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  1. NForce SATA Controller

    I'm getting a kernel panic with AppleNforceATA (medevil 1.0.3) when booting the install DVD (Zephyroth 10.5.2 rev.1). Does anybody know why and how I can fix it?
  2. Hello! I've been searching through the forums but I haven't been able to find any topic, that would match what I'm experiencing. My OSx86 would work perfectly if it weren't for the slowdowns! The configuration is: AMD 3000+ (SSE2) 2.5GB DDR Gigabyte K8NS-Pro Winfast 6600GT 300GB SATA hard drive I remember that when I had 10.4.8 installed, I didn't experience any slowdowns. But I have to have 10.4.9 at least, because of all the software not working with 10.4.8. So what happens is this: I'm working as I normally, and then all of a sudden the beach-ball appears and everything grinds down to a halt. I can move my mouse around and the dock responds very slowly, but that's about all I can do. There is nothing else to do, but to wait about 20 seconds, for normal operation to resume. I've checked Activity Monitor during these events, but as it is not updating while the computer is in a halt, I can only guess which process is the culprit. It seems to me that it's either kernel_task or windowserver. So any suggestions, on how to approach the resolution of this problem? I wanted to buy the new iMac, but due to unexpected conditions, I'm a 1000 euros short, so I HAVE to fix this. Thank you!
  3. Missing Sync 3.01 Won't let me register

    off-topic: Man this is some intenst church you go to. You've been away for 2 days Any news otherwise?
  4. [SLO] Je tu kaj slovencev?

    http://jonas.blog.siol.net/2006/08/15/mac-...kovnica-drugic/ S tem ti bo uspelo nastaviti 'normalno' tipkovnico ... z 'normalno' afno in z/y-om Še en Slovenec tukaj, mimogrede!
  5. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    And another plea from me for 10.4.9 USB2.0 drivers.
  6. Missing Sync 3.01 Won't let me register

    What?? Same error with Pocketmac too? Did you run console to see the logs about the error? Does it match the error from Missing Sync? I haven't installed Pocketmac yet, I'm still waiting for the WM5 compatible version and I don't want to screw things up right from the start
  7. Missing Sync 3.01 Won't let me register

    Same error? That's weird. Did you do a fresh install? I suspect some files are messing up, because I managed to get 3.0.0 working on a fresh install, but now it won't work anymore (since I tried 3.0.1 and 3.0.2). This seriously sux Is there any other way to sync my WM5 PPC with my hackintosh? Just syncing calendar and contacts would be more than enough.
  8. Missing Sync 3.01 Won't let me register

    Does 3.0.2 still work in 10.4.6 kernels for example? What changed during those updates? Anybody with 10.4.6 hackintosh up for a test drive?
  9. Missing Sync 3.01 Won't let me register

    There is a tiny trick that worked for me, regarding the application crash after a few seconds: 1. Run uninstaller for Missing Sync 2. Delete preferences for (/Library/Preferences/, ~/Library/Preferences) - something like com.markspace...plist 3. Run installer for Missing Sync but DO NOT choose to put the application in the Dock. 4. Restart and (pray)enjoy. This way it doesn't crash for me anymore ... now if I could just get it to connect Edit: trick seems to only work on 3.0.0. Bummer.
  10. Missing Sync 3.01 Won't let me register

    It wouldn't help you if it didn't crash, because you would not be able to sync with a hackintosh anyway. If there is anyone who has managed to do so, please report. (You can get it to 'not crash', by applying a certain Bad APE registration patch ... which is illegal.) This is where I am at currently: 5/9/07 17:28:00 MSUI: deviceName: xxxx device: FUJITSU SIEMENS COMPUTERS Pocket LOOX 5xx ipAddress vid:0x0000 pid:0x0000 Check the IP address ... Reversed?!
  11. Missing Sync 3.01 Won't let me register

    Let me know what you find out. It really shouldn't be as hard to get this working. I read somewhere that Missing Sync was working with 10.4.3 hackintosh ... Should be possible!
  12. A couple of problems here and there ... AGPGart 2.2 won't load, system freezes. After a while I am unable to run any application (just bounces in the dock, console says WindowServer crashed), specifically Thread 0 Crashed: 0 libSystem.B.dylib 0x90005e95 szone_size + 378 And disk utility does not want to start, just hangs at 'Gathering information...' It is also unkillable from that point on. Other than that, NVinject+AGPGart 2.1 give full QE/CI/QE2D and AGP support. My system: AMD 64 3000+ (SSE2 only) Gigabyte K8NS-Pro 2512mb DDR 400 320gb SATA
  13. Nvclock in OSX?

    So ... Progress report: Had to change 'configure' of nvclock to even compile on Darwin. Configure went fine, so did the make. No errors. Running ./nvclock without arguments also went fine. So I tried to run it with the option -h (to display help), and it gave me a 'Bus error'. It turns out that every command line argument crashed the application. Gdb reported that it crashes at fclose(). Searched the code for fclose() and found it on three different occasions - turns out OSX's fclose() does NOT like it's argument to be NULL so I just put another 'if' before the fclose to check. if(fp) { fclose(fp); } Recompiled and now we're getting somewhere. nvclock runs but halts because of insufficient privileges... jure$ ./nvclock -D Error: You don't have enough permissions to run NVClock! Retry as root or install the Nvidia drivers. sudo ./nvclock -D Error: Can't open /proc/bus/pci/devices to detect your videocard. This is where I'm at. Any clues?
  14. So OSX is fine and everything, but one thing bugs me: It's the noise that the fan on my Leadtek 6600GT makes ... Now back in Windows XP I could control that perfectly with ExperTool, which I, of course, can no longer do in OSX. But I found an open source Linux/FreeBSD alternative, that can also control fan speed and it's called Nvclock. Now I don't know much about anything, but I was wondering about what would need to be done to be able to use this tool's ability to control the speed of my tornado generating fan. Could I compile it in OSX? What else? Anybody an expert on the matter? Thank you in advance ... Greetings from sLOVEnia, Jure.
  15. iCal Crashes

    Go to the Applications folder, select iCal and 'Get info'. In the 'Get info' pane just select 'Open using Rossetta'. Close 'Get info', run iCal and enjoy Greetings, Jure