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    BuXb reacted to Slice in arch=i386 not working   
    Chameleon didn't provide NVRAM services at all. So why it works.
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    BuXb reacted to nyu1985 in Release for Toshiba Satellite P10x users: modded BIOS to try and activate Conexant sound chip   
    Hi Bugs,
    Sorry for the late answer. I am digging up the topic but do you steal need support ?
    I maybe will have a few time to help you this week-end but I already can tell you that you can find "Go 7600" informations in the DSDT that I posted so you can try to find it and add it into your DSDT.
    Keep in touch.
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    BuXb reacted to Hervé in [Partial Fix] Intel GMA950 for OS X 10.8   
    @BuXb None, especially 8 years after this thread was created and 7 years after its last got a contribution.
    In case you missed it all over the last 8 years, support for GMA950 (and others such as GMA X3100, GeForce GT7xxx) was dropped in 2012 when ML was introduced with 64bit-only kernel and kexts.
    A special hack called MLPF was developed soon afterwards in order to run ML on platforms with such GPUs. The hack basically consisted of reverting the kernel, the kexts and several graphics-related frameworks to versions of ML DP1, the only ML version that was released in fat-binary mode. From DP2, it was 64bit only. There never was support for GMA950 (and others) in 64bit kernel mode, so ML had to be run in 32bit kernel mode to obtain graphics acceleration. The fat-binary graphics kexts provided in 10.6.2 were very buggy in 64bit mode and hardly usable.
    This hack was limited to ML and no hacks provided support for those old and obsolete GPUs in subsequent OS X/macOS versions. A link to the old 2012 thread at MacRumors was provided above, you may refer to it.
    I had posted a few guides re: installation of MLPF'ed ML on GMA950/GMX X3100/GeForce GT7xxx Hacks back in 2013 but it would appear the thread disappeared in some distant past.
    Copies still exist here at OSXL.
    Let's lock this defunct topic
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    BuXb reacted to Dr. Hurt in [Partial Fix] Intel GMA950 for OS X 10.8   
    The Bad:
    As of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple has completely removed support for 32-bit kernel extensions and the new kernel no longer supports booting in 32-bit mode. As you probably know by know, most GMA950 drivers that were provided by Apple were 32-bit extensions and therefore will no longer work with OS 10.8!

    The Good:
    Apple has included 64-bit drivers for GMA950 in the OS X 10.6.2 update. These drivers can be used to provide partial support for GMA950 under OS 10.8

    The Ugly:
    The drivers are painfully slow especially at higher resolutions. System animations lag, full screen videos are almost unwatchable, flash videos are not working properly.

    The "partial" fix:
    Use the 10.6.2 extensions attached below to get resolution changing and QE/CI. Install using kext wizard or whatever other utility you like. You still need DSDT or EFI string injection.

    The real fix:
    Well... I think its time for an upgrade. A cheap nVidia GeForce 210 or ATI Radeon HD5450 will get the job done perfectly if you have a desktop PC. Laptop users however, are out of luck this time.
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    BuXb got a reaction from fusion71au in Clover General discussion   
    wow, thank you, fusion71au , for all the great information, screenshots and your edits! Who would've thought.. I was mislead by Clover stopping at 10.11 in kexts/Other.
    I'll be back at that Laptop in a few days and can report back then. First then need to convert from ole dinosaur Chameleon (remember ?) to Clover. Should be fun.
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    BuXb got a reaction from whatnameisit in Hackintool v3.x.x   
    wow, thanks @displhehynehym - I 100% second your findings & recommendations! Very thorough analysis!
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    BuXb reacted to whatnameisit in Hackintool v3.x.x   
    Regarding the Extensions tab,
    Please add CpuTscSync.kext. It should replace VoodooTSCSync.kext. On High Sierra, BrcmPatchRAM is reported "not installed" because Hackintool looks up the BundleID of BrcmPatchRAM3. Some users including me are on High Sierra because their graphics card is Nvidia, so they need to use BrcmPatchRAM2. WhateverGreen supersedes AppleBacklightFixup for Intel iGPU brightness control. WEG does not enable brightness for Nvidia and ATI, but AppleBacklightFixup does. One example is my laptop. The brightness control on my laptop with GeForce 315M does not work with WEG, but it does with AppleBacklightFixup. (Maybe I should also report this to Acidanthera's bugtracker once I figure out how to boot with OpenCore on this laptop that needs Clover's Inject Nvidia. Anybody hints? Dortania's Clover to OC conversion is incorrect/incomplete on Graphics-Inject part.) CodecCommander is not 100% replaced by AppleALC as the former somehow fixes audio issues that the latter can't: https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/730. VoodooInput is supplied within VoodooPS2 and VoodooI2C's respective plugin folders. Also, the devs say with a bold warning that it's for developers only, so this kext is not needed on Hackintool's Extensions tab, I think? Regarding USBPorts.kext,
    Having both IOPCIPrimaryMatch and IONameMatch is redundant. Both do the job separately (on Intel boards). I think leaving only IOPCIPrimaryMatch alive is a better choice as it survives changing the controller's ACPI name in config.plist whereas IONameMatch doesn't. Thanks for all your work!
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    BuXb reacted to Rodion2010 in Good bye Clover-32   
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    BuXb reacted to Rodion2010 in Good bye Clover-32   
    legacy Clover will search EDID for several ports
    please check if it works 
    0:111 0:000 EdidOverride not found 0:266 0:155 Edid1- 0:421 0:155 Edid0- 0:501 0:080 Edid1- 0:528 0:026 Edid0+ 0:528 0:000 found Detail Timing 1600x1200 0:586 0:057 0 640x480 attr=3BF - ok, edid+, 640x480, working, highest, pref=0 0:588 0:001 1 800x600 attr=3BF - ok, edid+, 800x600, working, highest, pref=1 0:590 0:001 2 1024x768 attr=3BF - ok, edid+, 1024x768, working, highest, pref=2 0:592 0:001 3 1280x1024 attr=3BF - ok, edid+, working, highest, pref=3 0:604 0:011 4 1600x1200 attr=3BF - ok, edid+, working, highest, pref=4 0:604 0:000 BV new mode: 4 1600x1200 0:914 0:310 SetMode pref 4 (4) = Success  
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    BuXb reacted to Rodion2010 in Good bye Clover-32   
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    BuXb reacted to Rodion2010 in Good bye Clover-32   
    Updated, 4813
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    BuXb reacted to ellaosx in Good bye Clover-32   
    it works!
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    BuXb reacted to Rodion2010 in Good bye Clover-32   
    4801 added
    anyone who use it, please let me know if it works ok ))
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    BuXb reacted to Rodion2010 in Good bye Clover-32   
    4771 with ISO and installer 
    I shall not compile every version, maybe the most interesting updates with some new features
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    BuXb reacted to headkaze in EFI Agent v1.3.2 (menu bar utility)   
    Source is now on Github here
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    BuXb got a reaction from Andreuha10 in [RELEASE]: SleepOnLowBattery (“SOLB”)   
    SleepOnLowBattery (“SOLB”)
    by BugsB, based on a script by Toggi3 * + more code snippets from the www
    For those of us whose HackBook (or even real MacBook) doesn't automatically and properly go into power saving mode on very low battery but just powers down coldly, crashing macOS: “SOLB”, a small and RAM/ CPU wise very low footprint AppleScript based utility that checks the battery level every 2 minutes, running via daemon in the background.
    You can choose between two versions, either with or without sound. Both display a notification in the top right of your screen.
    Between ≤10 and >8% battery charge:

    Between ≤8 and >5% battery charge:

    On ≤ 5% battery charge you will see a 10 seconds countdown dialog box in 1 second intervals:


    which you can cancel, or have your your *ac*Book be sent to sleep when down to 0.
    The version with sound uses the pleasant macOS US female voice Allison. If the lady is not installed, you can download "her" via System Preferences, Accessibility, Speech (pane tab should get opened by the install script), click onto the two arrows to the right of System Voice, Customize, English (Unites States) -- Female, activate Allison, OK (macOS downloads voices to /System/Library/Speech/Voices - Allison consumes 120 MB).
    If you want to see/ see and listen first, disconnect your Mac from its power supply and double click the “run Demo” file in either folder, with or without sound.
    The launcher is installed per user, so one user can use the script with and another user the script without sound.
    Run your desired install.command, with or without sound. The script should be active right away without restart.
    Regarding the sound version, you can also:
    - download any other English voice of your liking and edit the name inside the script at the very top
    - download any language voice and translate the text inside the script
    Edit with Apple Script Editor, save, install, reboot.
    Tested working in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, Mojave 10.14.6 and Catalina 10.15.2.
    Please feedback if this utility also works for you.
    If you have ideas, experience bugs, etc., please contribute as precise, succinct, productive and friendly as possible. In case of a bug, always include your version of macOS for me or others to try and help. Thank you.
    2019-12-29 v. 1.2
        •    IMPROVEMENT: Script is now compatible with both, ACPIBatteryManager.kext and SMCBatteryManager.kext
    2019-11-15 v. 1.1
        •    BUG FIX: changed all occurrences of ExternalChargeCapable to ExternalConnected in all Apple Script .scpt files (SleepOnLowBattery.scpt, SleepOnLowBatterySound.scpt, demo.scpt) to restore functionality
        •    IMPROVEMENT: made queries of MaxCapacity and CurrentCapacity more compatible to work with hopefully any system
        •    NEW: added Catalina compatibility to install scripts; verified Mojave compatibility
        •    NEW: Sound script uses voice Allison if installed, otherwise automatically defaults back to another English standard voice (Daniel, Alex or Fred)
    2018-11-10 v.1.0
        •    initial version
    Have the sound version install script check if Allison is installed, and if not, offer to download and install it. Purely cosmetic: find a way to have the display notification in the top right of the screen not display the Script Editor icon but the one of the utility without turning the utility into an app but by maintaining a script to keep the load footprint low. This is currently neither possible with an Apple Script nor with an Apple Script Bundle file, only with the script compiled into an app. One possibility might be a Perl approach, if someone volunteers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    * Thanks to Toggi3 for the base script:
    THE CODE (of the version with sound):
    LaunchAgent SleepOnLowBatterySound.plist:
    Script SleepOnLowBatterySound.scpt:
    SleepOnLowBattery (SOLB) by BugsB v.1.2 (2019-12-29).zip
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    BuXb reacted to boris1 in [RELEASE]: SleepOnLowBattery (“SOLB”)   
    Thank you. How can I modify it to go to hibernate or sleep if it’s idle for a long time or the battery is at a higher level, for example 50%?
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    BuXb reacted to el coniglio in System Info, an app to get hardware and kexts info   
    Hello, I'm releasing the System Info app, developed by me based on oldnapalm's idea. It has two main uses, first as a hardware parser, as in this image:

    And second, linking devices to its related kext, as shown below:

    The application goal is, beyound helping the user to identify hardware, to generate a Hardware Compatibility List, which browser is available (still being finished) at http://olarila.com/kexts. The user can send kext information (name and version) and respective device ids to feed the system from inside the application, selecting the menu option "Transmit data", as in the image:

    I hope you find the software useful and help us back providing data to the HCL.
    Mac version download: SystemInfo.zip
    There is a version for windows that allow users to evaluate the hardware compatibility. Requires java JRE to run.

    Windows version download: SystemInfoWin.zip
    Linux version download: SystemInfo.tar.gz
    Icon meaning:
    - device was reported as working;
    - device was not reported, but devices in this class are not usually reported;
    - device was not reported, and devices in this class are usually reported.

    How to upload kexts

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    BuXb reacted to fusion71au in [pre-release] macOS Catalina   
    @dosdude and @ASentientBot deliver the goods again for legacy machines with non metal cards .
    Successful upgrade to Catalina DP6_19A536g on my legacy Dell XPS M1530 Core2Duo laptop with Nvidia Tesla 8600M GT accelerated graphics...

    Prepared USB installer from full app with @dosdude's latest macOS Catalina Patcher v1.0.7 ---> boot to installer with Clover r5018, bypassing machine compatibility checks.  The patched InstallESD.dmg automatically installs the required legacy video kexts so no post install patching required.
    Also omits /System/Library/UserEventPlugins/com.apple.telemetry.plugin during the install, so we avoid any kps for Core2Duo CPUs.
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    BuXb reacted to Sinetek in Sinetek's Driver for Realtek "RTSX" SDHC Card Readers   
    Hi folks, I know it's been a while.
    After doing some more study I realized what went wrong while writing my driver.
    Now I found a way to make power management (Machine sleep) a reality.
    Stay tuned! And thanks so much for the folks who pushed me to not give up on this!
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    BuXb reacted to Sinetek in Sinetek's Driver for Realtek "RTSX" SDHC Card Readers   
    I'm highly jealous of your advanced SD technology there 
    I never thought this project would become what it is now. I'm having a ton of problems with the BSD driver and after writing to the original authors it seems like the best course of action now is to base off the Linux driver.
    Unfortunately I'm nowhere near a release yet, still working on writing that.
    I'm slowly starting to become an expert on the SD subsystem, lol
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    BuXb reacted to Sinetek in Sinetek's Driver for Realtek "RTSX" SDHC Card Readers   
    I did more testing, and the OpenBSD driver sadly doesn't work quite right, even on OpenBSD itself.
    I'm getting occasional I/O errors on the card, and so we can't continue using it.
    One approach could be to rewrite the driver using reversed-engineered information from the Linux driver, and for that I have the pcie tracing output thankfully. Stuff like the PHY register config differs by chip and i'm not quite sure what's what ... probably i could program the chip blindly and send the commands to read write blocks
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    BuXb got a reaction from buoo in How to get rid for good of forced "Upgrade to Catalina" notification in Mojave   
    SOLVED FOR GOOD (kudos to Miles Wolbe from Maui)!
    Copy below
    defaults delete com.apple.preferences.softwareupdate LatestMajorOSSeenByUserBundleIdentifier && softwareupdate --list paste into terminal
    press enter
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    BuXb got a reaction from buoo in How to get rid for good of forced "Upgrade to Catalina" notification in Mojave   
    SOLVED FOR GOOD (kudos to Miles Wolbe from Maui)!
    Copy below
    defaults delete com.apple.preferences.softwareupdate LatestMajorOSSeenByUserBundleIdentifier && softwareupdate --list paste into terminal
    press enter
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    BuXb reacted to Sinetek in Sinetek's Driver for Realtek "RTSX" SDHC Card Readers   
    macOS kext_rtsx
    Hi, making a new thread. This driver is for Realtek SDHC card readers on a pci/pcie bus, most commonly found in laptops.

    I would like to get testers. The driver is not yet finalized, but I'm making the tread now anyway since there was interest. expect this post to change in the future.
    [read below for current status]
    -- sinetek
    things to fix eventually
    - get more pci id's in plist
    - async task in its own thread instead of blocking the os
    - prealloc DMA buffer?
    - cards with sector_size != 512, haven't been tested at all.
    - clean up src. git push.
    - power management? what happens when you sleep the machine?
    - the eject button in finder is broken, do not use for now.
    - spams the syslog with debug messages. release config?
    - basic namespace pollution a bit out of hand
    Update 1:
    Power management support on the way: see post #43.