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  1. ATI Radeon HD 4650 - any support QE/CI?

    I have not tryed it yet due to i got a different video card but im thinking about building a second computer and using my ati 4650 512mb so sincro77 will your fix work on my card as well or just the 1gig version
  2. Mouse Graphic Error

    I'm an idiot i forgot a few days ago after i took my comp apart to clean it dust remover and so on. That i upon hooking it back up i plugged the video cable in to the second dvi port and not the first as it was when i first replaced my video card upgrading from the ati 4650. in short problem fixed lol guess one the ports on my video card is bad or mac just don't like it. well thanks to every one that read the post or posted on it to give me idea's
  3. Mouse Graphic Error

    No one huh guess im just unlucky but personly i think it's my video card slot. still any idea's im greatful for.
  4. Mouse Graphic Error

    When i install retail mac and update to 10.6.6 use multibest for audio and video and bootloader. When i restart and change my res to 1024x768 my mouse turns blue i tryed every thing to fix it. Only thing that make's it normal is when i resize the mouse pointer to a stupidly large size. Hopfuly some one can help me figure this out i had to reinstall mac and windows after i changed my ram out could not get them to boot thus the problems with my mac started. Thank you in advance
  5. Mac Boot Problem

    Delete Post problem fixed i installed the wrong bios ended up downgrading it by mistake.
  6. Mac Boot Problem

    Im using a Ga-P35c-Ds3r it supports ddr2/ddr3 ram 1333 with oc. Ever sence i changed out the ram i have had nothing but issues. My bios started reading my cpu speed wrong i had to reflash the bios. Finaly i had to take the ram out cut the comp on to force bios to reset of which finaly started reading ever thing right. Now when i boot my mac i get kernel Panic this started after i had to fix my video res the curser turned blue i restarted and it all went to {censored}. I think the motherboard is going out anyway cause sometime's on boot i have to take out my video card and put it back in a few tiems befor it starts working. Anyway im looking for idea's cause i cant even get mac to reinstall now.
  7. Cpu name problem

    kk i will try that im using rev699 atm
  8. Cpu name problem

    It still says Intel quad xeon guess im destion for it to say that owell thanks for all the help
  9. Cpu name problem

    Cool thank you i will give this a try.
  10. Cpu name problem

    i though thier was a way to change that and make it say other wise i saw a few pics online of people that have made it say core2 quad.
  11. Cpu name problem

    no one huh ???
  12. Cpu name problem

    My Mac Still reads my cpu as a quad xeon when i clearly have a Intel core 2 quad is thier any way to fix this it's the only thing i have left to fix to make my Mac perfect.I read a post on here about adding SMcputype and it gave a number but that did not work. Thank you in advance
  13. Dual Boot Problem

    Worked like a charm man thank you very much
  14. I am dual booting retail mac os x 10.6.7(found the 10.6.7 delta update off a torrent site) with windows 7 and every time i boot in to mac then change to windows i have to reset the time clock. Is thier any way to fix this it's annoying having to fix my windows time clock every time i switch between them. Any idea's or help would be most wonderful. Thank You Advance.
  15. 8800 GTS

    Here are some pics to show i am truly running Retail Mac 10.6.7 guess i go lucky finding the 10.6.7 delta update off a torrent site. Well here are the pics enjoy