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  1. macinsane: does your system works with sata hot swap? i'm playng a bit with mine. in the bios i've enabled hot swap for the sata port i need, but the sata hot swap works only if i power up the external estata dock station (i've tested 2 different models so far)before the boot. if i do that the hot swap works fine. if i don't boot with esata plugged in, the system doesn't show any disk
  2. thnx a bunch, buddy! i did notice in kernel patches you have also enabled asus AICPUPM and KernelPm. i know aicpupm is used to disable appleintelcpupowermanagement write operation, but why kernelpm? is needed for Haswell with locked msrs
  3. can you please post your config so i can compare it with mine? thanx a lot
  4. so i did my homeworks, and i did some test to simulate a bios bootloop, and it was pretty easy: mounting the efi partition and importing config.plist in clover configurator did the trick every time... i can confirm i don't have any rtc option enabled, and i've posted my pic. i did noticed also a strange thing when the bios hangs. when i reset the cmos and re enter the settings, the time is set 2 hours back... bios version is 1805. main option are: fast boot disabled vt-d disabled os type other os (keys deleted) intel virtualization tech. disabled cfg lock disabled xhci hands off enabled erp ready disabled serial and parallel disabled the thing i'm not sure about is boot device control, mine is set to uefi and legacy oprom. should i set to uefi only? only os installed is el cap, and no windows. i don't think is an hw problem. because i built 2 identical machines and both have same problem. do you want me to enable just the applertc fix in clover? thnx for the help! EDIT: YAY!!! enabling applertc flag seems fixes at least the bootloop after mounting the efi partition. let's do some more tests...
  5. you own an msi z170-a pro mobo, this thread is for the asus z170m plus
  6. as far i can remember (i can check tomorrow) i didn't set rtcfix in clover no dsdt patches, just the 6700k cpu ssdt in bios the option is uefi and legacy boot is set to other os and keys are deleted (strange thing i've noticed: if i import previous bios saved settings, i must reboot and edit again deleting keys and setting other os because seems this option can't be stored or saved) kext are just a few: applealc intelmausiethernet fakesmc usbinjectall vodoops2 (i still use ps2 kb/mouse) just to be clear about this bios issue: if it triggers somehow, the machine won't post, so i can't even enter the bios, i must reset the cmos shorting the pin on the mobo, because the loop can't be broken. once the machine is powered on i get black screen and after 5-8 sec it shuts down.
  7. i solved just the random reboot instead of login, because i was using dvi-vga adapter and osx hates it... using hdmi/dp solved the issue. i sill have the bios problem: It can be a system update, a system crash, or updating stuff on clover partition,. once the system reboots (or powers on) it shuts down after few sec, like it cannot post or trigger some kind of protection. only solution is a cmos reset, otherwise the system keep on powering on and off after few sec in an infinite loop state. do you have same issues as mine? if so, did you solved it?
  8. guys, do you have the random loop without posting after a reboot or shutdown? i noticed happens to me after installing new software/drivers/kexts. i own a gigabyte gtx970 4gb, 1 monitor out using the analog dvi port with dvi-vga converter (i've tested at least 3,and one of them was original apple converter) do you have a solution? twa: i noticed you have same gfx as mine, can you share your plist/bios conf so i can compare with mine? EDIT: solved the problem using hdmi/dp port. osx just hates dvi-vga adapters.... macinsane: do you have usb3 issues on your machine? i have an external usb3 disk that works like a charm on real macs. if i try to use it on the hackintosh, the disk works fine, but it stops working after a while. the disk become irresponsive, finder hangs looking for files or dir, and i have to unplug/replug to make it work again. could it be a power problem issue?the disk has just 1 usb plug, so i can't test the disk with extra usb for power supply.
  9. do you still have random boot problems? on my machine (6700k+64gig+gtx970),i get often 2/3 reboot during the final stage of booting seq (everything works smoothly with sleep/wake) i've tested almost any combination of kernel and kext flags, but i can't figure out why i get a random reboot instead of the log on window. now i'm with latest 10.11.6,latest clover, imac 17,1 smbios definition,no kernel/kext flags (i disabled default kernelpm,apple rtc, asus aicpupm), and plist patches: ioapic fix usb fix audio id+hdef patch booting args: -v nvda_drv=1 kext-dev-mode=1 i had to use agdpfix app, because clover nvidia black screen patch never worked for my gtx970 6700k ssdt file efi kext: applealc intelmausiethernet fakesmc usbinject vodoops2 i don't have the nullcpu. what's your config?
  10. well, i could set into bios all the fans at max speed and result will be the same, getting max cooling power as long the system is on. but working with "hair dryer" noise level is not the best option. i hope hwmonitor will be fixed/updated soon.....
  11. you should because if u can't control or read fan speed value u can't increase rpm if the cpu or gpu is getting too hot, i dunno if system can auto manage speed if needed. as soon u use cpu/gpu for intense video editing or any other stuff u can only see temp getting higher and higher, and no way to cool it down increasing the fan(s) speed .
  12. i have 3 fans on the motherboard, so all the fan slots (cpu, cha1 and cha2) are used, 2 fans have 3 pin (cpu/cha1), and one has 4 pins (cha2), but i can see and set speed/profile just on bios. as i can see in your pic you have also problems with the fans... the pic is showing only 2 fans: one system fan is recognized but not showing any rpm. only "working" fan is the integrated fan of the gpu, and btw has strange value on it (19rpm is sloooooooow).
  13. Frank Nitty: i have same mobo as yours but different processor (i7 6700k), everything works almost perfect but i can't get any fan icon or readings at all using hwsensors app (and of course fakesmc+plugins). i've tried almost every combination of fakesmc and kext... does the fan detection works on your system? i'm on 10.11.6 atm.
  14. Mieze: should we still use the ssdt patch or new release of drivers can be installed with no ssdt injection?