbookinstaller not working for random reasons). Cheers! I figured I would post my thoughts and installation efforts on getting my setup running and hopefully it will be helpful for someone. I also seemed to have gotten shutdown working correctly, and have written how I did so at the bottom of this post (just search "shutdown solution" in your browser to get to it). What I started out with: 1000HE with 2 gigs and Windows XP installed What I ended up with: Dual Booting Os X 10.6.1 and Windows XP Major Issues fixed: Shutdown Problems, also just fixed wireless not working sometimes by disabling bootbooster in my BIOS. Major Issues Remaining: None, everything from startup to sleep, to timemachine works. Waking up from sleep wireless still works. For the rest of this post I will go into the specifics of how I got Os X installed, as well as issues that came up in my installation. The beginning will mimic much of what MoonDogg (much thanks!) did, as well as my issues in a couple steps in bold. Installation steps: 1. Connect drive via USB to computer and format drive. GUID with one partition. 2. Install OS X from image or disk. o 1. Mount image or insert disk. o 2. Finder -> Go Menu -> Go To Folder o 3. Enter this location: /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages o 4. Open (double click) OSInstall.mpkg 3. After OS X install completed I ran the NetbookInstaller app according to this guide. o HOWEVER, every time I tried to do this, the installer would crash before installing Chameleon. I downloaded the latest release from the google page ( http://code.google.com/p/netbook-installer/downloads/list ), but again, it would always crash (I tried to do this with both an OS X 10.5 and OS X 10.6 machine). Then, one time it randomly worked and installed. After that, NetbookInstaller would seemingly always work on the flashdrive. I have NO idea why this is, just persistence is key I guess 4. Copy this extra folder to the root of the OS X drive and let it overwrite all files. I have updated this with voodoohda.kext that works with the voodoohda.prefpane that you will need to get the mic working. 5. At this point you can connect the usb drive to your EeePC and boot it. Either put it in the computer or use the usb and press F2 at boot up to select your boot device. o From this point I now had OS X running through the flashdrive (EDIT: I also added the post install files as in MoonDogg's original instructions at this point too, bluetooth, ethernet, etc), and was trying to move it to the empty partition on my 1000HE (remember, I just used how the 1000he normally was, with one 80 gig windows partition, and an empty 60 gig FAT32 partition). When trying to use Disk Utility to change the empty partition to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), it would never work and fail to partition it. Again, after trying this numerous times, it randomly worked one time, and I was able to freely partition it however I wanted after it worked that one time. 6. I used SuperDuper to clone the flashdrive to the empty partition, this worked flawlessly. 7. At this point I ran into a couple problems, which I will post below, but for the sake of my installation I will write the steps how I got it to work here. Next I ran NetbookInstaller again, and installed Chameleon on the mac partition of my harddrive. I did NOT tick install "general extensions" and only ticked the "install chameleon" button. This step was still done through the OS X running through the flashdrive. 8. At this point I shutdown and restarted my computer. It automatically boot up to windows (as XP is the first partition, and there is no real way to get to the Os X partition at this point in a normal boot). To get dual booting working, I installed EasyBCD, which you can find here: http://neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1 . This is a wonderful bootloader and works flawlessly for me. However, since the program runs natively in Vista (and I was using XP), I had to use a roundabout way to install the program, which is explained beautifully here: http://neosmart.net/blog/2007/how-to-insta...ows-xp-machine/ . 9. Now I opened up EasyBCD, and added the Max OS X partition (as a "Generic x86 PC" in its entry). 10. I could now boot into Os X, and the only problems I had at this point were that I need to go through the BIOS to get wireless to appear, and my machine would never "fully" shutdown (screen would go to black, but power button and wireless notifiers were still all brightly lit blue). o To solve the shutdown problem, I got rid of the "OpenHaltRestart.kext" in the Extra/GeneralExtentions folder, and installed the "OpenHaltRestart.kext" from Blackosx's post here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=180954 (you can get the kext by downloading the support files in the post). I installed this kext using Kext Utility. o The reason I did this was because other people in the past usedthe OpenHaltResart.kext to fix this exact shutdown problem in the past. I noticed the file sizes to Blackosx's .kext file and the one in this post were different sizes (100 kb vs 90 kb), so thought there might be some difference in them, and tried installing blackosx's to see if it would work. Miraculously it did, and although the first complete shutdown with the new .kext to approx 20 seconds, every shutdown therafter is near instant. 11. After all these steps, everything is installed and working FLAWLESSLY. That's pretty much how I got this working pretty well, and haven't had any other problems. Originally, when installing this I did have a few problems, mainly with getting dual booting to work, but doing exactly what I did above (in the order I did above) everything works swimmingly. Installing EasyBCD with the options BEFORE getting Chameleon onto the OS X partition results in MBR problems and had to use the windows cd and MBRFIX to boot into windows again. Doing it in the order outlined above, it works great. Also for those looking for the shutdown solution and just skipping to the end of this post here it is: To solve the shutdown problem, I got rid of the "OpenHaltRestart.kext" in the Extra/GeneralExtentions folder, and installed the "OpenHaltRestart.kext" from Blackosx's post here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=180954 (you can get the kext by downloading the support files in the post). I installed this kext using Kext Utility. Thanks!
  6. Atheros AR5B91 Wireless help !

    With the new EEE 1000HE's all having this card and it being a pain to replace now, I was wondering if anyone had any updates on getting this card to work with os x.