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  1. I would use Clover Configurator, under System Parameters just check Nvidia Webdrivers, that should work.
  2. Here you go, I would check the BIOS settings first though, make sure that EFI mode is enabled instead of legacy, that HPET is enabled and set to 64bit and that ACPI is set to S3. If you still have any problems, let me know, I will try to help you out. config.plist.zip
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted to report success running the following machine: Gigabyte H67N-USB3-B3 Xeon 1220L V2 12 Gb ddr3 RAM Corsair 1600 mhz (8 and 4gb sticks) Seagate Barracuda 320 GB ST3320418AS XFX Geforce 8600GT and GT 710, using the latter because it offers low profile support both work out of the box and can be used with the web drivers as well Installed using Clover, you need to install the audio and network kexts; ALC889 and RTL8111 respectively. Currently non working audio over HDI and USB3, everything else works just fine. Cheers.
  4. cadash

    Bootloop after login

    Ok, solved, I figured out that that the no HPETs available error is actually a kernel panic and its easily fixed using the nullcpupowermanagement.kext The weird thing is that I never had to use that kext till now. My second machine has the exact some motherboard and I am not getting this issue either. Being able to boot into my first computer I could create the USB installer and make it boot without issues.
  5. Hi guys, For some reason I started getting a boot loop right after login, I am not sure why but it happens after a few seconds. Once it reboots. if I choose to resume the crashed session it reboots right away. If I click the Cancel button it starts and then after a few seconds it boots again. OSX is installed on a second drive. First drive has Windows 10, inside it I run a Wmware machine that uses the Physical disk where OS X is installed and I am able to use if just fine and it doesnt have the boot loop problem. I didn't change anything in the bios or hardware. The only problem I had is that I accidentally wiped the first HDD where Win10 is instead of a USB drive as the install location. I didn't realize they had the same volume names and the HDD took the priority, yeah!! lucky me. I know its not a hardware problem, I checked the BIOS and it looks just fine as always however I am never to stay in OS X long enough to do anything it just reboots. I also tried making a USB installer to install El Capitan/Sierra/High Sierra all of them several times on a second machine within VMWare on Win10 booting the HDD, for some reason it won't boot. I guess it is because VMWare Player 14 is handling the USB operations. No matter which Clover version I try to put in the USB installer, I get an incompatibility warning. (tried from clover versions 3544 onwards till the latest 4300 something) The installer says everything was installed, I can see the files in the drive but the drive never boots after a power cycle. I have a third 128mb USB drive with just clover, I know this clover works just fine because I can use it to boot the drive with the bootloop problems. But when I use it in the second machine, the USB installer with the non working clove would boot but then will give me an HPET error halfway the OS load up. I am pretty sure that if I could make everything work properly if I could at least have one disk to load the OS. Then I should be able to create an installer with no issues the same way I always did. I know this whole thing sounds weird. But I have been pulling my hair over 2 days trying to figure this one out. Any pointers, ideas, suggestions are highly appreciated. Haven't felt this clueless for a long time.
  6. cadash

    No HDMI sound on nvidia GT710

    Thanks man, while experimenting I manage to screw up all my install. I will give it a try after I´m able to get the machine up and running. Will contact the support thread if I keep having problems.
  7. cadash

    10.13 update instalation troubles

    Cool, also try to get a picture of clover with all its entries, as long as it can be read it will be good.
  8. cadash

    10.13 update instalation troubles

    Hi man, I would look over all the clover entries you have to see if any of those are called install. Looks like the install is halfway done.
  9. cadash

    No HDMI sound on nvidia GT710

    I tried clover HDMI, it creates a patch under ACPI but it still won't load the HDMI sound. I am attaching some screenshots about the device information in case it helps.
  10. cadash

    Getting USB3 to work

    Thanks man! Here you goh Send me Alexis’s iMac.zip ioregistry.zip
  11. cadash

    Getting USB3 to work

    Hi, no, the product page says it uses Renesas(NEC) USB 3.0 Driver Doing some research I read that H67 has no native USB3 driver and uses the NEC driver but haven't been able to find the exact chip being used yet. I am dowlnoading the Windows drivers and will see if I can get some info out of it. Also doing some research on NEC USB3 and OS X
  12. cadash

    macOS 10.13.2 Update is out

    Yesterday I installed the latest beta and I am currently downloading the update. No major changes just some performance improvements.
  13. cadash

    Getting USB3 to work

    Tried doing a fresh install and still no joy. Any other ideas?