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  1. Hi obs0lete, I got the same mobo as you have. what BIOS settings do you have? So far I tried to install with my dvd and HD hooked on internal IDE, that did not work. Then I put the DVD in an external USB case, same result. Could it be OSX86 needs a SATA-disk connected? thanx in advance! EDIT: Indeed, OSX needs a SATA DVD drive to boot the installer. figured that one out today. EDIT2: OSX will not work with the built in 3100 vga on this mobo. My setup: laptop: see signature new project under way: asus p5kpl-vm mobo: works intel E2180 dual core 2gHz: works, shows up as a core 2 duo XFX nvdia 7300 GT works with nvinject 2gb 667mHz ram Seagate 320GB SATA HD
  2. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: laptop (Compaq v6314ea) Sound Card Vendor: Conexant Sound Card Model: 5045 Vendor Id: 0x14f15045 Working: nothing Not Working: speakers, headphone out, mic in Patcher Version used: 1.20 System Version: Leopard 10.5.1 obs: speaker works with azalia. 0x14f15045.txt
  3. Yes I do! I do surfing, video watching, typing, occasional movie editing (imovie) and photo editing. This Compaq v6314ea is my second Hackbook, I chose it because its hardware / videocard is close to a macbook, but with a bigger screen and all that for less than half the price. Only audio does not work properly, I am using an usb dongle The machine runs OSX fast and smooth, no crashes. Benchmarks same as macbook The computer came with Vista, but today I finally ditched that. Feels like throwing $100 in the dustbin. I only used Vista for office, since msoffice ran faster on windows than neooffice on osx86, espaecially copying and pasting was easier. I am an old time MS user (from DOS 4!) who came to MacOS in 1996 (OS 7). Worked with Macs till 2003 on OS 9, then switched to windows 98 and XP. I came back to Mac after finding an old G4 at the local recycling plant (!!!) which I took home. When I heard about running OSX on Intel, I immediately tried it on my laptop. I experimented a lot with Ubuntu, but it remains a hassle. I would buy a MacBookPro if I would have the money...
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Ah Taruga! Happy to hear that you are still alive. Even more happy to hear you are working on a sound related project! I -and a lot of others for sure -had already given up any hope to get CONEXANT 5045 / 47 sound working fully. I tried it myself but got lost.... keep up your graet work!
  5. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Sad to say but stop bothering about the patcher. Your conexant 5045 is not going to work anyway.
  6. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Mentorek, maybe you already took this steps and came to the same result as I did, hence your question: Go to http://developer.apple.com/products/ Sign up as an Online Apple Developer, choose the one possibility that's for free Download the Xcode tools (This package already contains sample code for writing a simple driver) Go to http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/ and log in with your apple developer id I went to http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource/10.4.8.x86/ and browsed around. I could not find AppleHDA right there. Probably, this kext is closed source? Instead I found stuff like onboardaudio, really loads of stuff. The universe of code lines opening up before me bedazzled me. This way writing and compiling a HDA driver for the #*@#$%# Conexant chip is going to take me months! Better do a C++ course first! This seems to go way further than getting a few numbers out of the Microsoft doc (see earlier post), pasting them in a darwin source document, compile and run. I am quite desparate now. This is growing over my head here. Besides, this Conexant chip is also driving windows vista users nuts (low output volumes, in vista very low input level on the built-in microphones on this laptop) There is no XP driver for this thing. I browsed the ubuntu forums: also problems with conexant under feisty, mostly HP/Compaq owners. But there they manage to patch things up. I am taking a break here. Have been puzzling for hours on end... Yeah, also see sig. You got the centrino model, is'nt it? BTW, HP says on its website my v6314ea has the T2280, but the Intel CPU ID utility reports only T2250. Do you have this dissimilarity? I'll run CPUZ later tonite
  7. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    To be a god for one day... sounds nice Well guys this is going to be quite a lot of work. Node editing is exactly what Taruga's prog is doing so we can skip that. The problem is deeper: the Conexant codec itself is very different from apple's HDA which is an Intel chip. So we could conjure up a trick to dress the conexant up as an Intel HDA codec. Right now I'm studying this document here how it all works , and yes, its from M$, since Vista gets the conexant working, there might be a clue in there. Another possibility could be to modify the pinlayout coding in the source code of the apple driver for an IntelHDA. So if you're stuck with a 5045-speakers-only-on-azalea you could help out: by reading this doc here to figure out how it works: http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/audio/PinConfig.mspx download the xcode tools from apple (sign up as low level programmer) get the darwin sourcecode for AppleHDA, edit it and compile it with the Xcode tools. Maybe Taruga or some other Great Guru could step down from their throne for a moment to help us poor bastards crawling in the mud of code lines we do not really understand.. I really do not know wether I'm talking nonsense here or is this the way to go. Guru, be a Guru and help your ignorant disciples!
  8. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hey jjduro, Don't give up your hackintosh too soon. Sigh, take a deep breath, go to the computer store and get a mini usb audio card like mine (see sig) for about 20 euros ( or get one on ebay for less). Then, while listening to a good beat, realize that your're on your own like me and a whole lot of others going without without any of our respected Gurus who understand the magic of C Programming Language to aid your kextual needs. I'm gonna try this weekend to download the apple HD audio source code from apple (search this forum for a link) and set to work to compile something. Or do node editing. Dunno yet how to do it but I want to get the conexant 5045 to work. My reason for aal this: To go back to the preinstalled Vista on this laptop is worse than anything, Big Bro Bill made me pay about 50 euro for an OEM license. Here it is impossible to order a laptop like this one, so close to a macbook but then with a 15 ich screen, without any MS OS. That is nagging. When I see Vista boot, I feel like {censored}. If I find a solution i will post it here but I am almost without hope. I am not a programmer. keep it up. do not give in to Redmontian totalitarianism.
  9. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Up till now, I tried to get Conexant HD audio 5045 to work: AzaliaAudio.pkg: gives output over built in speakers, input does not work, jack in/outputs insensitive and inactive. Conexant HD Audio.pkg found in this forum installs AzaliaAudio.pkg again, same results. Did a Linux dump on AppleHDApatcher 1.15 an 1.16: Detected unsupported Generic Codec Anybody did some "advanced" stuff like node renumbering with succes?
  10. Zijn hier ook nederlanders?

    In je moers taal typen is gezelliger! Overigens: ik heb hier nog een echte mac, waarvan ik OSX kende. (PowerMac G4 400MHz, draait als downloadmachine) Dit is mijn tweede hackbook, had OSX ook op mijn hp nx6110 notebook staan, maar ik werd het eindeloze gepruts zat: geen qe / ci, altijd paperclip in videouitgang, mouse tearing bij sommige progs, speakers die niet uit te schakelen zijn. Heb nu onderstaand (zie sig) plankje, speciaal gekozen vanwege dezelfde grafische chip als macbook. Werkt als een trein, alleen jammer van de audio, dan maar een usbtje er in... Overweeg nu om de windhoos viezba er maar helemaal af te gooien, wel zonde van de 50 euri of zo die ik bij aanschaf van deze notebook vorige week in de zakken van ome Bill gestopt heb. Deze notebook is gewoonweg niet zonder microschoft te krijgen! Voor werk wel windoos nodig. Is er iemand hier die windoos via parrallels heeft lopen?
  11. Headphones and Speakers

    "Good" to see that there are more people with this problem. It IS a problem for me too, apart from annoyance to others, I'd like to get Garageband to work properly with headphones only. I did some research the AC97audio.kext opens up only one output channel (Line out). On my mac G4(10.4.6) the channel changes automatically from "headphones" to Internal Speakers" in the sound prefpanel.Trying to see why, I found that the Apple02audio.kext audio driver for the onboard apple screamer chipset has lines for configuring the channels like setting the max levels etc AND to set auto switching speakers off when plugged in. These lines are missing in all the plugins coming with the AC97audio.kext I wonder wheter it would be possible to enter those lines in nano. I guess it will not work since the Info.plist just contains configuration for the compiled driver. Then I found the source code from apple, take a look here: http://darwinsource.opendarwin.org/Current/AppleAC97Audio-5/ Here you see the sourcecode for the AC97 driver, WITH all possibilities like auto switching in the 198x codec: // No speakers detected on either Master or Surround outputs. if (!speakerOnDAC1 && !speakerOnDAC2) { fChannelSpreadingEnabled = true; IOLog("%s: 2-to-4 channel spreading enabled\n", getName()); Notice here that this is the line that you see when booting OSX in verbose mode (-V): "2-to-4 channel spreading enabled" This COULD mean that the driver does not see the seakers at all! So far my research Question for now: Is the present x86 AC97audio.kext compiled from this source code mentioned above? If so, proper editing the Info.plist would get it to work but I do not have the knowledge to succeed. If not, how to compile the sourcocode it and get it to work? If you have any suggestions, they're more than welcome. I'm not a programmer or hacker at all, I just want this audio thing fixed to get on with the music! I'm running OSX for a month now on a partition. If Steve Jobs would put OSX86 (working properly) on the market, I would buy it right away! But Apple wants to sell their hardware too...
  12. Headphones and Speakers

    On my laptop with Intel GMA900, OSX insists on an external monitor attached, otherwise it stops at the blue screen. So I bent two pieces of paperclip to shortcircuit pin 1 to 6 and 2 to 12 on the VGA port. Works fine, and no problem to windows too. See the topic about this, search for "dongle" Since this topic is about sound: is there any clue to turn the speakers OFF? Not many others seem to have this problem?
  13. Not sure why this happens

    it could very well be that OSX86 does not like part of your RAM modules. I had this problem of kernel panics too but this ended altogether after removing one of the RAM modules, I used trial and error to find out which one.
  14. Headphones and Speakers

    I have this problem too: internal speakers on HP/compaq nx6110 with soundmax card won't shut up as they do under windows when plugging in headphone or line jack. went through the whole AC97audio.kext replacement procedure but to no avail... Running 10.4.5 very well with video dongle (bent paperclip), this is the only flaw! Any help?