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  1. wow... 115 views and not a single answer... i guess you guys are as clueless about this problem as i am... but!! Something ocurred to me. Ultrasn0w resides in the LaunchDaemons and so does the little nifty software from the Gevey Ultra guys but neither of them works. With the Gevey Ultra i still have to go through the dialing 112 process to get signal. Problem is, even if the phone is recently restored (so no data restored to it), it doesn't work. Is there some kind of blacklist inside iOS that is blocking certain LaunchDaemons or am i just going crazy? I never ever had this kind of issue since i unlock/jailbreak iPhones and it is driving me nuts. Let's see if you guys can come up with something now
  2. Hello guys, i'm kinda going nuts on this problem. I have an iPhone 4 that was updated to 4.3 (only SHSH available before 4.3.5) using TinyUmbrella to preserve BB 01.59.00. The iPhone was previously on 4.0.1 and for some reason Ultrasn0w stopped working so that is why i updated it. After getting to 4.3 with BB 01.59.00 and jailbreaking the phone i installed Ultrasn0w 1.2.3 but the unlock doesn't want to work at all... and just as a note i haven't restored any info to it yet so is freshly installed with no other soft. Basically a clean 4.3 activated with an original sim, jailbroken and with cydia and ultrasn0w installed. Ultrasn0w doesn't work, Gevey sim works o_O Is there a way i can debug this through terminal or any other way?? I really want to keep my software unlock and not use those crappy sim interposers Thanks EDIT: Attached a few screenshots just to show you that i'm not crazy
  3. Here they are... i hope the DSDT is the last one because i made so many tests.... I included the current .aml just in case but i don't know if there is a way to decompile that. The processor is a mere Pentium 4 3.01 Ghz Let me know if you find something. I understand the power button is fixable via the DSDT but i din't manage to make it work. i945pilf.zip
  4. Hi guys, after being stuck on an old hackintosh using 10.5.6 i decided to update my installation to get to know new techniques and softwares. After a couple of days i finally got my new hackintosh to work (and from which i'm writing this post ). My specs: Motherboard AOpen i945Gm-PILF (BIOS 1.08) Memory 2Gb DDR2 Video GeForce 8400 GS 512Mb My procedure was: -Created Chameleon BootCD RC5 r3xx + FakeSMC 2.5 (Snow) + AppleACPIPS2Nub (Snow) + VoodooPS2Controller (Snow) + Qoopz Legacy 10.6.4 Kernel. -Installed retail 10.6.3. -Installed Chameleon EFI using unofficial installer of RC5 r602 and added all kext to Extra\Extensions -Updated to 10.6.4 After i dedicated about half a day fixing a lot of stuff. There i learned about DSDT (which fixed the cmos reset issue), fixed PS2 Keyboard+Mouse combination, inserted EFI string for video card, created a network driver based off of the 10.6.4 IONetworkingFamily and got audio working using AppleAzaliaAudio. Now there are a couple of things that bothers me. 1. I tried to get the audio to work using VoodooHDA without luck. With AppleAzaliaAudio i only have 2 channels output but no input. My device/ven id is 8086:27d8. Any ideas how i can get VoodooHDA to work? 2. Sleep doesn't work properly and the power button doesn't work either even if i have Sleepenabler that came with the legacy kernel. The pc does go to sleep but after i wake it i have various issues. The performance is not the same and when i shut it of i get KP. Power button just doesn't work. Any ideas on that??? 3. The disk with my OS X installation is connected to the 4th SATA port and i like the funcionality of Chameleon to boot other OSes directly from the menu... but when i try to boot XP it doesn't work. I need to boot directly from the Boot selection menu of the bios for it to work. I'm just lost with that. Ideas? Hope somebody can enlighten me NOTE: If you guys are interested in a compiled ISO of the BootCD for this board plus the drivers for 10.6.4 please let me know
  5. Snow leo hits GM status

    Even HOTiSO thinks so: MAC.OSX.SNOW.LEOPARD.V10.6-HOTiSO is floating around and said to be build 10A432. Let's wait and see... and hope
  6. Hi munky, just wanted to let you know that this is probably the best thing that ever happened to osx hacking. I took your method and pushed it a little further. 1. Intel D946GZIS. Built boot-132 CD and installed the system. Created the EFI partition and all worked (with a lot of tweaking). After i had some screwed up programs due to panics during tests i decided to reinstall. I Booted the installation directly from the EFI partition and the only thing i did was erase the main partition leaving the EFI one intact. The partition survived the new installation and booted the system without a hitch (with the right arguments since it is a P4) 2. Intel DG35EC. Since it's AHCI based i didn't had a SATA DVD drive so what i did is i hooked up the disk to the other hackintosh and booted. Cloned the disk with Disk Utility and created the EFI partition on the other disk with the correct drivers. Made it bootable and voila. Another hackintosh set up in minutes.
  7. Help with Inspiron 6000

    djhansel, I'm installing iATKOS 5i on a Dell Inspiron 6000, is the dongle needed all the time or just for the installation? Which options did you choose for the installation?
  8. iATKOS v5i and HP Pavilion 754n

    downdowndown any ideas?
  9. iATKOS v5i and HP Pavilion 754n

    This is what it looks like stuck with the HD led on. Btw sorry for the quality of the pictures. My knowledge on hackintosh is not great but for what i can understand all the basic hardware is working (like network and video)
  10. Hi guys, i've been messing around with this crappy old computer and installed JaS 10.5.4 and iATKOS v4i which did not work at all (blinking cursor on boot) so i dl the latest iATKOS v5i and installed it. At first seemed to work but i got panics on first boot so i switched the kernel to voodoo and got a panic too. After i used the fsb and busratio options the machine was booting but got stuck at a certain point with no errors. Last try was ToH kernel which at least booted with no arguments but i still get stuck at a certain point with no errors. What should i do? Here are the full specs of the computer: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...ocname=bph08026 And here are details on the motherboard: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...ocname=bph07843 The only difference is that i added a GeForce FX5200 AGP 64Mb as a video card but even without it the results are the same.