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  1. Hi Luda, I am the one on the macrumors thread that tried it out and hit the BSOD that I wasn't able to get out of. Am happy to help and test if I can - 2011 17" i7 model.
  2. yep when I noticed it was 44 pins I figured a basic ide cable might work - but the trick is figuring out the pinout apple is using and i have no clue how to do that :-) let us know what you find out!
  3. Anyone have any other ideas? I am willing to work on figuring this out, I just have no idea how to go about it or what equipment would be required... Thanks! Wes
  4. If I knew how to do that I definitely would =)
  5. Mac Pro case with power supply mod.

    Is this a 2009 MP case? I have a 2009 that has a 44pin connector on the front panel and I can't find a pinout for it (including at aquamac, which seems to be half-broken)... EDIT: ah I see you have an older front panel...
  6. Hi guys, I am working on a 2009 Mac Pro chassis and it seems to have a newer 44-pin connector as compared to the older models. Does anyone happen to know the pinout for this 44-pin connector? There was a thread at aquamac but no real info and that board doesn't really seem to be functional at the moment. Thanks! Wes
  7. I'm very excited to find this thread as I am starting to work on my 2009 Mac Pro chassis. I'm not going to do EATX but I am curious how things turned out with your power supply? My PS cables seem to be long enough so hopefully I won't have to do any modifications there. How did you remove the metal grill that was between the power supply and the cdroms? It seems to have 3 nuts anchored to the top of the case that are impossible to get off. I would also like to see more of how your new motherboard fit to the chassis - I have to figure out what to do with the original standoffs and how to anchor the new motherboard. Thanks! Wes
  8. Mac Pro case with power supply mod.

    very cool - do all the front panel ports work? what is involved there?
  9. awesome! any chance I could talk you into wiring one of those up for me very willing to pay!!!
  10. x-solid, if you start from this post earlier in the thread and read the following 4-5 posts, it discusses the power/firewire ground issue I'm talking about... http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&p=614504 I'm wondering how this factors into the way you set up the PCB... let me know what you think! thanks, Wes
  11. I'm confused because nervouschimp has written else where in this thread that the front panel connector uses the firewire to ground the power button... did you wire that differently somehow? I am a noob :-)
  12. so using your pcb, the firewire isn't necessary for power ground?
  13. just got my pcb... thank you!!!! It looks great. Looking forward to the pinout...
  14. Xsolid, I would be interested in an adapter for my front panel - I have the stock g5 apple front panel cable. Let me know! thanks, Wes