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  1. CPU speed

    Hello, I have just installed (vanilla system from original DVD) 10.6, updated to 10.6.1. I have Intel's motherboard DG33TL with E8400 and GeForce 8600GT. I have a few problems - the biggest is a speed of the CPU. My CPU should run on 3GHz, but 'About this mac' dialog shows just 2 GHZ. I also checked it with 'Cpu - x' applications, but speed looks really lowered to 2 GHz. Is there any way how to speed up to standard 3GHz? I also have a problem with sound - the manuals says that this board has Intel's High Definition Audio - I found and tried some kexts but without luck... Thanks, Ernest
  2. Hello, I have just installed 10.5.6 with vanilla kernel on the Intel board DG33TL with the CPU E8400. And I have a few problems: 1) CPU runs on incorrect speed - it runs on 2GHz instead of 3 GHz. (In the 'About This Mac' dialog I see : "2GHz unknown", CPU-x says the same number - 2GHz) 2) Sleep mode doesn't work - when I tried it - it MAC tries to sleep, screen goes to black, but all fans are still works and there is not any way how to turn PC/MAC on... Maybe I must have some ACPI fix? Can anybody help me, please? I tried to find something on the web and this forum, but... because I'm novice in this area still without luck. Thanks.