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  1. @serkan. I think this is not for the ath 9k cards. maybe that the method can do this, but you need the correct values and adresses for this card to function correct. I have also read that this card should natively run. @all I have another strange effect I have an FuSi Esprimo Mobile U9200. the original 5007eg will not go. no way! I have bought an Gigabyte Card compatible with the AR5BxB6 but i can't activate them. ( Windows no probs!) I think now this card must go without modification. but i have tryed to patch them to orig. Mac ID and bricked them.. dammned... Now I have baught an orig. Airport Card AR5BxB6 ( This is the only Card that will be mechanical fit in the case!!! only single sided PCIe Cards will fit in the slot!!!) but with installation iPC or iDeneb or Yas or ... it don't work ( bla bla bla loaded unsuccesfully, please read my older posts here.) The same error with the GIGABYTE Card. This is why I think the GIGABYTE Card must work! Here it comes. for some days I have tried to install Snow Leopard ( without success... this is'nt the point) the installer has changed chameleon to V2 RC2 and tadaaaaaaa now the card works perfect!! How can it be? I have changed back to older Chameleon but the Card works... after 4 days. im must change back to Win for something. after change back to OSX The Card don't work. ( what the f***) tried all I know also with setpci subordinate... or command=0x43... all the {censored} has no effect! the Card don't work. ( but perfect in Win!!!) After this I have tried to change Chameleon to RC2 from the snow installer.... and ??????????????? THE CARD WORKS!!!! can anyone tell me what is the new chameleon do with my PCIe Bus that this will be fine????? PS I have seen another strange effect with new chameleon ( This is why I have moved back to older) the RC2 has made modifications in my BIOS Setup!!! it activates the BIOS Boot Image and I think anythink else!!! but don't know what it does with my BIOS! Any Ideas? PPS: @0Pipe may be Your problem will nearly the same as mine. You can try the setpci command like written in the man page from ath_info without that ath_info can't access the card! this must be done after reset or after Power off! This is Board specific...
  2. hey dutchcow, I can only see two points where You have to change the subsystem ID. Please read my posts above to be aware, making the same nonsense like me. I think you have wrote to the wrong registers. If You can find your card in lspci anyway You can try to flash back the original values. My card is not anymore showing there! So I can't repair them. My card is bricked!. After this odyssey I have bought an original Apple Airport Card. but it will only function perfect under Windows May be I have the same problem like gigzbyte with ACPIPCI kext. I will try this out next time. If anybody has an Idea how to reanimate my bricked Gigabyte card then please wrote here or to me . thx
  3. hello, here is another strange thing. After I have bricked my Gigabyte Clone of AR5BXB6 I have baught a brand new original AR5BxB6 over e-bay, an original Airport-Card. I have replaced the gigabyte with the new one. startet Windows. All work perfect card was recognized as AR5BxB6 Atheros AR5006EXS. Wonderful! Now I have reinstalled the OSX 10.5.6 with the Samsung NC10 Distro. After that there is no WIfI in OSX. sys.log shows me message "bla-bla-bla/Airport/ loaded unsuccessfully". grrrrrrrrrr..... I have tried to load the kext manually. but no luck. Can anybody told me where is the problem? all other Hardware in my Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile U9200 works perfekt... but without WLAN this is {censored} szifu
  4. hi, I have bricked my gigabyte gn-wi07ht-rh last weekend. I would change the class_id and then after power reconnect the card wouldnt be recognized. before I have reset the Laptop I have get a dump of the registers. Now it comes! the command ath_info -g 3:0 -w 0x0fa000000 class_id 0x0280 has written to the card, but the offset for change the class_id is WRONG!!! it has wrote to 0x03 and it should be wrote to 0x085. After this Failure is the header Type of the card unknown and the PCI-e autoconfig fails. in effect the card (and the Port) could not be initialized. I have tried to initialize the port with another wlan card (ar5007eg) change to gigabyte and then to repair the register with value from first dumped rom. This also fails cause after change the card will recognize with false magic 0xfffff. LSPCI told that header 7f is from unknown type. I think there is no way to repair the card without special hardware. here comes the warning: if You would change the class_id. Find the right offset from table above and compare with dump of your card. Then use the manually recherched offset address for writing to the card. Don't Use the named offset class_id!!! This may brick Your card !!! Here was some people with the same problem in past... I don't know if this failure is only in some versions of ath_info or madwifi or general. In fact there is a hi chance that the named offset table is incorrect! I hope You will make it better Szifu
  5. I have baught an Gigabyte GN WI07HT-RH miniPCIe card Who can tell me sure what chipset is really inside this pci-e card? the dealer tells me it is an AR5424 based Card with AR5006EXS. then it must be Airport compatible. but OSX can't recognised this card! Windows sayd nothing about chipset. and linux tells me about an AR242x Chip. Who knows the truth?!? sorry for bad english Bernd
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    Hi there in space, I have the same problem as bel26 but my card is an BCM5755 with ID 167b all he has written is complete the same with my system ( an FuSi Esprimo with i915 Chipset) i use the iDeneb 10.5.5 thx. I hope anybody can help to solve this
  7. hello there, i have similar problem with an Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo. The onboard controler is an BCM 5755 dev id 167b with a modified AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext i have seen that the network card will be detected, also with the right mac adress. but the system is coming instable. sometimes it will com to kernal panic while booting. sometimes i will do something with netcard and system will freeze. it is possible to configure the card with dhcp. ping to card ip itself works. but no other adress is pinging back... has anybody there this card working stable? I have also tested the buildin driver vor bcm5701 in ideneb 10.5.5 but there is the same trouble. Also there is no mac adress with this kext. a manual add with "ifconfig en0 ether xx:xx:xx..." will not work. really need help thx Szifu