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    GTX 760 - Display going to sleep.

    That's not working, I tried a few SMBIOS with and without patched AGDP.
  2. seb235

    GTX 760 - Display going to sleep.

    Hi Today I decided to install macOS Sierra on second partition, and I can't get it to work because of my graphics card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB. System is booting as it should, then my display is going to sleep and I can't do anything. I'v tried on PB 1 with and without Nvidia Web Driver, the same issue on Public beta 2. Only way to boot system is "nv_disable=1" flag. (to see anything on the screen) El Capitan is working great on this system, so something is wrong with nvidia graphics support in macOS Sierra. I do some investigation, tried use DVI-D instead of Display Port - The same issue display went to sleep. As far as I can tell system is booted up correctly because I can hear a sound from speaker when I hit key on the keyboard, something is wrong with input configuration. But I can't fix it. Any ideas? Please help.
  3. Hi This is my first post on this forum. Today I have mac mini Core Solo but it's slow machine and I decided to buy fast PC and install OS X on them in the future. I decided to buy : Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 2,33 GHz (S775/45nm) BOX Kingston HyperX DDR2 4 x 2GB 800MHz CL5 GeForce with CUDA 9400 GT Gainward 512MB HDMI & DVI (PCI-E) (DDR2) SilentFX Seagate 320 GB Barracuda 7200.11 (16MB, Serial ATA II Plextor DVD+/-RW PX-820SA black (Serial ATA) Antec Sonata III (500W) Please help me choice the best motherboard for this config. I dont want to overclock ... , but it must be stable and working without any modification of BIOS. What are we think abaut this hardware and what to change with this ? Sorry for my englisch because I am from poland and I'm not as good as you. Please help me or give me some not expensive but tested and working configurations.