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  1. i got the same thing.. Until i typed in the following command. make sure your using the appropriate arch. i1386 is 32bits. x84_64 is 64bit otool -arch x86_64 -vt ATIFramebuffer | tee filename.txt this allows the results to be written to a text file. The txt file will be in the same location as your ATIFramebuffer file. Once you get your file, you can open it with any text editor and search for Uakari. Find your profile underneath. Hope this helps.
  2. I been trying for figure this stuff out for a majority of last night, but was unsuccessful to find my senseID values. I was not able to calculate them properly or doing it wrong somewhere. I must have been adding the wrong values. After the radeondump v0.02 tool was posted, I was able to get this. ./radeondump < 1002_9460.rom ATOM BIOS Rom: SubsystemVendorID: 0x174b SubsystemID: 0xe115 IOBaseAddress: 0x0000 Filename: E115QA1G.S02 BIOS Bootup Message: WEKIVA RV790 B790 BOARD 850E/975M Connector at index 0 type: DVI-I (2) Connector's i2cid: 93 Connector at index 1 type: DVI-I (2) Connector's i2cid: 93 Connector at index 2 type: VGA (1) Connector's i2cid: 90 Connector at index 3 type: HDMI-A (11) Connector's i2cid: 91 Connector at index 4 type: DisplayPort (10) Connector's i2cid: 92 Also, here is my Motmot ConnectorInfo table. __ZN10MotMotInfo10createInfoEhR18PlatformParameters: 0000b838 pushl %ebp 0000b839 movl %esp,%ebp 0000b83b movl 0x0c(%ebp),%ecx 0000b83e movl $0x0000e180,0x08(%ecx) 0000b845 movb $0x02,0x04(%ecx) 0000b849 xorl %edx,%edx 0000b84b leal (%edx,%edx,4),%eax 0000b84e leal 0x000102e0(,%eax,4),%eax 0000b855 movl %eax,0x0c(%ecx,%edx,4) 0000b859 incl %edx 0000b85a movzbl 0x04(%ecx),%eax 0000b85e cmpl %edx,%eax 0000b860 jg 0x0000b84b 0000b862 xorl %eax,%eax 0000b864 leave 0000b865 ret Can you elaborate a bit more on how to calculate the senseID value? And once I get this value, where do I insert the C-Code on post#1? DSDT? Thanks in advance. I would really like to get dual monitor working on my 4890. Thank you in advance. Other numbers that might be usefull. My i1386 arch offset is 151552 102e0+b855= 1BB35 = 113461 dec value
  3. How can I get a 4890 working in 10.6.6?

    http://netkas.org/?p=592 This should help.
  4. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1101047 http://www.mediafire.com/file/gdgm1zuum4m/ASUS
  5. You didnt make a mistake. The non deluxe version works like a charm. just follow the instructions. i linked the boot132 cd i used somewehre between pages 11-20.
  6. when you copy the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext into your extensions folder. Don't forget to repair the permissions. open terminal and type in the following sudo -s <your password> cd System/Library/Extensions chown root:wheel AppleAzaliaAudio.kext chmod 755 AppleAzaliaAudio.kext **OR** Download osx86tools. http://osx86tools.googlecode.com/files/OSX...ols_1.0.150.zip and use that gui to install the kext. it will also set permissions for you.
  7. Make sure the hard drive you intend to use is plugged into sata1 on the motherboard.
  8. "Hotplugging" on USB/Firewire drives working without any problems. Not sure if it makes a difference if im using the standard P6T(non deluxe)
  9. The Kext in the efiv2 folder should work. The extension folder have its permissions set to root. thats why u can't open it from ur user account. once ur in terminal. just follow the insructions. Its pretty straight forward. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=127330 In Phase 4, where it says cd <directory containing kexts> cp -R *.kext /Volumes/EFI/Extensions) You should be in the terminal logged in as root. Type in "cd" the hit the space bar key. Then navigate to the extensions folder and drag it to the terminal. Then enter. Since u are logged in as root. if you type "ls" you should see the "Etensions.mkext." Type in "cp -R Extensions.mkext /Volumes/EFI" Then continue on to step 4 of Phase 4. Good luck. Just reply if u need help. Ill be on here later tonight.
  10. Oh nice. Hot plug seems to work for me from the get-go. Once i did all of the 10.5.6 and software updates. my machine didnt reconized my iphone for some reason. But I re-installed iTunes and its wokring fine now. I'll try and download the new kext tonight to see if I can get the mic working. pm me your email address. I send it to you once i get home. The only thing u have to do is upload it to ur EFI partition. Check for the linked guides on the first post.
  11. Here is the iso i used to boot the retail dvd on my ASUS P6T(base model/non deluxe whatever u wanna call it) http://www.mediafire.com/file/gdgm1zuum4m/ASUS As for DSDT.. i followed instructions on the first post. Mj, I had no problems with the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext I will rename the system.kext and see if it works. Ill keep u posted. Thanks again for everything. Once i get this working. My system will be at 100% =)
  12. **Update1** I was able to boot the 132 disc with a custom one i made. I had to add the JMicron kext. The Boot132 attached in the first post does not for the ASUS P6T (non deluxe model) I can upload the boot132 if you guys need it. **Update 2** Finished the Retail Install last night. Updated to 10.5.6 no problems **Update3** I got to Step E. After doing step E -I enabled HT and all cores -But When I boot, i get the following: "Attempting to Determine CPU multiplier Determined CPU: FSB multiplier to be 0 Says 0 but makes no sense... the kernel as shipped by apple will not support this and will cause the machine to reboot immediatly... Press y to continue or crt, alt, del to reboot. Press y and keep going." So i press y. Then i get a stuck while the seatbelt.kext. It just hangs there. I waited like 20 minutes. So I restarted. -Disabled HT and enabled only 1 core. After this i am able to boot into Leopard without any poblems, even though it takes a long time. Any suggestions? **Update 4** Just got through it. All cores are enabled. . Now I just need sound. Video is working Full CI/QE on x1300 Device id=7142 Ethernet works out the box. Working on audio and Video kext after I am hopeing to get a full Retail install with all the cores, qe/ci, and sound by this weekend.
  13. I would like to thank everyone for there support and effort, without you none of this would be possible. My specs. -------------------------- Asus P6T Intel i7 920 Corsair XMS3 DDR3 3GB 250GB SATA HD (Other SATA HD are disconnected) DVD writer on IDE. Set on master. Its the only DVD connected. (I discconected the slave DVD-Rom) 250GB --------------------------- I recently purchased an ASUS P6T (Not the deluxe version). I've ran into the "check sum error, sorry.." problem. I quickly found the solution to that problem by downloading the generic 132 and replace the files from the slimbuild iso. Heres what I did so far and my problem. I made all of the changed in the bios. Followed it completely and even triple checked it. 1.) I am able to boot the modified boot132. 2.) Boot132 Disc booted fine. Now in darwin 3.) I pressed esc. Its asking me to enter the two-digit hexdecimal boot device. Shows [FF] 4.) I inserted my Retail Leopard DVD. 5.) Waited for the DVD/cd writer to finishing reading the disc. 6.) Press FF, because thats whats in the bracket, then I hit enter. 7.)The retail leopard dvd spins 8.)Darwin asks me to press any ket to start cd-rom, or press f8 to enter start up options 9.)I press F8. I see hd(127,1) Mac OS X Install DVD and boot:_ 10.) I typed in "rd(0,1)/mach-kernel.voodoo busratio=20 -v -f rd=disk1s3" then i press enter At this point the dvd spins. Then it asks me to press any key to start cd-rom, or press f8 to enter start up options. Its like an infinite loop from step 10 to step 8. <-- This is where i get stuck Things I've also tried n step 10: busratio=20 -v -f rd=disk1s3 <--- I get the same result as above loops step 10 to 8 busratio=20 -v -f <---------------I get the same result as above loops step 10 to 8 left it blank <--------------------Same thing Can someone help me? I know This guide for the the deluxe version. But i figure this guide will be suitable. Is it not possible the just the Asus P6T? I would appriciate any help. Thanks in advance.