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  1. Your hidden flag must have been reset by an application and Finder is "seeing" things that are normally hidden. In a terminal window, try this - defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -boolean false;killall Finder Alternately, you can also try sudo chflags hidden <<FOLDER NAME>> good luck
  2. Thanks a lot everyone.. Appreciate the detailed instructions. I upgraded my hack from 10.5.8 to SL. Followed the USB install route.. got a few KPs during install, but everything appears to be rock stable now. All of my regular apps seems to working with no issues in X64 mode.
  3. One problem to report for an otherwise smooth upgrade to 10.5.8 The unsafe USB removal warning has reappeared. I find the following in the log file: 8/12/09 5:22:11 PM kernel Replacing extension "com.apple.driver.AppleUSBEHCI" with newer version (3.4.4 -> 3.4.6). In order to force my kext from /Extra/Extensions, I updated the version number in info.plist to be 3.4.6. That forced the kext to be loaded fine. The warning message has disappeared, so has the Time machine drive. But I see some other errors in the log: 8/12/09 7:44:32 PM kernel USBF: 149.601 AppleUSBEHCI[0x73ed000]::Found a transaction which hasn't moved in 5 seconds on bus 0xfa, timing out! (Addr: 2, EP: 0) anyone else having issues with this kext? As a side note, If i don't have the Time machine drive connected, the sleep is instantaneous as was with 10.5.7.
  4. Yes! it works... followed the instructions verbatim Sleep is working, albeit slower than 10.5.7
  5. Updated to Safari 4. No problems here. Using Chameleon 2, All modified kexts in /extra/extensions only retail 10.5.7
  6. Sleep is(and has been) working great on my machine. My only problem was timed sleep with Firefox running. Never had to do hard reset. I am using openHaltRestart kext, vanilla 10.5.7 and chameleon 2. Do you have any external devices, USB or otherwise that might be interfering with the sleep? just a thought.
  7. Replying to my own post I thought i will update the community with what I have found so far: Apparently, this is a bug with OSX and UVC webcams. So it should be applicable to anyone with these webcams The good news is that there is a workaround(other than re-booting), like so: After restoring the system from sleep, make sure your video application is not active. Go to System Preferences -> Sound and select Logitech Camera. Verify the audio is working and close the Sound window. Now use your webcam from the application of your choice. Also see this thread: http://forums.logitech.com/logitech/board/...ding&page=1
  8. ouch.. hope you will get your system back in order very soon. I am having this strange problem with my USB webcam (Logitech Ultra with built-in mic). After the system wakes from sleep, video is lost. Both iChat and Skype reports that no video device is connected, however detects the mic properly. A system restart or plug-out and plug back in of the webcam fixes the problem. Anyone using an external webcam and experiencing this issue?
  9. What CPU cooler do you guys use ? I have a E8500 (Core 2 Duo) and using the stock cooler. I am tired of the whine from the noisy stock fan. Planning to get rid of it, any suggestions? It need not be the quietest, but better than the stock Intel cooler, and something that will fit in the mb layout Thanks in advance ! @grice : I think gmacman is right. I have only one device-properties entry (for both GFX and Time machine fix) in Boot.plist file. Definitely give that a try
  10. I was having a similar issue(timed sleep not working, but forced sleep works) for some time with my UD3R, which was really bugging me. I was suspecting SMB and Bonjour until I figured it out that Firefox was the culprit, at least in my case. This may or may not be the problem with your rig, but if you use Firefox give it a try if you feel like it Once I identified the culprit, I was able to recreate the problem and it has been solved ever since. Here is the story for everyone's reading pleasure (This issue also used to bug my MBP, so it is not specific to the board) Fireup Firefox, type in about:config in the address bar. It will open up the config values, after a warning. Type in places.frecency.updateIdleTime in the Filter text box. You should see the parameter to 60,000. Click on the parameter and modify the value to 0. Basically, you are disabling the parameter. I have done some reading on this stuff and I feel comfortable disabling it. Here is some background info: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Places.frecency.updateIdleTime "Firefox takes into account how frequently and how recently sites in the browser history were visited, combining them into a statistic called “frecency.” The frecency of sites is calculated when the browser is idle. The way frecency is computed can be tweaked by a number of preferences. " For me, this is not an important feature for firefox, so I disabled it Some other folks were also having problems, so they created a bug in mozilla support system, but is yet to be addressed. http://support.mozilla.com/tiki-view_forum...2&forumId=1 Good Luck!
  11. I don't know what I was smoking last night I have to fix that stuff later tonight !
  12. LegacyIOAHCIBlockStorage.kext is what I meant to ask.. lol. I have way too many folders and backups. I have to do some cleaning up. I had kernel panics with the old smbios.plist(derived from Chameleon). I have this new version which seem to be working. I think it has only a cosmetic value, but hey it is nice to have it!! Attaching the file, if anyone wants to give it a try. Modify the file to match your config. EDIT: Removed the bad smbios.plist file. thanks gmacman
  13. Eliade, I see that you are not using LegacyAppleAHCIPort.kext in your latest pack. If I exlcude this one, I get the yellow icons for Sata HDDs. Are you not having this issue?
  14. EDIT - Nevermind - Eliade beat me to it OSX86Tools and UInstaller works in System/Library/Extensions folder. If you wish to bring the changes over to /Extra/Extensions, it has to be done manually. In the process, restore the original files. Both the programs will create a backup of the plist files while updating.
  15. I am using the same Gigabyte 9600GT 512 MB card. I was able to get this card fully working by adding the EFI string from OSX86Tools. You will have to generate a custom Nvidia string, as it is not listed. Add that string to the com.apple.Boot.plist and you will have full acceleration and resolution with Apple shipped drivers. No other injectors needed. (If you are using Chameleon, a skeleton file will be in /Extra/Extensions. Good luck!