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  1. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    I kept messing with the drivers, and i've got some questions: Looking at 'About This Mac' -> 'More Info' -> Software/Extensions Do you guys have ATI4600Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX2000.kext on the list? And second thing: what could KextUtility do with the drivers? Because: If i have vanilla drivers, I've got blank screen vga or dvi. When I install q64ceo's beta drivers package from 1st post, It works both for vga and dvi(with dvi2vga adapter), but only 1024x768(unless i modify com.apple.boot for higher res), and i think QE/CI doesn't work(some things like screensaver or chess works, but preview and iWork are blank). And with those drivers installed, if I run KextUtility(it does something i have no idea about for a minute or two), then i get blank screen again. Does it restore vanilla drivers back, or it does make beta drivers work in OS as they should(with highres, qe/ci maybe), but with blank screen? Anyway, maybe i do something wrong with installing? Everything I've done: -installed pc_efi 10.5, or beta booter(both works the same for me) -added to com.apple.boot.plist(one in bootloader's /Extra folder): GraphicsEnabler=y, arch=i386(-x32 flag is the same?), -f(what is it for? it doesn't look like helping in anything); I've also tried -pci0, or -pci1, but they do nothing -installed package from the first post Maybe I've missed something? Should I copy kext's to bootloader's /Extra folder, or should they be in /System/Library/Extensions? EDIT: HELL YEAAAH PC_EFI 10.5 (no beta booter) + vanilla kexts + VGA = at last I could view my lovely toradora christmas pic on preview btw. 64bit also works, but i got stragne screen flicks(when opening menus etc), so i use -x32
  2. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    I got it working. I've got sapphire hd4670 512mb with vga/hdmi/dvi and with vanilla drivers i got blank screen(even on -x). After installing(from 10.5.8, and then trying on 10.6.2 again) drivers it showed kexts(4600controller, and x2000) can't be loaded, dunno why. Anyway, it somehow works on dvi2vga adapter(without having to plugin hdmi.. i don't have one so it's good), but i had to force 1680x1050 resolution by com.apple.boot(normally only 1024x768). Also, in sys preferences it shows wrong res 1400x1050, and only 256mb ram instead of 512mb. Guess it can't be helped, at least i'm happy with not having to boot safemode(so ntfs partitions, and everything other) work. Thanks for the drivers. edit: not good, pictures doesn't show in preview app(blank space instead of pic), also in Pages there's only blank space instead of document... it's the same as in safe mode
  3. Try deleting sleep enabler first and check if that causes the problem. If yes, then install sleepenabler for 10.6.2 http://code.google.com/p/xnu-sleep-enabler/ Here you can download SleepEnabler.kext.10.6.2.zip
  4. Great guide! I installed my Snow Leo, with EP43-DS3 motherboard. Used your LiveCD, my own DSDT and mostly same kexts(without HDA, since i'm going to use SB Live) still have to make my way through installing hd4670 and SB Live, btw.
  5. how to burn .dmg files?

    It's fine. I've already installed Snow by that method. Just Renamed .dmg to .iso, and then burned with ashampoo without problems.
  6. I've succesfully installed Snow using this guide - bootCD method, mostly the same kexts(without realtek audio, since i'm going to use SBLive), my own DSDT.aml, SMBIOS, and chameleon or netkas' boot. Everything went smoothly, except one thing: Snow can't mount any Volumes other than Mac ones, so i can't even get pendrive, cd, or my ntfs drives working. I have no idea why. I'v already tried ntfs-3g, and it shows some strange error windows on logon screen. I was determined to update to 10.6.2 ASAP, as i wanted to get hd4670 to work and stop using -x. But i don't have fast connection at home, so i downloaded update dmg's at work. Unfortunately, they also don't mount(on 10.5.7 also), showing checksum error or file corruption error(i tried 10.6.2 combo, as well as separate 10.6.1 and 10.6.2). Any other dmg's, including iLife, iWork worked fine. I would be grateful for any help. BTW. anyone knows if i could get ralink rt61pci to work?
  7. how to burn .dmg files?

    Rename .dmg file to .iso and burn it with any software you like.
  8. Beta Universal 46xx install package

    Sapphire HD4670 ddr3 512mb Thanks for your work, i'll try it as soon as i get snow
  9. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    What made you think, that this nvcap is only yours? It's mine as well I just got it working a day ago.. after what i did in last post: a) got mad b) installed nvdarwin, without modyfing anything(unlike previous attemptsm where just got info 'driver is invalid') c) opened osx86tools removed all EFI strings(just added blank string to apple.com.boot.plist) d) reboot e) omg, it works o_0 There's only one problem - 256 vram instead of 512... any ideas of fixing?
  10. The NVIDIA 9500GT Thread

    I've got ZOTAC GeForce 9500GT 512 ddr2, tried i think all the ways, still CI: Software, no QE... It looks like your method is fine, but it also don't work.. maybe i'm doing something wrong :/ My OS is iAtkos v5, updated to 10.5.6. luckily, device id of my card is the same as martinez's, so i just copypasted his nvdahal50 & nvdaresman to mine. then, i made [blablabla].plist file, which contains: then i opened osx86tools, and: 1.Add EFI Strings/Boot Flag 2.Import Hex/Plist 3.Import file...[chosen plist] 4.Import String To Boot Editor 5.Apply changes to com.apple.Boot.plist 6.Close then, just in case(it was somewhere) Repair Permissions Run Selected Tasks and did restart after, i realized, that nvdarwin was loaded, so moved kext to trash, after next reboot, same with nvdarwin, after last reboot, it looked like it at last loaded my nvda, but... ..and it's still fkin nothing Any ideas?