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  1. CUDA Driver Update 3.2.17 November 16th

    Just remove it from preference pane until it's updated if the popup on boot annoys you.
  2. Hey Dave, I have the same board as you and couldn't get my gigabit LAN working just by editing the plist. I think I had the same problem with 10.6.4 I tried a couple of times but ended up replacing IONetworkingFamily.kext I repaired permissions after every edit but still no go, did you rebuild your kext cache? It's all working now but I'm just curious. I am used to going to the 88E8053 dict, changing it to 56 then the Vendor ID or Hardware ID from 62 to 64...
  3. IONetworkingFamily.kext
  4. Thanks for the tip! Just removed my atherosfix.kext and confirmed it works fine. I just got mine fixed, I have the Marvell Yukon 88E8056 and used the kext from kexts.com. This was the same kext used in 10.6.4 and replaces IONetworkingFamily rather than just Yukon2.kext
  5. I can't get my onboard LAN to work I have the Marvell Yukon 88E8056 Gigabit and tried the usual method of editing the Yukon2.plist in IONetworking.kext but still not coming up. I tried the injector method and it came up in System Profiler but wouldn't connect to a network with DHCP or manual address
  6. Hey all. Just wanted to let you know I have updated via Software Update and it worked OK. I backed up AppleHDA but didn't need it and I forgot to backup AppleYukon.kext and turns out I did need it. Onboard LAN isn't working but shouldn't be too hard to fix. Everything else worked fine, didn't get rid of SleepEnabler but booted with pmVersion=0 otherwise I get KP. About this mac states I'm on 10.6.5 and OpenGL drivers are at 2.1 1.6.24 Haven't done any benchmarks or anything yet. This is my first restart after applying the update. Just got to get LAN working again.
  7. Annoying problem with AD1988B

    OK, still occurring with the freshly patched DSDT. I really don't know why this could be happening. It doesn't happen under Windows 7. It's happens most commonly at 96000Hz 24bit. Played around with it some more and it is definitely occurring more often when set to 96000Hz. Got to sound tinny again and changed the frequency to 88200Hz and it sounded fine again, changed it back to 96000Hz and sounded tinny again. Changed output to Internal Speakers (Line-Out going to headphones) and back again and it sounds fine again, pause the song playing in iTunes, press play again and sounds like {censored}... The more I play with it, the more it annoys me! I could really use some help with this.
  8. Annoying problem with AD1988B

    Whoops. Sorry, I am using a patched DSDT for audio. Just tried using the new editor, pulling info from IOReg and recompiling with 1988B patch included with the editor, rebooted and on it now. Trying to replicate the problem.
  9. Hey all. I have a minor problem you may be able to help me with. This has been occurring since I installed Snow Leopard, I didn't have this problem with Leopard but here goes. My vanilla install is damn near flawless except the machine doesn't sleep (well it does, just doesn't wake from sleep), only sometimes completes a shutdown (fans continue to run) and every now and then the audio will go all crackly when pausing and replaying or random times between stopping or changing new media. I've linked a file to show what I mean. I have a Logitech Z-5500 speaker setup and have connected to the PC with an optical lead. I have also tried this with a coaxial lead and it does the same BUT it does not do it with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack but I prefer to use digital for surround sound. When this occurs, I simply switch outputs from the Sound preference in System Preferences (just switch from digital output to internal speakers and back again) but this is getting frustrating. I have also tried switching inputs on the Logitech but it still continues which leads me to believe it's Snow Leopard. I really need help as to what I should do to remedy this. I was initially using a patched DSDT and tried to edit it to support sleep but that didn't work so I gave up and reverted back to the old DSDT I had for this board. I also had errors when trying to create the new DSDT so not sure what was going on there but that was another reason I reverted back. Now, I am using SMBIOS.kext via Chameleon. Still have shutdown and sleep problems but the system is working so I'm not too concerned. I also saw that there was a DSDT auto patcher but not for my board. Will any of the other ASUS ones work? Oh and I used Taruga's patch to get audio working in SL. I did find some LegacyHDA kext and tried applying it but it didn't make a difference. Apologies if this has been covered, I could not find anything while searching and believe me, I have been searching long and hard! http://upload.ihasaids.com/data/1288639970.mp3 Thanks in advance!
  10. released Update to 10.6.4

    Excellent, so it's not just me. I updated my hackintosh and also my MacBook Pro and filesharing broke on BOTH systems... Very annoyed at this, it was supposed to fix issues with filesharing but instead broke it completely for me. Anyone else having this problem? It broke my network aliases and also refuses login (gives incorrect username/password error). Even with guest account (read only) it won't let me open shared files. Tried enabling and disabling numerous times as well as restarting but no dice. I got frustrated last night and nearly threw the damn laptop against the wall but thought I'd give it a fresh start today but haven't even bothered yet. EDIT: Well turns out AFP wasn't even turned on. Working fine now, must've been turned off during the update.
  11. OK, couldn't find any answer on my previous posts so thought I'd create my own thread so hopefully someone can tell me why this is happening. I haven't come across this before and I have managed to work around it but I want to understand why this is happening. So my setup has been working flawlessly since 10.6.2. 10.6.3 caused me to lose sleep/shutdown/restart ability but no biggie, just hold down the power button for a few seconds to shut the system down completely but now since 10.6.4 I have a new niggle that I'd like to sort out. I recently setup a Software Raid0 with Chameleon as my TB was about to fill up and I wasn't using Windows 7 anymore so wiped my other TB and striped them. All was well and good, the Chameleon manual explains how to set it up with Software Raid which essentially means duplicating the EFI and OS X Boot partition with Chameleons boot files. Now these Partitions are IDENTICAL. They both have /EFI/Extra/Extensions and I also use DSDT.aml (did this a while ago which fixed sound) and I also have a SMBIOS.plist to inject correct model number etc. So, the idea is I can boot from either drive at POST and it will load Snow Leopard and, it did. After installing the update yesterday, I noticed I was still on the old kernel (10.3) so I rebooted with -v to see what was loading and found alot of 'refusing new kext' errors and worked out it was still loading the old files. I had a play with it for a while but couldn't get anywhere so suddenly thought I'd try booting through my other drive and wallah, it loaded the new kernel and kexts. Why would this have made a difference? Both drives partitions are identical and have the same files, same boot information for Chameleon. I instantly thought it HAD to be Chameleon but upon loading Snow Leopard again, I copied over the files from the EFI partition to the drive I thought was causing the problem but it was still the same. Here is the full error text. This happens for alot of kexts. Seems to me it has something to do with UUID but I'm using the correct method as per Chameleon which involves adding "rd=uuid boot-uuid=YOUR UUID" to kernel flags which is sourced from the final drive info under disk utility. I have com.apple.Boot.plist on both partitions under /EFI/Extra so it should be working fine with either drive but only one drive is giving me this problem for some reason. I've also noticed I can't seem to boot into 32 bit mode. It just sort of stalls before loading the loginwindow. I haven't been too patient and waited it out for a huge amount of time though but not sure what's going on with that. I've only ever used 64 bit mode as it boots to that by default. Good news is though, My system is still functioning as it should and had no drama's once booted into the updated system. Didn't even lose audio (probably thanks to DSDT) and GFX is working well. Update 1: OK, just did a couple of restarts and noticed that each drive is loading a different kernel. When it loads 10.3, it won't load the 10.4 kexts so maybe this is Apple's fault as they haven't set it up correctly to copy the new kernel to each partition? I think it goes in /Volumes/Boot\OS X. Is that correct, so it should just be a matter of copying the new kernel from one drive to the other? Update 2: Well, just copied over the kernel and it was indeed the older kernel on the other drive but I'm still getting the 'refusing new kext' errors...
  12. released Update to 10.6.4

    Hey FKA, are you definitely on the 10.4 kernel? I see you're running SW Raid0 as well so wanted to see if you had the same problem as me. Have you booted with the verbose switch to check for errors? I was getting 'refusing new kext' errors but worked out to boot through the other drive which I wouldn't normally do.