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  1. I took a look, but with no luck, I ordered the part anyway (was only £3.50) but think I'm going to use Ubuntu Server as I really wanted Mac OS X Server anyway. Hopefully I can get a cheap (under £100) Mac one day for it. Haha!
  2. I seemed to have got everything working, installed the ethernet kext you provided and now it hangs on loading. I've ordered the suggested network card you mentioned, but that could take at least five days for delivery, could you help me get online in the meantime please? Thank you. How do I use the DSDT? Does it enable ethernet?
  3. I've been working on a design to replace the MobileMe service Apple offers for Mac, Windows and Linux users, I'm no programmer, but I've started this project off and called it 'iSphere', I've got great ideas for it, but just need of course people to help it, the service would have to be supported by advertisements to keep the server running of course, I'm currently investing into getting a Mac Mini with Mac OS X Server Leopard. Email me at kmatthews@wizardsdnd.com if you're interested in helping me with this…
  4. Dell Dimension 8400

    I always get this same thing, several times. Also using Dell Dimension 8400, tried several 'patched' versions and had no further luck, please Dell guys! Help us!