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  1. Hello all Anyone succeeded in installing mojave beta on surface book ?
  2. Hi ricoc I managed to install Mojave beta 1 on SP1 too... how about external display does it work for you ?
  3. omega_xl


    hi ducati thx for sharing dude will give it a try
  4. indeed..everything works great except for external display i tried fresh install on sd card with new apfs and it works too hope someone get a fix for the external dp ...
  5. hi ducati i have updated succesfully from sierra 10.12 to high sierra 10.13 only problem i get the screen washed white have you applied any kext for the graphics ?
  6. hi all any new files for macos high sierra 10.13 yet ?
  7. hi all does external display miniHDMI works ?
  8. thank you for the touch bar tip caleidosCope,will try it and report back Edit : hi caleidosCope i have tried for the external screen but no success can you plz upload the IOGraphicsFamily.kext (ver 2.4.1) thank you
  9. hi all updated to 10.12.1 from appstore withouth problems
  10. thank you thanh hoang much appreciated
  11. Hi ducati996 can you plz post the audio kext version 267 , the 272 one dont load the microphone for me thank you in advance
  12. edit : i have tested external display but it doesnt work
  13. Hello folks after many retries i finally succeded in installing sierra ,everything works smoothly only issue is sound i dont have internal microphone anyone can post a working sound kext plz thank you
  14. glad to hear that audio works for you ...I'm still struggling with Bluetooth ...