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  1. I've compared the 2 memmaps and there is a small difference in pages (I've attached an image) Could this be the problem why the old slide value does'nt work?
  2. thank you very much! worked first try (with 256). but i have to ask you again for a calculation :/ i have changed the wifi card (had intel installed - switched to original broadcom) and now the values are not working anymore. would you plz calculate my values one more time? thx in advance!!
  3. thanks for this tutorial! but i have to say, that i have no idea how to calculate the slide value how to find out which block has enough pages? and how to exactly enter it in the calculator? could you plz help me calculating my score with a little step by step tutorial (so i can understand it - for dummys :/) thanks in advance!
  4. i have exactly the same problem :/ and no idea what to do. i have installed osx and win7 i guess 6 times with different methods, but got no dual boot
  5. Mouse Glitching/Tearing

    same here :/
  6. Mouse Glitching/Tearing

    same here
  7. both cores (T7200) working!

    are there any news about getting dualcore on dell systems (950gma) ?
  8. Mouse Glitching/Tearing

    hi, i also need the kext. plz upload it
  9. hi all, first of all, i am speaking of leopard on a dell 1405/640m, core2duo, gma950 • anybody knows, how to get battery-icon in bar? • are there any news about getting dualcore on dell systems (GMA950)? • draft n (dell 1500) is working, bot it's not been recognized as airport?!? thanks in advance, greetings weissi
  10. MacOSx86 worth installing on Dell 640 M ?

    sound needs applehda patcher broadcom440x need older kexts wlan should work cpu will only work with 1 core enabled
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    hi everybody, want to ask you, if you are working on a driver for 4965agn or if one of your driver is still working with it
  12. hi all, i have an dell inspiron 640m (1405) laptop with intel 4965agn built in. i installed jas 10.4.8 intel+amd & ppf1. another user posted, that his 4965agn worked out of box with this version (he has ppf2 also included). has anyone an idea how to get the wlan working? thx weissi