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  1. Hi, any updates on this? R B, did you get it working? I have the same issues as you in 10.8.4.
  2. 965p-dq6 working like a charm, but...

    You didn't install the Marvell Yukon Ethernet driver and your ethernet worked? No chipset driver either? I haven't been able to get OSX to fully work on my pc (also 965p-DQ6 mobo). When it boots, I have no ethernet or sound - even with envy24HT driver (Delta 2496 soundcard). After restarting once or twice, the OS stops working with the "waiting for root device" error. I have been installing IC8x chipset drivers and a bunch of the fixes and stuff. I'm very frustrated because installation takes over 6 hours - is this normal? What is the iPC "Max" iso you have? I am using iPC 10.5.6 "final". Whats the difference? I'm a PC expert but a Mac noob, so kexts and all are new to me. Thanks. Core 2 Duo E6600 - OCed to 3.8ghz GA-965p-DQ6 mobo 4 GB OCZ 800mhz ram Nvidia 7900GS M-Audio Delta 2496 sound card