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  1. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Sweet... do you know where I could find the 2.0b16 dmg? Edit: Found it on sourceforge, will see if it solves the problem for me. Thanks
  2. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Hey I keep getting this weird glitch where randomly the values for the digitizer will change to values much smaller than they should be, which then readjusts the mapping. Anyone else seen this or have any idea of a fix for this?
  3. Leopard on the Thinkpad X41

    I use display-resx with Display twister which I use to set screen to set to 1024x1024 and then rotate screen in display twister... mouse movement and graphics can get a bit choppy... good for reading documents but since tablet-magic doesn't think the screen has rotated, it is difficult for extended use. performance is pretty decent haven't had any issues with it (besides driver compatibilty i.e sd card reader doesn't work) I'm still trying to get a perfect install. I had a great one but tried updating and messed it up, as soon as I have a good build, I'll put together instructions.
  4. Leopard on the Thinkpad X41

    Status: 10.5.6 with sleep & hibernation bluetooth works can be turned on and off. Digitizer working sound/mic working Rotation: semi-working ethernet working wifi need to swap cards fingerprint reader: not working id/vendor matches for Protector Suite info.plist but not working.
  5. JaS 10.5.4 GMA 900/950 & PS/2 workaround

    Same the links are done for me also. Could anyone post or link the gma900 kext. Thanks
  6. Leopard on the Thinkpad X41

    Have you ever gotten past needing to use a paperclip?
  7. HP TX1000Z Tablet Compatibility with Leopard

    Is screen rotation supported? Can you rotate the display?
  8. Fujitsu T4220 Tablet

    With the gma X3100, can you rotate the screen?
  9. Stuck on pale grey screen

    Stuck in similar situation. Did you figure out a fix?
  10. Mini Tablet Mac

    Hey Bob, The exact same problem happened when I installed the touchbase drivers, without the drivers it worked with ink but wasn't calibrated and was unusable. I've tried to spoof the kext to treat it as I believe its supposed to be "Input Device" or something instead of whatever kind of mouse its registered as. I had given up on trying to get it to work, but I think I'll give it another go and see if I can get it working. Let me know if you have any luck.
  11. Touchscreen software

    The modbooks do have software for touchscreen but I can't find any of it online. Front Row will be very hard to do since it is written only as an executable code it no longer works from a standard cocoa or carbon coding. Which means the gui can't be modified and worst yet no matter how high another apps NSWindowLevel gets, front row will go on top of it.
  12. Hacintosh is awesome and brings us super cool operating system on a now vast selection of hardware. However the biggest bane for most osx86'ers right after sleep or wifi and webcams, is the actual programs to run some of the built in peripherals for these laptops. I'm not talking about drivers directly since those are a whole other cup of tea. I'm talking about actual programs and software that could use development for for these hackintoshes. My biggest concern is touchscreen software: Let's face it the on screen keyboard sucks and Ink is far from perfect. Front Row has no touchscreen interface. Those tiny little close, minimize and zoom buttons are nearly impossible to touch. Scrolling with those tiny arrow in the corner of the window is nightmarish as is resizing. Expose and hot corners are awesome as is a hiding dock but hard to access with a touchscreen. Custom software solution? 3rd party software you use to make your touchscreen experience easier? Tips? Tricks? Thoughts? Suggestions? Problems? Touchscreen mac users unite! My main projects and workarounds: On screen keyboard: working on coding a custom on-screen kb... hitting some road bumps. Fullscreen itunes controller (due to lack of ir remote control options)... works but ugly and very bare end. I hope to make it a cross between a controller and a Front Row like interface. Front Row controller for touchscreen... not started on yet. 3rd Party tricks: Butler is my saviour anything requiring keystrokes or something I make a script for and add it to a Butler menu. Trampoline great app switcher. Cocoapad, my choice drawing sketch app it's not great but it works and is free. touch-base.com has tons of mac touchscreen drivers but pricey$$$... though you can work around their demo limitations but it get old to override the 100-click count.
  13. I currently am in the process of putting together a Sony Vaio UX-280p and currently the bane of my existence is proper sleep for 10.5.6 (or any version). Correct me if I'm wrong but sleep is a mix between being kernel and driver depend. I have tried various tricks to fix sleep... I have tried the change screen resolution, I have tried various drivers, I tried the sleep kernel. Does anyone have anymore general ideas on how to fix sleep be it either a sony specific set-up or a general solution? Thanks
  14. Atheros AR5007EG on 10.5.6

    has anyone else had any luck using this method?
  15. Gigabyte m912 tablet users

    First post here... I recently bough a Gigabyte M912x I have been for the past two weeks been tweaking it to find the right install. Current setup is running off of the MSIWindosx86 10.5.4 which I used the MSI Driver Pack along with the Apple 10.5.6 combo updater to get it to 10.5.6. The touchscreen when calibrated works great however the software costs about $100 so I found by restarting the drivers application in the activity monitor I could undo the 100 click demo limit (this is tedious and not perfect but I'm seeing if I can add a background click counter to run a script to restart the driver or perhaps isolate and remove the 100 click limit) As everywhere else says the issues are the current wifi card it comes with is not mac compabitle. I am currently using the Belkin F5D7050 wifi usb dongle. Audio and Webcam I have yet to have success with but usb audio dongles work or A2DP over Bluetooth works. Battery icon shows in menu bar but it thinks it is charging or charged even if not plugged in. Keyboard and Trackpad work fine. I am still fiddling with the drivers to tweak it to as close as possible. I can give more specific instructions for how I am using the touch screen and the click reseter or any other driver questions. I am curious how far others have gotten in optimizing the M912's without doing hardware mods. (Posted from my M912)