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  1. Hi. first post on here, but this board has been really helpful in the past, hopefully it will be this time around I picked up an Asus AT3N7A-I mobo last week, but so far all my attempts to get OSX installed onto it have met with the host rebooting - i've tried all different combinations of bios settings (turning off hyperthreading did not help) i've installed OSX in the past onto an EEPC 1000HA and also a Gigabyte motherboard, with much success Is there anyone else on here who has managed to get it working with this motherboard? and if so, whats the secret to your success.. i'm hoping it can be done, the alternatives are to use windows 7 or ubuntu for a HTPC .. i've got EyeTV working fine on my gigabyte rig, but i was thinking to move that to a smaller box i can park in the lounge thanks much in advance -Lori =)