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  1. Network issue on EP45c-ds3

    BTW, Everything is working great in Win7 which I'm also starting from the same Chameleon... What could that mean? I'm running SL 10.6.1!
  2. Hi, I'm using a custom DSDT on my hackintosh from http://efixusers.com/showthread.php?t=38 and everything was working fine till yesterday when I decided to choose the option Ignore Caches in Chameleon. Now i cant use the internet anymore! My router says that I'm connected to it, and my hackintosh says that it is connected but in Safari it says that there are no internet connection. I've tried a couple of solutions but nothing seems to work: -Manually configuring the Ip, subnet mask and so on -removing the ethernetbuiltin fron com.apple.plist and using a realtekr1000.kext instead -making a few changes in BIOS I really hope someone else has experiances the same problems, 'cause I really cant work this one out!
  3. Wiring For G5 Fans

    Well, that would just give me a fan that runs on 5V. I was thinking that I would either want it to be controlled by the motherboard or manually with the fan controller. The fan controller is the kind with knobs that you can select the voltage for the fans. I'm guessing the output from that is GND, 12V, RPM, so that means that I'm missing the 5V, right?
  4. Wiring For G5 Fans

    Hi, I'm lifting this thread again because I am allso trying to use the standard fans in my G5 case. I've been reading everywhere but i still don't understand how I'm supposed to plug them in. What i have on the motherboard is CPU_FAN with 4 connectors: GND, +12V, Sense, Speed Control SYS_FAN2: GND, Speed Control, Sense, +5V SYS_FAN1: GND, +12V, Sense PWR_FAN: GND, +12V, Sense If I understand everything correctly the SYS_FAN2 has all the connectors I'm gonna need? Can I just plug all the fans in to this one and expect everything to work? If so, what will controll the speed of the fans? I bought a Zalman fancontroller when i bought my computer, is this something I could use instead? Hope someone can help!
  5. OK, so I might be fine if I'm using a seperate grafix card. But what use is it then to buy this specific card opposed to say the asus p5n7a-vm, with the GeForce 9300? Or another cheaper card with better stability in OSX?
  6. I think i need some clarification, is there anyone having the RAM issue while using a seperate grafix card? Sorry if it is in the thread, I've done my reading but could not find the answer.