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  1. Hi, Blackosx. I was a happy EP45-UD3L until last week, with which I was able to build an 99% functional Snow Leopard system thank to this thread and your files. But now family has grown: I've just bought an EP45-DS3L. Now I have an 100% functional hackintosh. The 1% difference means the idle sleep functionality that never worked with UD3L. Thank you very much for sharing with us the fruits of your labour.
  2. Hi, Blackosx. Is dual boot with Win 7 possible with Chameleon RC4? I mean the way you teach in your guide, with the win partition on the same HDD. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Blackosx. I've tried everything but I couldn't make my Nvidia 9500 GT to work again. EFIStudio doesn't support 9500 GT, nor OSXTools. Any help? Thanks.
  4. Hi, Blackosx. There's a new release of Cartri's BIOS. I think it's time to try it. Do you think I'll have problems with Asere's modified RC4 bootloader? I have EthernetBuiltIn and GraphicsEnabler enabled in boot.plist. Should I disabled both? And to be honest, I don't remember how to insert the EFI string for my NVidia 9500 GT. Can you show me where to find how? Thank you very much, Jamonda
  5. Hi, Blackosx. It's a long time since my last post. This means that my system, built with your help, is working like a charm. Thank you very much. I see you're using Cartri's modified Bios. I'd like to do that but I don't want to lose speedstep, for example. Is it possible to flash the modified Bios and keep on using the kexts and the DSDT.aml I'm using now with the original Bios? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Blackosx. Do you think it is worth to change form Asere modified RC4 bootloader to the new RC5? Can you please tell me how good is the Cartri bios? What kexts do you have to use with it? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Blackosx. How to install this new version? Just copy boot file to Cham? Is it based on RC5 or RC4? Thanks.
  8. Hi, Blackosx. It's a long time since I last modified my system. I think my last 'innovation' was Asere's modified RC4 boot loader. I've been busy lately. Actualy, I haven't found time to read your posts and threads in the last two weeks. You've said you haven't tested RC5 yet and that it includes Asere's fixes except SMBIOS memory data injection. Is that right? So if I decide to use RC5 I'll have to switch back to my previous SMBIOS.plist. By the way, is there any other thing you discovered or read recently (since your last DSDT v5) that you can recommend? Best regards, Jamonda
  9. Hi, blackosx. Maybe this is a noob question (as all my previous questions ). If I choose QuietBoot=Yes and GUI=No, I'll won't see any options when I boot my hack. If I install Rekursor's prefpane and choose my Windows or Linux partition as default boot partition and then boot into Windows or Linux: how will I choose my Cham partition as default to boot Snow Leopard again?
  10. [Guide] Using DSDT with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

    Hi, waldo_pepperjack. Sorry for the late reply. I've been busy these days. To be honest, I haven't noticed any concrete benefit. I'm not an expert (I'm far from being ), but I think the main difference between F7 and F8 is the quick boot option, which is useless for me (I prefer sleep/hibernation/wake to shut down/start). However, I think it's a good idea to keep our systems up to date, specially for people running Windows in dual boot like me. And I think that dealing with differences from F8 to F9 will also be easier than from F7 to F9.
  11. DSDT fixes for Gigabyte boards

    Hi everybody. I read somewhere that Master Chief is leaving the community. Is it true?
  12. Hi, Blackosx. 1. Yes, I can confirm that your DSDT is 100% compatible with EP45-UD3L. 2. I've been reading the last posts and I can say I've also had problems with USB power. When I connect my iPhone 3GS to the rear USB ports it can be charged and iTunes detects it. However, when connected to the front USB ports iTunes can't detect it, nor the phone can be charged. I'm using your last DSDT but the problem persists. It's attached to this post (power fix v4 with my CPU settings). Any help? dsdt.dsl.zip
  13. Chameleon RC4 is out!

    My system works good with Asere's bootloader. However, waking from hibernation takes 10 times longer than with thiagomorales' modified RC4. And the 'wake kernel!' is a lot bigger!!