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  1. Samsung 700G7A

    I recently bought a Samsung 700G7A gaming laptop and have been trying to get OSX to work on it. Currently, I have been able to install Mountain Lion, and the first thing I'd like to get worked out is the graphics card... I have an AMD Radeon HD6970M (which I understand is also used in some orginal Apple hardware), but I can't get it to work properly with QE/CI enabled: if I boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, I get 1024x768 video output, while with GraphicsEnabler=Yes I get full HD 1920x1080 graphics, but the card is still not recognized (and shows in system information as "Monitor 7MB". I have been looking for appropriate kexts to install, but failed to find any; it should also be noted that it is possible that Samsung made "something" to the card which prevents it from being correctly recognized: even under windows, if I try to install the drivers through the "official" catalyst installer, it says that I don't have a supported card, and I have to use the drivers provided by Samsung itself. So, has anybody suggestions on how to get this video card to work properly?
  2. Random hangs on boot

    Ok, strange things happening: now the situations in the first post happen less often (I could even live with it), and i'm able to boot more often (thanks to JMicron?), but sometimes I get some "random" kernel panics (the process name changes everytime, the last I remember is "kernel_task")... Also, this morning it wouldn't boot whatever I tried, it showed some errors about Mach-0 bad format in a lot of kexts and wrong 0x0 "magic numbers"...
  3. Random hangs on boot

    Thanks for the answer.. Well, I actually were able to get the broadcom card working, using a modified BCM5722D kext (hand't tried much before)... The video card also works fine, there's a review here I will try the max_valid_dma_addr as soon as the issue comes up again (I did a reinstalli chosing also JMicronIDE, which I read somewhere is needed for my notebook, so it still boots fine), in the meanwhile I attached the folder P.S. What do you mean by "look into fakesmc 3.1 or 4.0 and plugins u probably missing: nvidia, intelcpumon"? acpiinfo.zip
  4. Random hangs on boot

    Ok, so I have installed Lion (iAtkos L2) on my TJ65 (see signature for specs), and almost everything (except integrated wireless and ethernet) works pretty well, when I boot. The problem is that I am almost never able to boot; when I try, I usually end up stuck (NB, no "classical" kernel panic) in one of these situations: a) Chameleon hangs before loading the kernel (I can still see the background graphics) at line "Customizing System Id with : [weird list of numbers/letters]" Chameleon hangs before loading the kernel (I can still see the background graphics) and shows "Couldn't get selected node" c) The kernel hangs (with no hard disk activity) just after loading (successfully, I think) the RTC and FakeSMC d) The kernel hangs (with no hard disk activity) just after loading (successfully, I think) the RTC and FakeSMC, showing "Pthread support ABORTS when sync kernel primitives misused" All of the mentioned lines appear also during a successful boot... Moreover, it seems that the frequency of "good" boots decreases over time (I can almost always boot just after installing and the second time, it starts to become awful at about the fourth boot) Finally, I had similar trouble also with Snow Leopard on this machine (and thus gave up trying), in a desperate attempt I even bought a new internal hard disk and replaced the original... No change. Does anyone have some ideas on what i could do to get rid of this issue, or at least know what's causing it? Thank you
  5. Nothing? This happens also with the Hazard 10.6.6i install DVD, both with the integrated dvd reader and an external usb reader
  6. [Risolto] AppleCPU power management timed out

    A me succedeva una cosa simile (schermo completamente nero, come se fosse spento) quando usavo dei kext per abilitare la scheda video anziché il GraphicsEnabler=Yes di chameleon... Anche se usavo snow leopard, magari ti può essere utile lo stesso
  7. I have a Packard Bell Easynote TJ65 (specs in signature) and managed to install snow leopard onto it, using SnowOSX Universal 3.6. With GraphicsEnabler=Yes the video card works flawlessly, I managed to get the audio working with a kext and everything is ok (apart the wireless card, of course), except one thing: when I try to boot for the first time in a day, it boots almost always; when I try to boot for the second time the same day, it often boots; almost every subsequent attempt to boot fails, without any particular error message. I get the very same lines that appear when I'm able to boot properly, but at a variable point in the beginning (before any activity on the hard disk) it gets stuck and I have to reset. There are some lines complaining that AppleUSBEHCI was unable to get filterInterruptEventSource, but I don't think they are the problem because the appear event when I can succesfully boot (I have no USB devices plugged in, BTW). I thought that the problem might be overheating, so I got a fan in front of the notebook and waited until it got cool again, but it didn't make any different; using a legacy kernel didn't make any difference, either. Sometimes a message appears stating that it's waiting for a boot device with a certain UUID (NB this is not "Still waiting for root device"), I thought it might be important because the boot process stops before any activity on the hard disk, even though the same message appears in successful boot attemps. In desperation, I even modified the date in the BIOS, of course without any result. I experience the problem independently from the kexts and the subversion of osx I have installed. I don't know what to do, it's really frustrating installing a program that requires reboot and having to wait one day to see it working. Thanks in advance.
  8. acero, I don't know what to say... Except: "I love you!" I tried that killall thing and now everything works! Thank you so much!
  9. I looked in the log, there were only some lines with "_CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35"... Also deleted the configuration file, so it allowes any connection, but nothing changed at all. I noticed that before upgrading to 10.6.3 internet worked; though I have to update because otherwise my graphics card won't work.
  10. Err... What should I do with that? xD The IP of DNS Server is fine, it's the same I get under Windows... I was desperate so I used Gparted and gptsync to reduce my Windows partition and install another copy of Snow Leopard, using the retail DVD (previously I had used SnowOSX Universal 10.6.2), and, after installing the driver the wireless adapter worked, I mean, I could browse. So, I thought I might be SnowOSX's fault, adn deleted the new partition and restored things as they were before (1 partition Mac, 1 partition Windows), before installing OSX again using the retail DVD. Though, this time I could not browse... I am really puzzled...
  11. Well, thanks anyway ^^ News: I tried to connect to an "Original" Mac... The other Mac could access mine perfectly, file sharing and all that stuff, but, if I tried to access the other mac with mine I was told me it could not contact the other computer... Also, I tried following acero's instructions in this topic, but the results were the same. I think it may not be a driver issue, since it happens also with the wireless adapters... After this, though, when I was trying to access the IP I use to test the connection (insanelymac's one,, I accidentally entered and, well, that page loaded! So, I thought there was hope, and I entered Google's IP ( and it also loaded... But, when I tried to search something, it said it could not access the server. Though, changing the "www.google.com" in the search results page url with, it worked... If it acted like this with all websites I would think it were a DNS issue, but some IPs (like insanelymac's one) don't work at all, while pinging them works... I'm really frustrated I noticed this behaviour after following acero's instructions, but maybe it was this way also before... I don't know, as I said, this was almost like a serendipity...
  12. Well... Something strange seems to be going on... I pinged (insanelymac's IP) and it worked... At least, it said it received all the packets transmitted. But, both with Safari and Firefox, trying to open results in an error message saying it had been impossible to contact the server "insanelymac.com"... o.O
  13. Thanks for answering ^^ Nope - same result. BTW, it was picking the right DNS servers, the same it picked under Windows... Other ideas?