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    New InsanelyMac website!

    Change is good! I applaud your hard work and efforts. This website has really made a difference in my computing / hack life!!!
  2. Maj, Thanks man. I will keep trying. It seemed to good to be true I had finally gotten my Hack to 10.6.4 working very stable ( doing lots of retouching and FCP work, throwing large RAW files at it in Bridge and watching it churn the previews out ) The Hack has been very good to me Thanks to your help and the script you made I saved myself a lot of $$$ and also learned a lot about computers which fascinate me. I will keep trying and if I succeed will try to help others - as you have. Worse case scenario- I reisntall my 4790 and wait awhile... Either way its cool. Thanks for your input. Hows the retouching? ~marcoANTONIO
  3. Maj, Any ideas on my HD 5870 predicament? I could sure use them...
  4. fade2nada

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    HD5870 not working... I got excited when I saw the news on Netkas site about support for the HD5870. I have had one sitting in a box for months now without being able to use it. I changed graphics enabler to = No I am on 10.6.4 I installed the kexts from netkas site My machine boots and the card is recognized in system profiler osx_0003.jpg ( 233.4K ) osx_0004.jpg ( 188.77K ) osx_0007.jpg ( 211.14K ) osx_0008.jpg ( 183.83K ) My problem is resolution. I am currently at 1600x1200 by inputting that in my boot.plist I have included some photos of the screen- I cant take screenshots. It says " card was not posted - already has keys set " I dont know what that means... What is the best upgrade path for HD5870 ? Any advice or success stories? Would love to hear them, Thanks in advance.
  5. I too am having a graphics issue and need some help w the script. I used the newest script and followed the directions and have 10.6.4 installed working well ( nice job Maj ) I got excited as well when I saw the news on Netkas site about support for the HD5870. I have had one sitting in a box for months now without being able to use it. I also saw that DD mentions it being compatible w the new script. I changed graphics enabler to = No I am on 10.6.4 I installed the kexts from netkas site My machine boots and the card is recognized in system profiler My problem is resolution. I am currently at 1600x1200 by inputting that in my boot.plist I have included some photos of the screen- I cant take screenshots. It says " card was not posted - already has keys set " I dont know what that means... What is the best upgrade path for HD5870 using the script - or optional installs. Any advice or success stories? Would love to hear them, Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a two part question: 1) I just bought a XFX HD5870 to replace my HD 4870. I just swapped out the cards and booted and graphics work but resolution is stretched. My monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster T240 HD. I can't seem to get a good resoultion. When I first booted it was 1280x1024. I then changed the resolution in my boot plist to 1920x1400 but when I rebooted the monitor res was 1600x1200 with no other options to change it. Is there anyway I can get this to display at the correct resolution/aspect ratio? I know the card is new and read in Post #399 that this card is not supported. It seems to work I just need to figure out the resolution problem. Is there anyway to do this without a specific kext for the 5870? or am I just going to have to wait until its supported and use the 4890 in the mean time? 2) I have snow leopard 10.6.2 working well. But since the initial install I have moved, installed and removed some components. Mostly hard drives and now graphics card. Is there a way to re-run whatever the script uses to keep track of what devices you currently have installed and where. There must be a plist somewhere with uuids that needs to be updated now. Or can I continue to swap hard drives and install expansion cards as needed. What is the correct plan of action in this regard? Thanks in advance...
  7. The process if followed correctly is pretty easy: How to update to 10.6.2: - Delete existing SleepEnabler.kext located in /Extra, update caches and restart - Install 10.6.2 update and restart. - After booting into OSX 10.6.2, install attached SleepEnabler_10.6.2_.kext to /Extra and update caches. POST #661 It seems to me that you messed up the sequence. Delete your original sleepenabler kext first > install update > install new sleepenabler kext ( using script or KEXT tool/app ) exactly like above and you should be OK.
  8. I recently updated to 10.6.2 from 10.6. I followed the instructions from previous posts about deleting and replacing the sleepenabler kext. My problem is that now when I restart the machine it shuts down but then restarts itself before it actually boots. So I restart and it shuts down powers off but then goes into its startup routine- only to shut down again in the beginning of the process and then restart and finally successfully enter its boot routine- AHCI bios, Chameleon, SL OSX desktop. whats weird is that the hard drives when starting up are louder than usual and now one of them will not mount at all. any ideas or suggestions? I really could use them. Thanks.
  9. I have windows 7 installed and the way I did it was unplugging ALL drives and leaving a NEW unformatted drive for Windows. booting from the W7 CD and installing to the blank drive. Once everything is done I shut done. Placed my OSX disk back in the FIRST SATA plug and the W7 on the second and hold the space bar at Cham boot to choose between the two.
  10. I guess I will be trying to OC my rig soon. I want to really optimize it the best I can. 50% better benchmarks I could live with! I was checking some 32 vs 64 bit SL benchmarks on Geekbench and the performance boost was very narrow/minimal. OC is the way to go I guess. Thanks for the sound advice. ~marcoANTONIO
  11. Steve and others thanks for your help. I really thought the 64bit would have a bigger performance boost. I work on large RAW files and HD video and was hoping Photoshop could address some more of my memory. The 32 bit install seems very good. Have been working on it most of the weekend installing apps etc. I still want to try 64bit if only to be done with it already. But I do have a sizable printer that is on my network that I need to connect to. That may be my one problem. I would gladly get a sound card if needed but it seems like I might be opening a can of worms right now that is better left closed thanks all for the sage advice.
  12. Steve, Thanks for your help. You pointing me in the right direction has enabled me to have a successful install I changed the kext installation to S/L/E and it worked. I then proceeded to load all my apps ( feeling quite good about myself ) only to later realize that I was booting in 32 bit mode. I then proceeded to tinker w/ my install until I broke it completely. Could never boot into 64bit mode. I removed the -32 flag from the boot.plist in extra but had many problems with fake SMC and finally did a full clean install and Im currently running it 32bit. I would really like to run 64bit but not sure if many users have successfully installed a stable 64bit system. If so "please describe how" what BIOS settings and Kexts you are using would be greatly appreciated. until then I will have to do with the SL 32 bit upgrade. Hoping the jump to 64bit will be smooth and painless. Although I doubt it. Thanks for your help Steve- it made all the difference.
  13. Currymac, This is because the machine is set to boot in VERBOSE mode. This is set by DD in the script. It is set to help you troubleshoot and actually SEE what is going on under the hood while booting. If you installed Chameleon w/ the EXTRA partition look in your "EXTRA" folder on the root of your drive. There you will see "com.apple.boot.plist" by removing the "-v" string you should boot normally but when something goes wrong I suggest you boot with -v to see where your install hangs. DD explains this in the beginning of this thread. The card I cant help you with. I used EFI studio which I think will not work in Snow. good luck
  14. Maj, Sorry for the long delay. I had been on vacation when you replied and have been slammed with work since my return (The publishing industry in NYC is in serious jeopardy- as is my job). I have made some progress since the last post. I have installed SL and done all the "post-install" instructions before my initial boot into SL. buildcache etc. But the weird thing is that it hangs before booting into a desktop- yet I HEAR the sound of the OSX welcome video. I am including a photo of my screen where it hangs (and the sound of the Mac OSX intro video starts) I am also including my Boot_cache.log and install.log as generated by your script. logs.zip I was unable to generate the kernel and system logs. I hope this helps and I can fix this easily. I have reinstalled complete system several times with no full success. looking forward to getting over this hump. Thanks for all your help - SL is kicking my ---!
  15. I installed SL using DD dreamers script. I was able to boot into SL desktop, turn of spotlight and do post install stuff but when I reboot I cant boot back into SL. It hangs on this screen. Any ideas, thoughts, help? Is my install no good or can it be salvaged by moving kexts or using something else in the DD script? Really looking to get SL installed and FCP and CS4 suite working. Thanks!
  16. Maj, Thanks for your quick reply. There is something busted in my install or process. Last night I tried again several times in vain to do a clean install. I am installing on a new drive via an e-sata dock that I have. Once I finish the script fully including making the partition active and running DSDT patch - I quit the script at the point it asks to reboot. I then shutdown and remove my Leopard drive from its place and replace it with the new SL drive. This gets me booted into SL and then I create my account. One peculiar thing I did notice during the process it says "contacting apple" before the user account is made and there is the spinning progress wheel. I bought a legit family pack for SL and the paranoid person in me is wondering if it somehow knows Im NOT an actual MacPro? As I said I have had limited success I can boot once but not TWICE into SL. I use the default kexts and follow the scripts instructions to the letter. On my next install I am going to bypass the esata dock and have the SL drive in the 1st SATA position and my "booting/working Leopard drive' in the second SATA position. My leopard install has been rock solid and I was looking forward to SL primarily to be able to access more RAM ( I am working with HUGE Camera RAW files). It was these advantages and the DIY aspect that drew me to "InsanelyMac" world I am going to keep trying but the "dont steal mac OS" thing and "communicating with apple" have made me think its something more ominous. Should I install without ethernet connected? Your script and help have been essential to this undertaking, like the many before me I "Thank You" profusely...
  17. SUCCESS ALMOST... Using Majors script I installed SL and followed directions to the letter. I was able to boot into SL once. I removed the SATA cable from my original LEOPARD boot drive at the first SATA connection on my PC and connected it to the SL drive I had just installed. I did this because the bootloader for leopard would always kick in ( Chameleon RC- 2 and NOT RC3 from the SL install) I was able to boot into SL - I had disabled spotlight on the drive earlier. When running the post install instructions I tried to reboot into SL with no success. I reformatted the drive and tried clean retail install again but inevitably get hung up on screen below http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/wPyRg...feat=directlink which is a flurry of REALTEK text and ends in "DONT STEAL OSX" I would really like to get the SL working and in 64 bit mode. When I booted in SL in 32 bit there was no sound on the welcome video. Does anyone know what is happening here and how to fix it? I think it might be the kexts. I tried rebooting with -x -s -f but never got back to SL This is bumming me out because I had booted into it. Also how do you set the preference to see all HD in SL? When I booted i could not find that preference anywhere. Great job with the script DD!!! I was almost there but not giving up. Can I salvage this SL instal with a fix? or do I need to re-install everything all over again- and if so what am i doing wrong? :censored2:
  18. Thanks a lot! I thought it might. I will go out and get a new one. One with native Snow Leopard support. It's frustrating because other than that the rig has been pretty solid! Thanks for your help...
  19. Hey all, I am excited about the official SL release and hope to see a new script by DD soon. I have been running Retail OSX 10.5.7 on the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 for some time now without a problem -very stable. Thanks DD! But recently I had a problem while converting some RAW photos in PS CS4. My screen locked up and had these bizarre vertical white lines with red dots along the sides. I don't know what these are or how to fix them. This has happened twice before and I want to rectify the problem before the move to SL. Here is a picture http://www.marcoantonio.com/IM/_MG_2990_1266.jpg http://www.marcoantonio.com/IM/_MG_2993_1269.jpg when this happens I have no control over the computer and have to reboot. My first thought is that I need a better video card or more powerful PSU (I do have 5 1TB drives attached). I have no problem getting them I am just unsure if that is the problem here. I dont want to buy one or both and have the problem persist. It is annoying. Has anyone else run into this? I created an EFI string for my Video Card and it has been working well with the exception of this anomaly which happens sometimes when working on photos and when the screen saver is on. Any thoughts? Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance....
  20. Craig, whatever you do - DONT REBOOT with your I-phone attached to your PC. This completely ruined a working install on my wifes computer and started my descent into Hackintosh hell. It added a bunch of extensions that were not supported and kept it from properly booting and required a complete new install. Not cool...
  21. I have installed Chameleon 2 on my computer with DD script and it is running very well. Thanks again Maj! I have since tried to install Chameleon 2 on my wifes computer which is identical to mine with the exception of her video card. GeForce 9500 GT I was getting it to boot into Chameleon but after the gas gauge finished it flashed black and rebooted itself and was caught in a loop. Doing the same thing over and over... This happened for several futile attempts. I finally used a Kalyway disc that I have had for ever and never used and was able to install a OS and retry the script. After many tries and even cloning the drive from my working computer and installing it on hers, I have finally got Chameleon 2 installed using the DD script. Running and booting fine with the exception of a few things: • my internal SATA drives icons show up as " orange removable drives " • my ethernet does not show up at all- I try to establish a connection in my " network " pane in system prefs and I only show two firewire ports and no ethernet. When I plug the ethernet in the jack on the motherboard - no green light or any light at all. Other than this which I suspect is extension problems which I dont know how I got them or how to resolve them. Being that I did the DD retail install using the script. I have tried to install and reinstall several times with no success. I am hoping I can salvage this install with a simple fix and some help. As I already have the Display working well with a EFI string on the boot.apple.com.plist in the extra folder. I am close to the finish line but need a little push... All help is greatly appreciated. ( I have spent 4 days on this now since before 4th of July and I am not having as much fun as I used to ) Thank You for all your help...
  22. Joe, I am up and running. The sound problem originated from me using migration assistant to transfer my APPS and FILES (too lazy to re-install all my apps when they were working perfectly on previous install) I was using the user account that was transferred from the original Chamaleon install- once I used the user account that was CREATED by the retail install- the sound worked! Jumped through a few hoops with the video card and now sound but the install seems fine. Love the new "Themes" Thanks Major and Joe for your help and assistance. Greatly appreciated. This machine is an essential tool for me to showcase my creativity and get large processor intensive tasks done efficiently and quickly. Great Job! I hope Snow Leopard upgrade is seamless....
  23. Joe, Thanks for the info! I figured it was something funky and it was driving me NUTS! I will try it as soon as I get home. Good to know. Thanks! ( Got home did as you said and FCS is launching perfectly, but I have lost system sounds COMPLETELY. No I-Tunes no Quicktime- the silence is deafening... Is it a Chameleon 2 thing? I dont know where to start...
  24. Thanks, I will try later when I go home. I had used EFI studio to write to the com.apple.boot.plist. on my last install. I've never had to do it manually as you describe. But I will try. The EFI studio route is not working for me now for some unknown reason. No hardware changes and FCS is a must in my workflow. Love how it runs on the Hackintosh! Fastest computer I have ever owned- period. Thanks
  25. I have successfully installed 10.5.7 using new DD script with Vanilla files and Chameleon 2. Love it! transferred my apps using migration assiitant- all seem to work fine. just one problem... FCP wont launch it tells me that my video card has 0mb of vram. In about this mac it shows as: NVIDIA Graphics Card: Chipset Model: NVIDIA Graphics Card Type: Display Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 512 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0613 Revision ID: 0x00a2 ROM Revision: netkas.org Displays: Display Connector: Status: No Display Connected SyncMaster: Resolution: 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-Bit Color Core Image: Software Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported QuartzGL: Supported It was working fine before and I tried using EFI studio to fix it (as I had done on previous install) with no success. Reading DD instructions I think it is the driver but I dont know how to get this last piece to work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!