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    Advice on HP Mini 2140 Atom N270

    Hi guys, just looking for a little advice. I have a HP mini 2140 here with 1Gb of RAM, an N270 atom CPU and a blank hard drive. I intend to use it for work and it really needs to be stable and able to run for days on end without KPs or other crashes. my question is which OS to go for. any modern windows system seems to be too RAM demanding, this thing only has 1Gb of RAM at the moment. Ubuntu seems the obvious option, but the software i'm running at work has no linux versions. which leaves me with OSX. I've been running hackintosh machines for a while now so ill be fine installing the OS, but i can't decide what to go for when my only concern is low resource consumption and stability. Do i stay back in 10.6.2 land where everything is stable, but has very little support anymore in the community. Or do i install 10.7 with a patched kernel, which might be easier to work on (getting working kexts, bootloaders, etc) but will undoubtedly be more power hungry and prone to crashing? or should i go even further back? 10.5.8 would be pretty light on the system resources.... is anyone actually running one of these little netbooks with OSX anymore? any thoughts, advice or opinions are welcome. cheers.