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  1. 512Mb nVidia FIX - DONE !

    Anybody has the enabled ROM for the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS 512MB?
  2. MacDrive in Windows 8.x: how to

    This does NOT work with Windows 10 because the MD 9 drivers do not work in Windows 10 for which Mediafour requires Macdrive 10, which does not use MDPMGRNT.SYS anymore at all.
  3. got it, thank you. Very neat of you to host it on github! ?? really? OMG, there is so much stuff I do not know. Scratch my head about the background why the boot source partition would make a difference. I'm comfortable with Clover by now so will switch over asap (the HDD is GPT formatted via Disk Utility and has the usual 200MB EFI up front). For ANY Ati to (more or less fully) work in my Optiplexes, I always had to assign PCIRootUUID to 4 in the chameleon boot plist. I am not sure if Clover offers that key, too (or if it's not necessary with Clover). I loaned the comp. to a friend an hour ago who's hackintosh's power supply blew up (literally). He took his to a shop today (to hopefully onlu swap the PSU), so I hope to have the Optiplex back soon (he does not exactly live around the corner so it might take a week before we can meet up again). Once I'll have it back, I'll install Clover to 10.9.2 (and to EFI, too, then activate EFI), delete the three 10.8.3 kexts, and restore the original (unmodded) AMD7000Contoller.kext. Which DSDT will you want me to use - the one with or the one without your 7750 mods? Thank you for your expertise and guidance!
  4. PS: I wonder if there is a better solution than user-level sleep and fp-rotate. It's cumbersome and awkward that the login-window is not visible. A rotate script during runtime of login-window would come in very handy. Hints, anybody?
  5. ah I see - bummer. Yes, my HDMI2DVI adapter works. IOReg - yes, it is inside the 10.8.5 Darwin Dumper zip Do you want me to create a Darwin dump from within 10.9.2, also? Or are you looking for a dump with specific IOReg parameters Darwin Dumper does not do? PS: I wonder if (against 7xxx white screen @ log-in), there is a better solution than user-level sleep and fp-rotate as per http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287626-guide-bypass-the-white-screen-for-ati-hd-7xxx-1083/ It's cumbersome and awkward that the login-window is not visible. A rotate script during runtime of login-window would come in very handy. Nothing found yet, though.
  6. Dear toleda, unfortunately the resulting DSDT.aml (together with the AMD7000Controller.kext binary Dashimaki mod from your Pdf) does not work - black screens on both, DVI and VGA display connected via mDP2VGA adapter. The following settings do not change that: - GraphicsEnabler on/off - PCIRoot nothing, 0, or 1 - PCIRootUUID 0 (I have it set to 4 which is the value via ioreg -l | grep -15 "AppleACPIPCI" | grep "_UID" for this mobo) - unplugging/ replugging monitors - pushing the power button: nothing happens (before it would go to sleep) Both, Dashimaki DSDT + AMD7000Controller.kext attched. With the DSDT.aml attached in my previous posting + the 10.8.3 grafics kexts from http://www.osx86.net/files/file/583-ati-7000-kext/ , I am able to boot to 10.9.2 Desktop w/ full QE/CI on both connected monitors (the 10.8.3 ATI7000Controller.kext dominates the modded AMD7000Controller.kext which does not even load, as per 10.9.2 Sys Profiler). When I add the 10.8.3 graphics kexts again, 10.9.2 Desktop can be seen briefly on the VGA display connected via mDP2VGA adapter (the DVI display turns off completely), then after ~ 10 seconds 10.9.2 freezes. It still freezes after I removed VoodooHDA, so the freeze is not caused by the audio kext. In 10.8.5 a bit different behavior: both monitors flicker on and off black/ white. Pushing the power button --> sleep. Press a keyboard button --> wake. Now the Desktop is visible for a few seconds, then full-screen loginwindow blue for a few seconds, then again Desktops .. When I managed to open 'About this Mac', I do see correctly 'AMD Radeon HD 7750'. Does any of what I write ring any bells - any idea what might be wrong? Maybe these Dell OP 745 IORegs and/ or the Saphires are different than from your Pdf. I did however copy the code from your posting (PCI1), NOT from your Pdf (PEGP). Hmmmm .. AMD7000Controller.kext Dashimaki.zip DSDT Dell OP 745 SFF + AMD Radeon HD 7750 - Dashimaki (BugsB).zip
  7. toleda (and possibly rampagedev), please - no matter what and how hard I try - I am not able to successfully integrate the Device (PEGP) etc. patch from your hd7750_dp-hdmi_v1.0 Pdf into my DSTD .. The compile error I mostly get is Pairs of Brackets don't match I followed the man from http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/guides/inject-your-amdati-graphic-card-into-a-dsdt/ and am 99% sure the PCI-e slot is PCI1 (Device (GRFX) being the on-baord chip from what I see). I have to halt here and admit this DSDT is over my head. I'd love to learn what I'm doing wrong and how it's being edited correctly, so please at your convenience would you have a look at it and tell me WHERE EXACTLY I need to place the code for my SAPPHIRE 100357LP HD 7750 low-profile (same as yours, I guess) into this DSDT (Dell Optiplex 745 SFF). I attached DSTD and Darwin Dumper results. Thank you so much, Bugs PS: The Darwin dump is from 10.8.5. Just let me know if you want me to dump from 10.9.2 also. DSDT Dell OP 745 SFF BugsB.zip DarwinDumper_2.8.8_Chameleon_2.2_X64_ML_.zip
  8. Much easier for the SAPPHIRE 100357LP HD 7750 low-profile (Device ID 683f) in Mavericks - tested w/ 10.9.2: apply the three 10.8.3 kexts from http://www.osx86.net/files/file/583-ati-7000-kext/ and 10.9.2 should boot right into Desktop - no black blank screen, no white screen. No rotate, no DSDT edits necessary here. Unfortunately these kexts do NOT solve the white screen with the SAPPHIRE 100357LP HD 7750 low-profile in 10.8.5 ..
  9. unpack attached file to /Applications in terminal: /Applications/fb-rotate -i in the script: // Rotate the 2nd display /Applications/fb-rotate -d 0x******** -r 90 /Applications/fb-rotate -d 0x******** -r 0 // Just replace 0x******** with the hexadecimal Display_ID
  10. buy a 3rd so u don't have to decide between 1 & 2 (oopth)
  11. YES! Now u'll need to ask if this will work with 10.9.1 ..
  12. The MTU change did not deliver reliable stability. I found out the real fix for me and edited my posting.