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  1. jmatthews3030

    Realtek ALC887

    I also am looking to use spdif output on my Asus P5G41C-M with ALC887. Tried voodooHDA kext but only analog working partially so far. asus p5g41c-m intel e6300 wolfdale mushkin ddr2 800 2GB Toshiba 160GB HDD nVidia 8400GS DVI-HDMI osx86 vanilla 10.6.4 -Jon EDIT: Tried kext in post #8 and optical audio out works like a charm! THANK YOU FAW88!
  2. jmatthews3030

    [Guide] Snow Lepard Retail on Asrock G31-M S and GS

    Hi Giorgio, Just followed guide for my ASROCK G41M-VS2, sorry my board is not the same but is almost identical board. Happily the guide worked like a charm, however it looks as if I'm having the same shutdown issue as d0d0d0 (after cpu halt, screen turns off, sounds like hdd stops but system and fans remain on). I realize the mb are diff, I didn't see need for separate thread when the guide works great on it anyways. Would you advise same delete dsdt.aml to fix this? Here's my setup; ASROCK G41M-VS2 WOLFDALE E6300 2.8Ghz Dual-Core 2GB MUSHKIN DDR2-800 Maxtor 250GB SATAII HDD (OSX86) WD 1.5TB SATAII HDD (stuff) LG IDE DVD Writer Belkin F5D5005 Gigabit LAN PCI Adapter ASUS GEFORCE 8400GS 512MB v2 PCI-E VoodooHDA working on Realtek661 EDIT: I just removed dsdt.aml and shutdown works! Then I applied 10.6.3 and so far so good.
  3. jmatthews3030

    10.5.8 upgrade from iAtkos v7 on Intel DX58SO

    Sort of... after updating through apple update, you pop the iatkos v7 disc in, reboot into the dvd, and install again but differently (ie: a driver-only install, this is described in the iatkos readme on the dvd if you scroll way down, i think its under the heading "optional installs".) This time uncheck the kernel and basic install packages (i think its the top two lines in "customize" box.) because you wont do a full install of 10.5.7, just want to install the fixes from the 10.5.7 disc. So on the iAtkos customize your install screen basically uncheck everything, then go through the driver fixes and only check the fixes/injectors you needed to get 10.5.7 running in the first place oh and also uncheck the last check box (forget what its called but its not needed for driver-only installs, just read the descriptions of each check box if you're unsure.) You might need to repair permissions afterwards but I never had to. Like I said before, if you apply all the fixes you used to get 10.5.7 working after updating to 10.5.8, then there's a good chance it will work. This assumes you had a fully working 10.5.7 in the first place... Hope I've explained this clearly!
  4. jmatthews3030

    10.5.8 upgrade from iAtkos v7 on Intel DX58SO

    Yes. Once v7 is installed you can get the 10.5.8 update through ->Apple->Software Update, Install update. I think the update messes up the first install since my machine wouldn't boot after updating. All I did was re-install the driver fixes from the v7 disc, and presto! My system is down right now though because of a hardware failure, nothing related to osx86. If your hardware differs from mine then you might need different driver fixes.
  5. Downloaded and installed osx update 10.5.8 via Software Update. Failed to boot after restart. Simply put iAtkos install disc in, selected same install fixes as when I initially installed 10.5.7, installed them, rebooted into osx. Ethernet, sound working. iAtkos v7 Install Fixes; dsmos disabler delete tymce ahci voodooHDA nvenabler nv gt200 Intel Gigabit (no post-install actions as this was a driver-only install, made sure nothing else was selected too) Please respond if there is simpler way to do this next time. (Still, this was pretty easy and worked on the first try, unlike figuring out fixes for initial install) Hope this helps other smackover users!