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  1. Noob with Sata Drives

    Hi Sami I think we have almost the same computer. Gigabyte and from what I read your bios it`s like mine or similar. (Award modular bios v6.00 pg - VM900M FC) ? I have the same problem and more no ethernet as well, and the sound is a half and half, meaning one side it sounds all right and in the left it sounds ac3. My usb was not working as well but it works fine (1.0 and 2.0). I`ll will try now to solve the Sata mystery. Back to you soon. Although you know much more than me. If you have kext for the audio or the ethernet be much obliged Thanks Toby
  2. ktext

    Well, I am new to kalyway and all concept in it. I have been reading all around and finely I succeed to run Leo om my Gigabyte core duo 2- GA-VM900vm, but no sound, usb and network. I had to find an old IDE hard disk because it didn't recognize the sata hd. Once I`d changed to ide, voila. My questions:: How can I change or install drivers for sound, ethernet and usb. are Ktext scripts or programs? where can I find them? and how do I run/install them? After trying to do many things I can't boot from hd like before! When in the options of kalyway 10.5.2 can I select every thing? or just what I need and if I don't know what I need? I mean kernel, audio drivers, ethernet etc.... Please some light Thanks