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  1. I have a 600m and when I try to go into the apple menu and put my laptop to sleep..the mouse just dissappears. The screen doesn't go blank or anything like that... does sleep even work with osx86 or is it just my laptop? also are screensavers supposed to be working? whenever i try to choose one system preferences crashes Thanks for the input!
  2. it works! turns out that there was a problem with permissions and i repaired the disk (as i had done before) but this time it took longer in the end it finally worked! Thanks for all your help!
  3. the only thing i remember installing was the laptop battery thing that i found here after that i just installed the IONetworkFamily.kext thing becausse my 440x wasn't working.. thats it I'll try booting back to OS X and seeing exactly what the error is...that is if i can remember it
  4. can you get a student ADC discount and also use it at the student apple store? meaning combing both student discounts + ADC discount? if not which would be better? i'm looking to get an imac..
  5. It does say something about kext i tried to follow another thread where i would replace a file in IOFamilyNetworking.kext and i tried that but it still doesn't work any other ideas?
  6. I'm using version 10.4.5 the thing was that it used to work flawlessly..but now its not even detected! :censored2:
  7. When i first installed osx on my 600m my network card worked perfectly but now all of a sudden it stopped! OSX doesn't even detect it! Any ideas on whats causing this?
  8. Your guide was extremely helpful! It walked me through the whole thing.. Thanks alot!
  9. It says I do not have sufficient priviledges to move the files, but im on the administrator account (the only account i have) and it doesn't work after i put my password in..