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  1. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    Hello there ! I have almost the same problem like the above. I try to install on a Sony Vaio TX3XP/B - Chipset 945GMS and Graphics GMA 950 with a Intel Core Solo U1400. By using "Boot Kabyl Bumby" and typing "-x“ the grey apple loading screen is shown and then a blue screen, which stays there forever ( I waited 20min!) – so nothing happened. By typing “-v –f” it’s almost the same except the fact that the whole boot process (instead of the grey apple screen) is shown (I think that’s for failure-analysis), but in the end it ends at the blue screen. If I tried all that with the GA-965P-DS3 it’s almost the same. I read about successful installations on similar notebooks and even a TX3XP, so I don’t know what’s wrong and I’m asking for some advices or better bootloaders, please ! I added an everest-report, that's all i can tell you about my computer. Thanks and regards, Sebastian EVEREST_Report_Sebastian.txt