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  1. From april osx users can use steam and games based on valves source engine Also the new Portal 2 wil be released on OSX at the same time as the Windows version. http://www.valvesoftware.com/news.php?id=3568
  2. Maybe someone who has a better understanding then me off what is all explained here: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...alc662&st=0 is able the fix sound on the "old" Asrock Ion 330 and willing to share this. It explains how to patch the original AppleHDA.kext
  3. There is also a new Asrock ION 330 HT with 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN and Gigabit Lan, esata port, Capable to support RAID 0, 1 by adopting the 2nd 2.5†HDD, build in IR sensor and MCE Remote Controller and 7.1 sound I wonder if the wireless lan and Infrared port and new 7.1 sound works with osx? IR = Nuvoton W836x7HG WLAN = Atheros 7.1 Audio = Realtek
  4. is it possible to have both outputs working at the same time, the vga and hdmi/dvi output? to use dual screens...
  5. Bordeaux for OSX

    http://www.bordeauxgroup.com/store/bordeaux-for-macosx Bordeaux Mac OS X Road map Beta 1 released on 07/02/09 Beta 1 application support : Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Microsoft Office 2000 Microsoft Office 2003 Microsoft Office 2007 Microsoft Visio 2003 Microsoft Project 2003 Beta 2 release : no later then 08/11/09 Beta 2 application support : Sane scanners support Steam support depending on customer demand Final Release 09/07/09 We pull a Mac here, come hell or high water, we ship! The final build will have support for Internet Explorer 7 and possibly other applications depending on what pre-order customers tell us. There are a number of bugs in Winehq that we really want to fix. Currently stock Wine does NOT support building App bundles that can be easily used from the Finder. We plan to implement this in Wine and give all the changes back under the LGPL.
  6. History is being written, the first black president
  7. Apple released iTunes 7.7 trough software update
  8. rather old news (2008-05-31), but just discovered it today here: http://icculus.org/news/news.php?id=4419
  9. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  10. they updated their site, and now have a not yet working link in the navigation menu: efix pci version interesting, this suggests they will also have some pci card???
  11. http://netkas.org/?p=66 http://www.efi-x.com/
  12. http://www.kremalicious.com/2008/06/safari...eloper-preview/
  13. Interactive Terminal Wallpaper

    iTerm perhaps? http://iterm.sourceforge.net/
  14. http://anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/intel/showdoc.aspx?i=3326