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  1. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56015 My booting problem is more erratic than yours, I think. Sometimes I am able to boot up half a dozen times without incident. Other times bootup freezes on the grey-apple-on-white bootup page, with no spinning cog. -v prompt show it's a UUID propblem. I tried swapping hard drives but still the same problem. That's a link to the pin 20 thread, double check you have the right pin (check post 59 for the picture - quote: "It's the one on the opposite side of the one in red (if you flip the card over. there's a pin labeled 18, it's right beside it). sorry don't have a cam on hand to take a picture of the back side"):- http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...56015&st=40 I just noticed you have since posted there, epuk! Also, I checked back, I did need to use IOPCIFamily.kext patched by Chun-Nan to get the card to be seen. I am using the Collit/Madtux ALC268 which auto switches to headphones when you plug them. The audio issue when coming out of hibernation is a bother. I fortunately have a USB sound card that I can use as a workaround, but it is not ideal. Hi redjaru, sorry, I have been trying to get my old account reinstated. I should state again that I got this working on my Acer 5620 and you would be as well, if you are using IPC, do to a clean install without selecting the ACPI fix or any powermanagement options. I believe you then are getting the vanilla of both acpi and power management. If you have selected power management options like battery, i.e Chan Nun's battery package, it apparently conflicts with Superhai's and, as I say, two battery icons show up together. Of more concern is any potential damage. The post I read wasn't specific about the 'conflict'. Yes, if you have followed the above as I did, just install the three kexts from superhai, which includes the USB one. I am avoiding naming them but currently it is the first three listed in Superhai's projects :- battery power usbehci Install with kext helper, repair permissions, delete extensions mkext, reboot, pressing F8 to type -f . Now install the deep sleep widget and you should have a full and working hibernate when you click on it, apart from the sound problem. I have what I call 'lid sleep'; you close the lid. When you open the lid up quickly to see what's going on the screen is black, the power LED flashes orange and the laptop seems to sleep. The problem is, when you wake it up, wi-fi doesn't work. I will keep you posted. When I have more time I want to do a fresh install on the 4720z and try these things out on it. Hi Smuxbr, I am not sure what's going on there. If you can't find a driver, I favor doing a fresh install using an up-to-date installer.
  2. Account termination?

    Hi Ed, thanks. I tried logging in but no joy, logged out of this account, cleared cache and cookies, tried logging in but again no joy. Tried resetting password, which it let me do, but won't let me loggin with the new password, either, though a dialogue box doesn't pop up to say wrong password, which I think otherwise usually happens when you do type in the wrong password. I will keep trying. Thanks for the progress report, meantime.
  3. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Hi Epuk. The pin 20 trick works well, though you do need a steady hand an a magnifying glass. Some people were using Scotch tape, which I would strongly advise against. The advantage of transparent tape is that you can see where you are scoring with your craft knife, but it is possible to make the pins stand out clearly by putting a piece of electrical tape across them and then rubbing it with a lollipop stick or similar, then you can see where to cut and then pull away the excess tape. Do you ever have occasional bootup problems? Hi redjaru, again this is Detosx under new user name. That's interesting. For me, when I first tried the bcm4311, I think I was on 10.5.5 and I couldn't get it working without the pin fix and IOPCIFamily.kext patched by Chun-Nan. I need to check back and see. I would prefer that it was switchable. Wi-Fi uses up precious power when on battery. In my case I got hibernation working on my 5620 (I haven't set it up on the 4720, yet) by downloading the free Dashboard 'deep sleep' widget, which you can find via your preferred search engine, and installing Superhai's suite - search for Superhai and darwin - you want the first three items, which are battery, power and USB. According to Superhai you need to make sure you have vanilla ACPI and power management. In a forum someone mentioned that if you have Chun Nan's battery management installed you will need to uninstall it to avoid conflicts with Superhai's, the visible manifistation of which is two battery icons showing up! I needed the USB fix to allow hibernation and lid sleep when my USB hard drive was plugged in. Hope that helps, though you might want to wait to hear back from epuk or Message to see if the same applies to the 4720. I will try myself over the weekend. Incidentally, you will find that your volume level is low when you come out of hibernation. I have yet to find a fix for that. I can get lid sleep to work but when you come out of sleep, wifi doesn't work and you need to reboot to bring it back. If anyone has a workaround for either of those, it would be good to hear.
  4. Is new mac mini upgradable?

    You have to factor in the price of the software, also, though. The presence of Leopard and iLife make the Mini seem like at least moderate value for money. Also, the Mini's case is a work of art. I upgraded the memory on my older model after the warranty period was over, so I don't know about the warranty but Synaesthesia is correct.
  5. Hi, I found yesterday that I was unable to log in to my account, user name Detosx. I thought I was going nuts or was just tired but then found my user name no longer existed, had been removed from my threads and posts, though the posts themselves seem to be in tact. I have alerted a few mods and mailed a few Admins. When clicking on Admin Sabr's details for a contact address I saw Mysticus C*, now Mysticus C**, had been a visitor, and on a hunch clicked on him and found from his posts that he has had his account zerod, also. I messaged commiserations but my message seems to have bounced back to me. Does anyone know what's going on? Can I get my account back, most especially my Messages? Thank you for your help.
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    My old account - Detosx - was also hit. I am curious to hear from other people so we can see if there is a common link. I have a thread concerning Acer laptops is the closest I get. My posts also still seem to be there, just name and post count gone and, obviously, I can't access that accounts' Messages, which is a big gulp. I guess when we help people, get them to give you a solid email address rather than rely on Messaging. I'm frustrated I can't access my old account's messages. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=156706 I posted an inquiry here, hopefully someone can get back to us on this. So far you are the only other person I have found who this has happened to.
  7. Snow leopard about to be released

    Hi, this is Detosx. I have had to create a new account because my account appears to have been deleted. If someone could get back to me on why that has happened, I would be grateful. My name has vanished from 600 plus posts and I have lost contact with people on my Messenger I was trying to help My post above may have been objectionable, in which case I apologize without reservation beyond that I was recycling what seems has been said by others. Though I am not a developer and have not had a chance to try out Snow, I am sure it will be great when it is ready. If an Admin could get in touch with me, please. Thank you.
  8. Acer Laptop users (Intel).

    Hi guys, this is Detosx under a new name, hopefully temporarily so. My previous account is inaccessible and hopefully the good folks in Admin can get to the bottom of the why. If I did offend anyone, I apologise. Getting back to the issue of Sleep, any takers?