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  1. ddogg777

    DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Amazing work MC and crew. Quick one liner, Anyone have luck with the ep45t-ds3r? EDIT: Thought of another question, what are you guys using to edit the .dsl, DSDTSE?
  2. ddogg777


    I have the ep45t-ds3r too, still wonder why i can't get automatic sleep to work.
  3. ddogg777

    8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    Hi Aqua-mac, I am jealous of your Macpro4,1. That looks amazing! I stumbled across your post because I was searching to see if my Zotac 1gb 8800gt is the reason why my hackpro won't sleep. I am currently using SL with Cham 2RC3 but I can never get it to sleep, even with boot.plist strings. Supposedly everyone and there dog is able to get Gigabyte boards to sleep (some with Sleepenabler.kext) but not me. Did you ever experience anything like this before you flashed the card?
  4. mine doesnt have it either, heck it doesn't even have the options tab. I just installed SL and it still doesn't sleep. I'm starting to wonder if it's my 1.5 gb/s barracuda drive that is the culprit or perhaps because I am using two optical sata dvd drives, one being a bluray drive.
  5. ddogg777

    GA-P35-DS3R sleep not working

    I got a question: what if you don't have the options tab under the energy saver panel? I have seen many posts about this but never a definitive answer. I would think that my GA-EP45T-DS3R would give me the option since it is similar to your board, is there something cooky in the bios that I need to change?
  6. I'm in a similar situation, I just upgraded from the Abit Ip35pro to the ep45T-ds3r. I have heard rumor that the new Gigabyte beta bios speeds up the iSrc booting. How did you find to change the power button from HID to CID?
  7. ddogg777

    Decompiled original Apple DSDTs

    How do you guys decide on which Mac DSDT configuration is the closest match to your system?
  8. ddogg777

    Adobe updater doens't find online updates

    Problem solved, thank you for your help! you were spot on.
  9. Buildsmart, I see that you sell Q6600 equipped mobos, do you name them as Macpro's or iMac's?
  10. ddogg777

    Adobe updater doens't find online updates

    Brilliant idea! I'm on it... Thank you.
  11. ddogg777

    Adobe updater doens't find online updates

    I just checked, they are the same as on my macbook pro.
  12. I have my second license of Adobe CS4 installed on my EP45T-DS3R with 10.5.7 updates. I tried to update my programs but the online updater says that their are no updates available, I know for a fact they are! I have already updated my Macbook Pro to the latest versions. Anyone seen this behavior before?
  13. Hi Andy, I replaced my IOusbfamily.kext with yours and I can see that PCGenUSBEHCI.kext is in the plugins folder. However, under system profiler it still is using the appleusbehci.kext. Did I miss a step?
  14. ddogg777

    Full PC EFI V9

    Andy, would you use the new Chameleon 2 over PC-efiv9? Or do you still prefer this way?