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  1. any suggestions? ideneb? kalyway?
  2. first time I tried to install it actually went well with no problems only toh kernel and -v but i used the wrong ACPI driver so had to try again second time around toh -v would hang at "Kernel Version: Darwin Kernel Version 9.1.0: ...." tried standard kernel with -v. worked great everything setup good with x86 ACPI as far as keyboard/mouse goes. was having issues with sigmatel audio drivers so got i got ahold of the dell laptops post install app and actually got my sound working pretty well but then i got a ApplePS2component.kext error on bootup after and lost keyboard functionality. so i tried to reinstall completely and not mess up this time around but toh -v and standard kernel both hang at same place. tried -x aswell no luck. formatted the partition aswell with no luck. any idea what the problem could be? edit: forgot the hardware! dell vostro 1400 core 2 duo 1.6 nvidia 8400gs 2gb ddr sigmatel 22xx audio
  3. Whats a good video editing program

    i like adobe premiere, its easy to pick up and has a lot of options once you get the basics down and are ready to expand