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  1. iTunes Error (-50) when trying up authorize

    Thank you so much, this has solved my hackintosh is ever more closer to perfection! Much appreciated Alfie
  2. Hi guys, firstly I want to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, it is fantastic. I have an Ex58-UD5 and have been happily running a hack using DD's original method. I have, however decided to refresh the install to iron out a few issues, namely lack of sleep and cold boot restart issues. So far I have flashed BIOS with latest version (F12), with a reset of default settings (save AHCI of coarse) this seamed to have solved the cold start issue. Next I ventured down CruiSAr’s path with only FakeSMC in extra, patched DSDT and AsereBLN_v1.1.9 bootloader. After what I hope was perfectly carried out instructions. Upon boot I soon stumbled into an old issue of my 4870 1gb dual DVI being of a non-reference design (Black PCB) not loading the desktop. Firstly I tried to change graphicsenabler=y but for some reason during the bootloader my keyboard (apple wired aluminium) does not work, which did in the previous install, so I was not able to change the setting. Has anyone else encountered this or know of a solution/alternative method? I have since got round this by adding the same graphics kext as before (ATY_Init.kext in S/L/E (appears not to work in /extra). Now the system boots fine, and sleeps (after approx 30 seconds) however there is no sound hardware recognised and my usb wireless card (Edimax EW-7711UAN) is no longer working, or even registering when plugged in. Are there any further steps I need to do, such as add some of the miscellaneous kexts? Or perhaps this is a DSDT issue? I was wondering if anyone else had stumbled into these issues. Alternatively any advice would very much be greatly appreciated. Alfie
  3. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    Hi, i have been having a bit of a difficult time with my 4870 and was wondering if anyone had any ideas to what I am doing wrong/should be doing. I have tried/searched for a week(ish) to no avail. I have an XFX 4870 card bought from overclockers: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....&subcat=939 I was under the impression that it was a full reference card, however when it arrived it looked like this: I thought it should be fine as it looks the same (Dual DVI) but with a different cooler. I have a new build with a Gigabyte Ex58-UD5 and have been using the digital dreamers guide for snow leopard usuing PC-EFI 10.3. All goes well installing from my macbook, however after chameleon loads from the HDD all that appears on the screen is scrolling code, which eventually hangs, whilst i'm under the impression that this is when the apple logo should appear. I believe this is a graphics card issue as the caps lock light will come on at this point, and when i press the eject button on the keyboard the disk drive opens. Am i right in expecting that the video should load regardless of the 4870 with the ATI_Init.kext, but prehaps without supported features such as sleep and resolution change etc? Has anyone else used this card with any luck, if so which method was used, or do i need to get another version of this card. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is annoying i to think i have a full working install (hopefully) that I cant see! It is my first install so it might be something small and stupid, if that is the case i would appreciate it if someone could point it out! ALfie