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  1. Im in need of some help... i successfully installed ideneb v1.3 10.5.5 on my computer: GA-M57SLI S4 AMD64 Athlon ~2.7Ghz Dual core 5200+ 2Gb RAM 800Mhz 250gb W.D. SATA HDD 8600gt 1gb Nvidia It was all running smoothly (even QE/CI) except for my dvd drive (running by IDE) and my PS2Mouse were not working, everything else was. After installing some kext files using OSX86Tools: ApplePS2Mouse.kext ioATAfamily.kext i can only boot it from the dvd using "rd=disk0s2" otherwise i get a "still waiting for root device". the screen can only be in run in 1024x768 and doesnt look very nice when i could be running it in 1680x1050 is there some kext files i need to remove or edit? i dont think i fixed the permissions or cleaned out cache after, is there a way to reverse this? id appreciate any kind of help