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  1. If it's running over usb, that'd mean that it's actually working, isn't it?
  2. So basically my device name is shown there because of another interface recognized by Mac, is that right?
  3. Didn't understand, could you rephrase? Sure it doesn't mean it's supported, but, since it's listed over there, it means that, at least, the device is being recognized, which is a start, right? Isn't it anything I can do to get it working? DSDT or anything? For me, OS X is kind of useless without Wi-fi.
  4. I really don't think that my Mac recognized a generic device. Check this out: As you can see, Mac recognized the device (at least I think it did, since there's too much information to be just generic), but as an USB device, not a network device.
  5. Hi guys, Today I tried to install iAtkos L2 on my Vaio Vpc-f226fm machine and managed to get every single thing working fine nearly out of the box, except the WiFi. BUT, something REALLY strange happens with it. Mac actually recognizes my Intel Centrino Wireless-n (wimax) 6150 board as an USB device (or port) and not as a network device. Even stranger: I checked my hardware info before installing (by the link on the Utilities menu on the OS X installer) and the board shows up a USB port, which means that no additional custom kext's were loaded or installed by the installer. As far as I can think, having the OS X to recognize my wifi board (even though it doesn't recognizes as a wifi board, and so, I can't use it to connect) is a good thing, since there must be a tweak or something I can do to make it work as it was supposed to. Any ideas of what can I do to have it working? Also, at osx86project.org I found a guy which reported that his laptop had the exactly same problem with pretty much the same specs as mine. Sony Vaio VPC-F236FM QE Install Method: iatkos l2 Audio: work hdmi,microphone,s/pdif all perfect Battery: Voodoo Battery kext Bluetooth work DVD-RW: Reads haven't try burning. Ethernet: work Keyboard & TrackPad: VoodooPS2, tapping works. Input device won't respond at startup until 9 minutes later, don't know why? Magic Gate: Not working, Motion Eye: Works OOB facetime & skype video and mic works almost flawless. USB Mouse: Scroller is in reverse; down = up, up = down ( this is feature of lion. ) USB Slots: working fine Shut Down/ReBoot: works fine Video:main display YES gt 540m full hd 1920x1080 but it shows gt 450 WiFi: it shows under usb intel centuriono wireless n wimax 615 camera :work HCL 10.7.2/Portables - OSx86 As you can see, this guy had the same problem, but didn't specified if it's fixed.