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  1. Yes, that would have been my next guess also. You are propably right. - ps. I think informing people about this issue is important since an average hackintosh user will probably google it first when problems arise. I have couple years of hackintosh experience but it was kind of coincidence that I did notice this audio problem (which would have been very hard to track back to CC update later on) right after updating to new CC version .
  2. Yes I will do this (replicate the problem) soon but now im just happy I got my system up and running again. This is great tool and Im using it a lot, but I was very angry after couple of hours troubleshooting to figure out that a new CC update was causing this. :/ My apologies for the provocative thread title. I didn't know better place to post this bug.
  3. Hi, Saving config.plist with this new version "corrupts" it some way that it breaks audio on Sierra 10.12.6 and X99-A motherboard. (AppleALC.kext & Lilu.kext- method). EDIT 9.11.2017 : Here is the problem isolated to this one "tag". see attachment.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2iounr39lpcsyh/Screen%20Shot%202017-11-09%20at%2015.34.22.png?dl=0
  4. Hello, Does anyone have fully working speedstep with this setup? My performance results (Intel Power Gadget) are very unstable. Performance drops by time. First round with Cinebench or Geekbench sometimes "flatlines" (full turbo) but performance and frequency drops on 2nd and 3th round etc. I think I have read all posts and tried every combination of settings but I cannot get this work. Any help, please?
  5. Hello! Does anyone know if its even possible to get Ati X1900XTX to work in SL in 64bit mode? Leopard worked perfectly with ATYinject, but thats only 32bit .. My SL wont even start with ATIradeonX1000.kexts on ..! Possible solutions? -Dart ________________ I got my x1900XTX working in 32bit mode, by editing ATInject.kext plist, but obliously ATInject and ATY,ALOPIAS(which im forced to use) is NOT 64Bit! Anyone have any idea how to modify kexts to work in 64bit mode? -Dart
  6. BSpot

    ICH10-kexts cause LONG BOOT TIME!

    Problem solved! For you all strugling with same problem, download this patched IOATAFamily.kext and delete LegacyAppleAHDCIPort.kext, LegacyAppleIntelPIIXATA.kext and LegacyIOAHCIBlockStorage.kext, and you get very fast boot-up and no random hangs with SATA drive-accesses . IOATAFamily.kext.zip
  7. Hello ... I had very fast boot-up time with (only) JMicron- kexts (10 SEC). But I needed to get my ICH10 SATA DRIVES also working, so I INSTALLED ICH10-kexts. (Because my mobo have only one JMicron-SATA-connector.) Drives work fine but system BOOT-UP TIME is now over 1MIN!. Can I delete some kexts for example or do something else to speed up booting? Now I have this "error message" -> "... timed out waiting to write kernel symbols" which propably slows things down, am I right? Or is it some other peripherials that cause this boot-up-slow-down? Anyone have solution for this? my mobo: P5K (btw. BIOS wont allow to setup SATA as AHCI.its IDE-mode.) Thanks... -D.Art
  8. BSpot


    Hello... Is it possible that OS X burned up my graphics card? Is it possible that os x controls power/heat/fan (in x86) settings in a way that could cause card over heating? Just couple hours ago I checked my workstation and displays were all BLACK, and after rebooting and shut down(cooling down), it appears that there is some permanent damage happened to the card. While booting x86 BIOS, AMI BIOS text and everything is SCRABLED and JUNK on my screen. System just HALTS. Or is this just random brake down of my graphics hardware .. Please reply.. -D.Art Problem solved! Sorry about this quote. Im glad to inform you that Hacintosh DID NOT burn the ATI GPU. There was improperly fuctioning memory module (2 weeks old[buffalo]) which caused the scrambled boot screen. -D.Art
  9. Hi! Ive seen people asking this, but no answers. Everything is really working fine, but for some reason system profiler gives error message... ".. Error gathering this information..." Although everything is working, i would like to get this fixed, do you think its a sign for some problems going on with the installation? -D.Art
  10. Hello! Have anyone find a solution to "black/white-drop down menus" problem of ATI X1900 series? System profiler says "Quartz Extreme: Supported" and obliously there is some acceleration going on but all the DROP-DOWN MENUS ARE BLACK!? Any idea what might cause this? -D.Art
  11. Hello! Hey whats the deal here? I Installed from the Leo4All 4.1 AMD (ISO-DVD) and after finished installation(EFI-packages), the system (while booting from HD) gives an error "b0 error". (with NO-EFI packages, no boot up at all). But it boots up from DVD though.. Did I miss something here? Should have I installed some bootloader beforethe Leo4all? what what what? ps. is there any solution found for the ATI x1900 "black-drop down menus" problem? Sys.prof tells that my disp.adptr supports Quartz Extreme but somethings still wrong because drop-down menus are BLACK. I have read some quotes about "flashing the g.adapter with different ID", is that a solution? Any knowledge about this? ps2. I think the "osx86 scene" is so fragmented in to little pieces of (old/outdatet) information here and there that .... its really a mess. huh ps3. Some STEP TO STEP guide of the install procedures would be great! -D.Art
  12. BSpot


    Hi there! Does anyone found a solution for this (QE) black/white drop-down menu problem? I find you people have the same problem but no solutions. anyone? -Petri
  13. BSpot

    Possible 3850 solution

    Hello! Has there been any progress with this subject after the last post? I have x1900 and the black menus problem. Please reply if you know solution -Petri _________________________________________________________
  14. Hi! I have the same problem and the same GPU card. Did you find any solution for black drop-down menus? -Petri ______