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  1. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Ah, you have a different rev. Mine is 1.0 which has a different audio chip IIRC. I tried my edited DSDT as well patched one using Madlon's tool. Mine works better. Do you have NullCPU kext installed?
  2. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Damn, got rid of NullCPU kext and now KP. Will try the patched VoodooHDA tonight Edit: Tried your patched VoodooHDA, toolbox, but it too gave me a KP.
  3. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    Thanks, toolbox. Updated to 10.6.7. Video working. No audio though, even with VoodooHDA (either x32 or x64) I did read the guide, and edited the .plist accordingly, but Sleep still does not work. It goes to sleep, but doesn't resume. I have to cold reboot to wake the system. I used my existing DSDT.aml Any suggestions? Also, I still have NullCPUPowerManagement in E/E. Do I still need this kext? This is my current boot.plist and E/E folder.
  4. Snow Leopard works in GA-965P-S3

    I've been off-grid for a while now (upgraded to a then-unsupported AMD 6xxx series), but before that I had an almost fully functioning 10.6.4 Vanilla system on a Rev 1.0 board. I'm about to update to 10.6.7, and looking at the screenshots above, I don't see SleepEnabler in E/E. Is it not needed anymore? Sleep is about the only thing that doesn't function right with current install. Any tips/warnings for the update?
  5. ATI 6850

    I just gave it a try and no luck. Not even in 'safe mode'. I suppose I'll need to remove the nvidia efi strings first? 1024x768 would be acceptable atm since I'm stuck on an ancient 17" CRT until my new display gets here.
  6. ATI 6850

    I just bought a 6850 and I was wondering if it would at least boot into OS X. Forget about hardware acceleration for the moment. A functioning system will be enough for the moment. I previously had an Nvidia card, and in my impatience I didn't uninstall the kext. I've already installed the card into the system.
  7. released Update to 10.6.4

    After updating, I had to use pmVersion=20 to boot into anything, but other than that, no issues with kexts or such. One problem I DO have is booting into 64 bit mode, I can do this in safe mode but not otherwise. It just boots to a blank boot screen i.e no desktop. The desktop loads just fine in 32 bit mode. Anyone know why this is happening, and what the issue/solution might be? Cheers, MaestroX1
  8. Intel WiFi 5100/5300 AGN Driver?

    Hi. Just wanted to know if there was any reason for the lack of a kext for the 5100/5300 series. Isn't there a lot of hardware that is unsupported by OS X yet working perfectly? So what's the deal with the Intel Wifi chips? Are they difficult to program drivers for? Not enough people using them? etc... Cheers, Maestro X1
  9. GUID to MBR

    Hey.. you were right. It worked flawlessly. Cheers!
  10. GUID to MBR

    Hi, I currently have a triple boot system Disk1 contains Win7 & Leopard, while I have Snow installed on another disk. The Leopard install is on an MBR disk, whereas the Snow disk is GUID. I've always wanted to keep Leopard only until I got Snow working. Now that I have, it's useless. What I want to know is this - Can I restore the Snow partition to Leopard, even though the Disks are of different types, or will I have to do a fresh install? If it is possible, will everything run right? Cheers, MaestroX1
  11. Can I get working QE/CI

    Hi, I have the exact same card, and until a few days ago had problems with it myself. I used the NVEnabler64/EFI String/GraphicsEnabler=Yes combo and got it working. I'm logged in to Win7 at the moment, I'll post the kext and boot.plist when I get the chance. Cheers, MaestroX1
  12. HP DV Series Whitelist BIOS hack

    I have an HP dv6 series laptop, with an Intel 5100 wifi chip. I tried replacing it with a Broadcom 4311 chip, but got the 104 error. Trying to follow the tutorial isn't possible as there isn't a .phlash file in the folder. Instead there is a file with the extension .fd. This the latest BIOS F41.A for HP dv6. How can I proceed to edit the whitelist? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, MaestroX1
  13. Win 7 RTM screwed up Chameleon

    I did try your method, several times over in fact with no luck. I think I've got it fixed. I installed BootThink over Chameleon, which allowed me to boot into SL once again, but didn't load the kexts in Extra/Extensions. Rather than try and learn how BootThink worked, I just reinstalled Chameleon over it, and voila, it's working again. Hopefully, it stays this way, but if not, I at least know there's another bootloader around that works. Cheers, MaestroX1
  14. I had a (near) perfect dual boot system with Win 7 RC and Snow Leopard, using Chameleon as the bootloader. I installed Win 7 RTM last week, and it really messed up Chameleon. If the Mac partition is the active one, it results in a continuous boot0: done message. Making the Win 7 partition active along with an EasyBCD entry for SL results in a single boot0:done message. Using a bootCD, I can boot into SL, but reinstalling Chameleon doesn't work either. What exactly is wrong and is there any way to fix it? I don't wanna reinstall SL again, as its fully updated. The machine is an HP dv6 laptop, with Win 7 & SL installed on 2 separate partitions in MBR format. Thanks, MaestroX1
  15. After shutting down SL yesterday, I can't reboot into it. Seems like its in hibernation mode, and skips straight past the Chameleon bootloader. This is the message I get when booting: "starting hibernate Sleepimage is already used Loading Darwin/x86" Then the display fades and goes black, and the laptop is unresponsive.. It's an HP-DV6 laptop running an almost vanilla install. The only kexts I've installed are VoodooHDA, NullCPUPower..., OpehHalt..., and fakesmc... This is also the first time I've shutdown SL from the menu, ever since the install I'd always reboot into Windows or do a cold shutdown if the OS hung. Any solutions to this... I can't even boot into -s mode.