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  1. Hi Daniel, The current EEEbox B202 seems to be end of life now. Out of interest , do you have any plans to start looking at a replacement product like EEEbox PC EB1012/EB1501/EB1502 ? Thanks Yves
  2. Hi Daniel, Fyi - Just adding the boot loader did not work , but re-installing the complete package EeeBox B202 10.6.3.mpkg did the job. I can now successfully boot from the clone disk Thanks again !
  3. Hi Daniel Works perfectly now on 10.6.3 (both update from 10.6.2 or fresh install) using your latest fixes on my B202. Thanks for your quick turnaround here ! The only thing I'm not able to perform at the moment (noting related to your work) is a clone of the resulting working boot disk for the B202 I'm using an external SATA USB enclosure that can handle two disks (same size 160GB) connected to a Mac Mini and try with various software (Disk Utility / Super Duper / Clone X 3 / Carbon Copy) but they all failed to make a working bootable disk. Each time the resulting clone disk is inserted within the B202 , It just does not boot and it is stuck with a blinking cursor. Not a big deal (I can still re-install from scatch) but I was wondering if you have any idea why or a suggestion on the the best way to do a disk clone ? Great job anyway , thanks again !
  4. Hello All, Fyi I have apply the 10.6.3 update this morning to my EEEBOX B202 and SL 10.6.2 made using this guide and the box is no longer booting (stuck to the white screen displaying the apple logo) - So stay away from this upgrade at the moment Cheers Yves